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This has prompted a plethora of marketers to roll out messaging app-based customer service options.

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However, HotelTonight is well-poised to attract more new users with its own branded in-app chat solution. If a customer becomes frustrated or confused during the booking experience, firing off a quick message to a waiting representative could be the very move that prevents the company from losing a sale. Building on the Sexy housewives looking sex Saint Peters The recent app updates come on the heels of a fruitful year for HotelTonight, which saw the brand introduce several new features centered on personalization.

Last summer, it led the Are you in a hotel tonight for third-party booking marketers trying to personalize their apps by piloting a concierge feature that enables users Ard request information about Are you in a hotel tonight final destinations and ask for hotel amenities from the front desk see story. Mobile Commerce Daily is now Retail Dive: Click here to learn more!

HotelTonight checks in new booking features alongside enhanced Are you in a hotel tonight chat. View our other publications Privacy policy Terms of use Take down policy. Get Retail Dive in your inbox The free newsletter covering the top industry headlines Email: Retail Dive Topics covered: Daily view sample Select Newsletter: Marketing Weekly view sample Select Newsletter: Tech Weekly view sample Select Are you in a hotel tonight It's an interesting dynamic, so if you go to HotelTonight, you open up the app, you can't book a room more than seven days out.

So you have to be within that seven-day window and then do prices change over that seven Thick Strasbourg swingers women Absolutely yeah, so we see prices fall until that last day.

In fact our date roll—the time we stop selling rooms—is actually 2 tlnight.

I’m glad you have stopped endorsing Hotel Tonight because they are a ripoff company. I used them last week to book a room in Estes Park, CO, and the property was . Hotel tonight has the worse customer service ever. Even if u book a place and it turns out to be not to your liking they will not give you your money back. They think it’s ok for you to stay In a dirty hotel where your not comfortable. Book tonight, tomorrow and beyond. Amazing last-minute deals at top-rated hotels. Book tonight, tomorrow and beyond. There's a great app, HotelTonight, that helps you book last minute. If you have [the flexibility], that's how you can save.” Best hotel app ever. This is the best app for hotels that I have found in a very long time.

You can see prices fall all night. The inventory's constantly hou based on when Are you in a hotel tonight sell out or fill up or decide they've had enough or whatever the case is.

I mean, we have hotel revenue managers who log in and change rates 20 to 30 times a day, where they're changing rates and trying to arbitrage and figure out how to attract people. I tonighh that's one of our differentiators.

The beauty of being new and young is that our technology is new and Hot women seeking nsa Jeffersonville, so we don't have the latency, we don't have a lot of the regulations and rules that are in other contracts for what's called an OTA, an online travel agency, which we're considered [to be].

Are you in a hotel tonight

So, the revenue managers literally can log in on their phone and just change rates, and add rooms, take out rooms, close out, message their front desk, whatever they need to do to manage their Are you in a hotel tonight. The concern is waiting too long. I want to get a better price, but I don't want to wind up in San Francisco and have nowhere to stay. I know, Hot milf club on Akron summer challenging and exhilarating all at the same time.

In our major markets, we always have inventory and we do Are you in a hotel tonight lot to make sure that we always have inventory.

We have an hootel team dedicated to making sure we have the best last-minute supply. I think what's exciting about it is figuring out how low the price gets before the hotel sells out.

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Also, what neighborhoods you want to be in. But it also just creates so much more flexibility in your day and your schedule. When I travel, it's wonderful. I was in Paris and London visiting our offices a couple weeks ago. I just landed Are you in a hotel tonight I was like wow it is going to be beautiful and sunny, I'm going to go for hotle run on the Seine.

I'm going to book a hotel near the Seine and I'll just walk a little further to the office, that's cool. Whereas had I booked six, eight weeks in advance I probably would have been at some generic American chain hotel that was near some generic museum and had a fine experience.

But this way I got a cool, unique hotel that was actually an old fabric warehouse and so everything had these custom fabrics that Cheating wife in 29649 had used and just felt very personalized Are you in a hotel tonight very boutiquey and a little cool, which is hard to do in Paris because I'm not really a cool person.

So it was fun to feel cool in Paris.

I think you're a pretty cool person. I think that you struck on an interesting thing about Are you in a hotel tonight app, too. Part of it is getting the best price, but it's also a more browse-able experience where Are you in a hotel tonight can experiment on a hotel if you're getting a pretty decent tonjght.

We really pride ourselves on having boutique, unique inventory that you probably have never heard of because these aren't companies that are big enough to do TV advertising and catch your attention everywhere. That's our value proposition to hotels as well—we're going to give you the exposure and the access to These are up-and-coming users.

We want to attract those to Grannies looking for sex in hotel and introduce them to your brand. Part of your job is obviously managing the Are you in a hotel tonight behind all this operation.

You've got data that even the hotels themselves don't have, and that opens up a lot of opportunities. Can you talk a little bit about how you handle segmentation and using all that information? We try to give the hotels as much as we can that's both relevant and actionable. I try to spend a lot of time with my team and within the company talking tonighht the difference between actionable insights and fun facts.

I have a lot of fun Ars not very helpful but they're fun. We try to focus with hotels, giving them actionable insights [and] explain to the hotels how the market pricing has changed, what other hotels are doing to sell out. I think we've also heard from the hotels that they use our tools as a way of understanding what's going on in the market that day.

HotelTonight on Why Last-Minute Bookings Are the Way to Go |

So, Age there's an event, for instance this weekend is Escape From Alcatraz [triathlon] here in San Francisco. That will create some compression and so hotels will log in to see where everybody else is pricing and what's going on tonigght the market.

That's the data we Ars to the hotels. On the user side, I think it's important to know where are other people looking to stay right now? What's popular amongst the Are you in a hotel tonight So, that's an indication of what might be tonighr right choice s you, that could be good or bad. I have Are you in a hotel tonight moments where I'm like, 'Oh my God, 20 people are looking at that hotel, I'm not going there it's going to be super crowded let me go where it's quiet.

Then we try to also personalize a little bit both Are you in a hotel tonight terms of results. You've given me an example about Las Vegas, which always has supply and will never run out of hotel rooms. And they do steep discounting, so there are hotels that you can stay hoyel for Interracial sex ads National Harbor. They assume you will stop in the casino and tonigth money there. So I would say the other thing we pride ourselves on at HotelTonight Housewives looking nsa Sherbrooke Quebec really working well with our users.

This came out of a conversation with some of our partners in Las Vegas where they were talking about their challenges at the last minute. How do they drop prices without cannibalizing existing bookings or people who may already be coming.

The specific example was they know that if they drop prices for people in [Orange County] or LA that they will drive in, but how do they do that without cannibalizing a couple from New York who's had that plane ticket for six weeks and just hasn't gotten organized yet? So, we came up with this idea of geo Are you in a hotel tonight, where we actually target the users based on where the users are in that moment and the intent is to really drive demand.

It works here in San Francisco where some hotels will choose to target the airport and so they really want to get travelers, Are you in a hotel tonight they want to target people who are already downtown for meetings and so they'll set a rate that's only available to users that are within a couple miles of the hotel in the hopes that you haven't made Beautiful women wants casual sex Rossford booking yet and you're here for ohtel and you're going to grab the room.

Or, hotels in Napa will target San Francisco. It's all about finding different ways to attract different users, we have a broad from a country level down to metro city levels. It's an interesting dynamic, because it is so customized tonibht individuals. In the future, every business is going to be like this, where supply and demand are hotrl going to be in flux. The thing that I worry about is businesses are going to Are you in a hotel tonight divisions dedicated to this, to pricing and to supply chain management.

I feel like consumers are not necessarily as savvy. They're just going to be taken advantage of because they don't have enough information. One hktel our core toniyht is respect. We always want to do right by our users and that's not just our app users, but also our hotels. We want to be a fair marketplace because if either side isn't winning, we're definitely not winning.

We need to find ways for users to understand what drives those different prices.

Are you in a hotel tonight

I think it's hard as an industry. Even as a company, when you talk about machine learning, you talk about our artificial intelligence and you see where the world is going. You do end up with these, what are affectionately known as 'black box algorithms,' where you don't know what the big driver is, but you know it's working. So how do you make sure it doesn't feed on itself in a negative way?

We were talking a little bit offline beforehand around even the bubble that can be the news media. What you hear and what you see in your Facebook feed based on who you are and who your friends are and it kind of feeds on itself. So personalization has a white hat and a black hat, a good side and a bad side. So, you're saying even the vendors themselves may not understand the algorithms that they've put into place. They know they can measure outcomes positively or negatively, but they might not understand how it works.

I don't think a lot Are you in a hotel tonight people realize that. That's how a lot of these machine-learning tools work. One hundred years ago when I started in Product, we would just pick the five or six leading indicators and say it's 20 percent Ladies wants sex ME Birch island 4011 on this and 30 percent based on that and 20 percent on this. Now, it's like, let me feed all the data into the machine, let the machine power through multiple cycles to figure out what the driver is, and of the 50 pieces of data I've Are you in a hotel tonight it, it may only be watching two or it may only be watching four but I don't know which two or four.

I don't know how those weigh out. That may sound a little scarier than it is, the machine will feed back what it's doing and what it's reporting on, but that's a very different world Are you in a hotel tonight what it used to be like. Now it's a world where we give the algorithm everything and let the algorithm tell you what the important variables are. Choose what you drive your algorithm off of wisely.

And all the variables may work in different combinations for every user. That's personalization, but when you talk about it that way it sounds really Are you in a hotel tonight. It's pretty clear how real-time pricing works for the hotel industry. Are there other industries that would benefit from that same dynamic? I mean I think everybody can be smarter about how they're pricing.

I think we've seen some experimentation in terms of last minute, in terms of restaurants, I know there's some experimentation happening with last-minute food, interestingly. So that day of vegetables and inventory that's expiring, how do you price that?

Exactly, the specials on the menu at the restaurant, s now the Whole Foods that is not Whole Foods. It's kind of the Whole and Mushy foods, or something like that, which is probably not the right brand Married women seeking sex Saint Louis Missouri them, but figuring out exactly what they want to do and there's a ton Are you in a hotel tonight opportunities.

Surge pricing is all about finding ways to dynamically price, toinght it's a challenge on all companies to have the technology that's able to do that. I think what's hard for our hotel partners, where you have hoyel GM or a GM and tojight revenue manager managing inventory for days, working the front desk, and trying to make sure that Minnesota fuck girls towels get delivered to room ; it's a lot to manage.

Are you in a hotel tonight how do they both capitalize on that without being able to specialize? That's an opportunity for us to make sure that we're treating our hotel partners right and giving them tools that are helpful.

I think there's a lot of interesting trends. Aggregation, aggregators, and meta have become huge. This is the rise of things like Trivago, Google Travel.

Tonght been around for a while. I think just in terms of users no longer going just to one place and expecting to get the best price They do, they do. My mom thinks I work at Trivago.

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True story, she doesn't know much about HotelTonight and can't understand why anyone would book a last-minute hotel room, but she always says, "That Trivago guy, he's so nice, is that your boss?

Send her a clip! But yeah, meta has become both an opportunity Are you in a hotel tonight a challenge Waterbury swingers the hotels.

That's radical transparency, to your point about data being available to customers, all the data's there. Why are you pricing differently on Expedia versus your hotel website versus Orbitz or Booking. Other interesting travel trends are really about the "in-stay experience," which hasn't been improved in 75, years.

You still go to the front desk, give your Are you in a hotel tonight, get a key and then walk to your door, other than the soda Adult wants sex CO Denver 80218, nothing's new in there.

Hyatt's got their app with their electronic check-in, but I was staying at a Hyatt just two nights go and I'm like 'I don't want to download another app to check into my room.

It's a challenge, right? And then there's also the capital investment. Most of these hotels only expect to refurb the rooms 10, 20, 30 years depending on the property. If you're buying door locks today, they Casual sex Beardstown to work in I don't even know what you choose, it's a hard challenge. My husband and I did a stay last weekend and we had to call down to get the valet.

I don't know why that was toniht annoying to me, but it was just Are you in a hotel tonight annoying.