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Few studies have examined associations between culturally based sexual values and behaviors among Latinos.

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A Sex dating in Suamico Sex latino dating sexually active Latinos aged 16—22 residing in San Francisco were interviewed in — Multiple regression and multinomial logistic regression analyses were conducted to examine associations between sexual values and behaviors, while datimg for language use a proxy for acculturation and Sex latino dating covariates.

The importance attached to female virginity was negatively associated with the number of sexual partners women had had in their lifetime odds ratio, 0.

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For men, the importance of satisfying sexual needs increased with the numbers rating lifetime and recent sexual partners 1. For women, considering satisfaction of sexual needs important was associated with more sexual partners only among those who attached little value to female virginity. It is important to integrate City adult hots in 77535 of virginity and sexual desire into intervention curricula so youth can Sex latino dating understand how these sexual norms influence their Sex latino dating sexual rating and behaviors.

Sexual values that may influence sexual behaviors and sexual health outcomes among Latino youths have received scarce attention. Yet they merit attention, as Latina women in the United States are at higher risk for adolescent pregnancy than are their non-Latina white counterparts. Sex latino dating

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Sex latino dating We used sexual values measures that were developed in a culturally grounded manner, which employed an Sex latino dating combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Studies that examine acculturation, or the process of change that immigrants experience in response to the dominant culture, provide clues regarding underlying values that may influence sexual behaviors.

English and Spanish language use appear to be differentially related to sexual activity depending on whether adolescents are U. Among new immigrants, Latino adolescents living in English-speaking homes are at lower risk for engaging in sexual activity than are their counterparts in Spanish-speaking homes; among U.

Moreover, acculturation may be either protective or risk-enhancing, depending upon the sexual outcome studied. Level of acculturation is negatively associated with both delayed onset of sexual initiation and condom use. Several sexual values identified Yeso NM housewives personals studies with Latino adults, including notions about female virginity, Sex latino dating desire and sexual communication, may be important for youths.

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Gender role norms, such as marianismo i. For instance, if virginity is important to a young woman, she may delay sexual intercourse; Black women sex in Zantoumala, once she initiates intercourse, she may fail to use condoms, because individuals who believe that Sex latino dating sexual activity is unacceptable are less likely than others to plan for contraceptive use. Sexual communication may also reflect cultural values.

Among adult Latina women, acculturation is positively related to sexual communication with Sex latino dating, which is positively associated with condom use.

Among young Latinos, liberal attitudes toward premarital sex are associated with increased levels of sexual activity ranging Sex dating in Brucetown kissing to intercourse. However, previous work has identified barriers to sexual communication among Latino youths. In qualitative interviews, young Mexican men reported discomfort using sexual terms Sex latino dating women and expressed the belief that young women were not permitted to use or hear these words.

Notions related to sexual desire also appear to be important. Latina women may experience conflicting emotions related to premarital virginity. Although young Latinas acknowledge the existence of cultural norms about Sex latino dating importance of virginity, some report engaging in sexual activity prior to marriage without feeling guilt, shame or dishonor. Furthermore, other compelling beliefs and values regarding sexuality may conflict with the idea that virginity is important.

We examined this possibility in our current study. We hypothesized that individuals who considered female virginity important would report an older age at initiation of intercourse and fewer sexual partners than those who did not share this belief. We also expected that endorsement of this value would be associated with a relatively low level of condom use during the first month of a sexual relationship, because individuals who believe premarital sexual activity is unacceptable are less likely than others Sex latino dating plan for contraceptive use.

Individuals who viewed satisfaction Beautiful older ladies searching online dating West Virginia sexual needs as important were expected to prioritize fulfilling their sexual needs and, therefore, to report earlier initiation of intercourse, more partners and less condom use than others.

Given traditional notions of male sexuality, we expected these associations to be particularly salient for men. Open sexual communication between partners, particularly communication about contraceptive practices, is a key determinant of sexual Sex latino dating. We also hypothesized that an interaction between considering Sex latino dating virginity important and considering satisfaction of sexual needs important would be associated with age at first intercourse Sex latino dating numbers of sexual partners.

We predicted that youths who endorsed the importance of virginity would report later intercourse and fewer partners than others, even if they attached great importance to satisfying sexual needs. The analyses described in this article are part of a cross-sectional study of relative power and condom use among Latino youths; data were collected between and Institutional review Sex latino dating approval was obtained from the university that conducted this research and the HMO. The study was conducted in an urban area in which the three Sex latino dating Latino groups consisted of individuals of Mexican, Nicaraguan and Salvadoran origin.

Youths were eligible if they belonged to one of these ethnic groups, were 16—22 Sex latino dating old and had been sexually active with someone of the opposite sex within the past six months. Youths recruited from the HMO were randomly selected from membership lists and were sent introductory letters; for those younger than 18, the letters were addressed to their parents. Interviewers telephoned, obtained parental permission to speak with the adolescent if he or she was younger than 18 and conducted a screening interview with the youths to determine eligibility.

Youths recruited at clinics were screened for eligibility while latuno for appointments. Informed consent was obtained from all participants, and parental consent was obtained for minors not Sex latino dating confidential health services.

Seventy-one percent Sex latino dating contacted individuals participated in the study. One-hour computer-assisted individual interviews were conducted in person at the HMO or community clinics by trained bilingual dting adults, who were matched to participants by gender. A North lanarkshire looking for sex of the interview was administered by Sex latino dating interviewer, and the remainder which covered more sensitive topics was self-administered, with interviewer assistance, to minimize respondent bias.

The original sample included Latino men and women. The sample examined in this article consisted of individuals— men and women. latjno

We conducted focus groups and qualitative interviews with Latino youths to generate themes related to sexual values, and developed measures of sexual values on the basis of these themes and related literature. Scales were created using exploratory factor analyses; final measures conformed to single-factor scales.

Psychometric properties were assessed, and scales were reliable and valid. Details of the procedures are described Sex latino dating. Both genders responded to all four questions.

The importance of female virginity was assessed using three items e. Responses were on the same four-point scale as those for the previous measure, but were reverse-coded alpha, Sex latino dating. Comfort with sexual communication was assessed using eight items. Sexual outcomes were self-reported age at initiation of intercourse, number Sex latino dating sexual partners and datimg of condom use, Housewives looking real sex Cottonwood Minnesota 56229 are commonly considered important risk behaviors related to HIV and other STDs.

This includes both vaginal and anal sex. Our covariates consisted of variables datung have been identified as important in past research: The items making up each subscale asked participants how often they speak and think in the Sex latino dating, they speak the language with their friends, they spoke the language during childhood and they speak the language at home Sex latino dating their family.

Length of the current relationship was measured in months. We conducted multiple regression analyses to assess continuous outcomes age at first intercourse and numbers of partners and multinomial logistic regression analyses to assess categorical outcomes condom use.

In each model, the outcome was regressed first on the covariates, then on the sexual values and finally on the interaction term. To probe interactions, we centered variables and plotted simple slopes at low and high values latjno the moderator. Sex latino dating What happened to thee sexy natural sex, study participants were Both men and women reported more use of Sex latino dating than of Spanish average scores, 3.

Men tended to be about one-half year older than their partners, women about two years younger; current relationships varied widely Sex latino dating length and averaged about 15 months for men and 19 months for women.

Unless otherwise noted, data are means and standard deviations. The average score on the four-point Sex latino dating measuring the importance of sexual satisfaction was 2. Almost half of men and one in five women reported having had five or more sexual partners. More than one-third of Sex latino dating had never used condoms in the last month. All covariates except datting education were correlated with sexual outcomes Table 2.

Zero-order correlations between predictors and covariates are available upon request. Zero-order correlations between selected characteristics and sexual outcomes, by gender. The more important men considered satisfaction of sexual needs, the younger their reported age at first sexual intercourse and the more partners they had had over their lifetime odds Sex latino dating, daing.

For both men and women, the greater the importance of satisfying ltino needs, the higher the number of sexual partners in the past year 1. The following covariates were included in the analyses: Results are available upon request. There are Latinos who are dry, lack manners and rarely show affection.

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