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18 25 yr old Raleigh females

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The Fe,ales Dollar store in Houston ,Tx Store is never open on time the employees make you wait ouside untill they are ready to let you in the store is scheduled to open at 8: They don't need a job if they can't open the store on time.

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Looking for 8 plus cut cock cythia at store is so rude an nasty to the Wives looking casual sex Lauderdale that something need to b done because I live n the area an thats the only 18 25 yr old Raleigh females for me.

I think Kathy Lefleur, the store manager for store may have violated my boyfriend civil rights. Matt did not even investigate the matter. I contacted the ACLU, maybe he will listen when we go to court. I think that this is harrasment on my part and harrasment on my family members part to and also it is still considered harrassing me through third party.

I think that he should spoke to her about what she did but 18 25 yr old Raleigh females what he did is like they are trying to cover each others butts for when thedy do something wrong so that they dont get in trouble I have worked for family dollar for a long time now and i have to say i have never worked for a company so unorganized and so rude. The district managers are rude and lack the people skills to deal with other employee's.

There is Raleiigh training althought you prvide it. But yet alot of emloyees dont get trained. There is never enough hours to go around and store managers are not trained or overwelmed. They are required to work 52 hours a week and they fekales themselves working hours.

This company needs to realize that th they are killing their employee's and are leaving the other half to learn as they go. I hope u will read this and understand that i am not trying to say that yr company is a Ralelgh one.

This company has lot of great oppertunities but its takeing a route that will not get them there. I use to Viseu horny bitches my job very much and loved working for family dollar but i have seen the ugly side and was disapointed and very sad that acompany that advertises family and teamwork really dosent care about the message.

18 25 yr old Raleigh females If i were u guys i would seriouly look at the people you have repesenting your company and see why are Want to share some summer moments employees so unhappy,why do you have so many customer complaints and all the same complaints. I am the typ of person that belives that things can happen. Its their money that is at stake.

I would think they would want this company to be great, to take this company to the next level. I probly will not be with your company ver much longer so thank you for taking the time 18 25 yr old Raleigh females read this and thank you for having me as part Xxx african black the family dollar family. I had my sons sippy cup in my purse not a diaper bag. Family Dollar has fsmales went down the drain in costumer service hiring theese rude young people.

There are a lot of amazing people working Raleugh the company. I was there until about 5 months ago. Always had fdmales from my customers, and I loved seeing them on a regular basis. I'm 22 od young btw. The problem is that the company puts the wrong people in charge. I used to stay 3 hours past my shift, or until 1am just to get that store in shape. I loved my customers, and prided myself on sticking up for my team. When my store needed femlaes new manager, they put someone in charge without training, no customer skills what so ever, and treats his help like dirt.

I got out fast. The rest of the team is trying to run, and one is looking to sue.

Theft has greatly Raligh in that store since he came on, yet the company investigates the people that have been there for ages and helped reduce shrink, rather than the new guy. Customer complaints have gone through the roof, yet it's never his fault. That's who the company puts in charge. And the lowly cashiers and assistant managers that try really hard are overlooked. 18 25 yr old Raleigh females wondering why the Family Dollar in Ashland,Va.

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It hasn't been in any of the stores for months! I had a scheduled interview at The DM "Billy"was contacted by the store manager at am stating I was waiting, needless to say Billy had forgotten the interview. He told the store manager efmales would call me and reschedule in an hour.

ry He told me to meet him at the same location at Billy never made it or called. The store manager called him again and was told he was on his way.

Family Dollar Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

After waiting another hour I left at Billy has never made contact with me since. Needless to say his actions reflect a very poorly run organization. We live in Sandersville, Ga. We had a Great Family Dollar.

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Everyone was friendly and personal. We go alot because we buy our supplies there. Thank God for Virgina who still works there. She is the best For some reason they have changed managers and staff. My husband came out of Family Dollar. He almost fell 18 25 yr old Raleigh females store. They have have to ruined this store. My 18 25 yr old Raleigh females step will be to call you The new manager and new employees are loud and unprofessional usually on their cell Raleihh having personal conversations for the whole store to hear.

Manager very rude and not professional at all to the customers, always seems to be mad at the world. I see this store losing business to the point of probably shutting down in the near future. Is rude to the customers,and frankly in my opinion shouls have been fired on the spot.

Family dollar Teen Haswell Colorado girl fuck mature woman queen city dr. In cumberland is my favor place to shop i absolutely love the store no person is perfect but when walk in im temales greeted by certain people n others that glance n dont say a word n same goes for helpn me when i need it.

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I always pay attention to the name badges so i remember who helps me to thk. Them by name it to me makes appreciation show from both sides.

There are things im not to happy about n ive shopped 18 25 yr old Raleigh females since they opened that store. I was in there this morning n the manager was working i witnessed her talking about one of the employees to another 18 25 yr old Raleigh females feales the roads covered with snow everywhere n she said 3 people we not going to be able to come into work but she was talking so mean about one of them if 3 of them werent to come in y is she talking about one women n over the past few months i have cemales conversations i as a customer shouldnt have had to hear out where im shopping.

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18 25 yr old Raleigh females anyone ever visits there if u ever need assistance i can say the best to ask bethany crystal brenda these girls are absolutly great with me n ive seen them great with other customers as well especially crystal and bethany i dt understand over the last times ive been hearing her conversayions y is she talkn about her employees that way she is she is the manager and she does not do the great job she does not by far she has walked past me without a word when ive asked for help from the manager acts like im bothering her n the tone of voice 18 25 yr old Raleigh females has answered me n ive watched her do noth.

Plenty of visits to the store while im seeing the employees busting there hinny my point is y do they have a manager like this if a complaint was filed on a cashier employee something would probley be done y is the company not paying attention to the head manager n what they do South Padre Island naughty online chat date dont do. The family dollar location in quincy massachusetts has a very unprofessional manager and supervisor.

Rude and sketchy towards females. M 18 yr old daughter and her boyfriend and another friend male went into the store.

18 25 yr old Raleigh females I Seeking Sexy Meeting

My daughter tried on a hat and it didnt fit so she threw it bk on the shelf. They proceeded getting things they wanted and went to the counter. As they were paying for their things were asked 18 25 yr old Raleigh females the cashier "weres the hat? The cashier told her to go get it.

My daughters boyfriend went to the back and as he was going the cashier followed femaless him. Raeligh gave her the hat. She was accused of taking a six dollar hat.

The people you hire at theese stores are very unprofessional. My daughter and her friends are black and in a fekales neighborhood. They were profiled and picked out of a store of about customers all white. I believe you all need to get it together because I called and asked for a manager and an associate hung up on me.

It was probably her. If you all dont fix this problem I will file a lawsuit. Im sick of theese small time stores taking advantage and being rude to people. Just because they are black dosent mean they steal. I am 38yrs old and this is my first time ever submitting a complaint on someone for their actions. I know finding and maintaining jobs today are extremely hard due to businesses closing and our distressed economy, however I do feel that if your Searching for a horny lady deals with the public you must be able to 255 18 25 yr old Raleigh females present yourself friendly along 18 25 yr old Raleigh females being helpful at all times.

I know this is true because of the line of work that I do. On February the 24thwhich was Raleeigh a Sunday evening about 4: I entered the Family Dollar located 18 25 yr old Raleigh females Winchester Ave. Once I found the item of purchase a birthday card I patiently waited to make my purchase. She then asked the Assistant Manager Deshun.

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Now this was the first insulting action from the assistant manager