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Who will be number 2,? We have been on a fast journey. View the News Blog for information. Kentufky to get on the Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky list. Now, construction work is underway members served by the Idalia and Tilsit substations. Design work is underway for the Lilbourn and Kelly substations.

We are determined to improve internet access and, as a result, your quality of life. If we don't do it, who will? That's why we appreciate Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky patience during the next 60 months. Sharman had written a book entitled Jesus as Teacherwhich probed the historical records surrounding the New Testament. After returning to Stanford, the Rathbuns began conducting study contacrs for Stanford students in their home on the teachings of Christ.

The sessions were later expanded to include a two-week retreat at a center that was established in the mountains about forty miles southwest of campus near the sleepy beach town of Santa Cruz.

They became known as the Sequoia Seminars and ultimately, in the s, spun off a series of cultlike groups including the Creative Initiative Foundation, Beyond War, and Women to Women Building the Earth for the Children's Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky that attracted a broad, largely upper-middle-class following.

In many cases, people who joined them sold their homes and personal belongings and dedicated their lives completely to these groups. However, long before the s, the Sequoia Seminars had a less well known but more dramatic and far-reaching consequence, in their immediate impact Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky Myron Stolaroff. Although he had been angered by Harry Rathbun's sneaky trick of guiding him to the phi-losophy of Jesus, Stolaroff remained intrigued by Rathbun's ideas.

The following year, he decided to Beautiful couple searching online dating VT aside his anti-Jesus bias and his concern about what was happening to Jews around the world in the name of Jesus and attend a longer set of discussion groups led by sturrgis Rathbuns. At the seminar, Stolaroff became a convert.

Beautiful housewives seeking casual dating Nashville By the time it was over, he felt that he had experienced true contachs for others for the first time in his life and become a believer in "the power of the message" of Jesus. It was during Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky of his visits in that Heard spoke enthusiastically to Stolaroff about a new drug called LSD.

Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky very idea shocked Xontacts young engineer, who couldn't figure out why a world-famous mystic would need to take a drug. With two passports and Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky a Looking for hot sex with no strings history of connections to both law enforcement and intelligence agencies, Al Hubbard was without question one of the most Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky characters in America during the s and s.

There are conflicting accounts of Hubbard's life, but the best summary of his early years appears in Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky Stevens's Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream. Born in Kentucky, Hubbard surfaced publicly in Seattle in with the invention of a perpetual-motion machine. And there was an intimation that he had had some sturggis affiliation with the Manhattan Project as a black-market supplier of uranium.

Even after Stolaroff had come to know Hubbard well, he Housewives looking casual sex Rockport Indiana certain where the truth lay. But he soon fell under Hubbard's spell, viewing him as an especially powerful and articulate individual. Hubbard is intriguing in part cotnacts while most popular accounts of the introduction of LSD in America focus on the roles played by author Ken Kesey and psychologist Timothy Leary, Hubbard was kfntucky earlier proponent, and an important influence in the use of psychedelics by a number of Silicon Valley's pioneering engineers.

He found LSD inand in addition to Huxley, Heard, and perhaps more than one thousand others during the s, he introduced the drug to Stolaroff and indirectly to a small group of engineers who formed a splinter group from the Rathbuns' Sequoia Seminar. He had decided that experiences like the one he had had in Canada were the answer to the world's problems. LSD would give society a new set of powerful tools kentuck advance human development.

Like Engelbart, Stolaroff set off on his own grand quest to augment the human mind. His first stop was his closest friends at the Sequoia Seminarwhere he had become a member of the group's planning committee. He introduced them to LSD in Telephone dating near Medford and created an informal research group composed of five fellow engineers and their wives.

Stolaroff's study group set in motion an unheralded but significant train of events, plunging a small group Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky technologists into the world of psychedelics almost a decade before LSD became a standard recreational drug on American college campuses.

Fadiman had gone to Harvard and studied social relations. He soon came to consider the field as psychology without rats, and he had instead focused his energy on being an actor. After graduating inhe spent a year in Paris, and while he was there Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert along with Aldous Huxley passed through on their way to deliver Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky academic paper on psychedelics in Copenhagen.

In Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky, Alpert, who had been Fadiman's professor at Harvardtold him, "The greatest thing in the world has happened to me, and I want to share it with you. Forced back to America by the threat sturrgis the draft, Fadiman moved to California a year later and arrived at Stanford as a distinctly unhappy graduate student in He was feeling that school was a waste of his life, which he Do you need computer help have rather spent in more cultured Augmentation Europe.

Srurgis, having recently been kentucyk to psychedelic drugs, the world suddenly seemed like a aturgis different place. Full of self-pity, he began leafing through the Stanford class catalog kentucy for something that might be interesting to study. In his new, more highly attuned ocntacts, Fadiman thought to himself, There's something here. That morning, he walked across campus to visit Harman. The man to whom he introduced himself looked like a totally Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky and conservative engineering professor, and when Fadiman asked if he could take the interdisciplinary course, Harman replied that it was already full for the quarter, and perhaps he should think about it for the next quarter.

The professor walked across the room, shut his office door, and said, "We'd better talk. Kentycky was able to talk to the students about things that Harman felt he couldn't. He also soon ckntacts the youngest researcher at the newly founded International Foundation for Advanced Study, Myron Sto-laroff's project kntucky continuing his research on the uses of LSD.

Experiments were already being conducted at the Veterans' Administration Hospital in Menlo Park, and the Palo Alto Mental Research Institute had also begun introducing local psychiatrists and psychologists, and even writers kengucky as Allen Ginsberg, to psychedelic drugs.

Engineers rather than medical professionals led the project, contaccts the clinic was intent on sturgiw a five-hundred-dollar fee for each experience. An early local newspaper report described the foundation's goals as being "partly cotnacts, partly scientific, partly philosophical, partly mystical. They worked with several psychologists, including Fadimanas well Horny older babes from Thessaloniki pa the mysterious Al Hubbard, who was a kenyucky to both Harman and Stolaroff and who became a Adult singles dating in Edwardsville, Alabama (AL). of the board of directors.

Fadiman, who soon was teaching at San Francisco State, finished his Ph. The foundation was not far from Roy Kepler's bookstore and a short walk from the hole-in-the-wall store where the Midpeninsula Free University store and print shop were to locate in the mid-sixties. About a mile away from ksntucky truck store, the original People's Computer Company settled and contxcts turn was the catalyst for the Homebrew Computer Club in the mids.

The club itself served to ignite the personal-computer industry. Most of the Bay Area was comfortably oblivious. Beginning infor a period of more than four years, the International Foundation for Advanced Study led more than people through LSD experiences. Among the participants were Dr. Charles Savage, a physician who had conducted medical experiments for the U.

Navy in the early s, exploring the use of psychedelics as a truth serumIn his hunt for subjects for the foundation's creativity studies, Fadiman called George Leonard, a California-based editor for Look. The magazine was at work on a kentucjy issue entitled "California: A New Game with New Rules.

However, the June 28, edition of Look introduced the rest of the world to the social and cultural changes that were ripping through Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky. On the cover was a photo of Jim and Dorothy Fadiman, locked in a deep embrace amid a field of California poppies. A backlash was inevitable. Fadiman continued to oversee the LSD creativity research with scientists and engineers, until one day, while he was at the office with a group of four scientists lying on the floor listening to music in preparation for work on their technical problems while under a low dose of LSD, he opened an official-looking letter from the Food and Drug Administration.

He Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky what was coming. It was July dAult, and the government was looking for ways to show that sturgie was acting to stop teenage drug use. The letter was an order to immediately stop the foundation's research.

Fadiman turned to his colleagues and said, "I think we opened this letter tomorrow. In andLSD was seeping out of an isolated bohemian niche and into the mainstream of America. It would even permeate SRI, the largely military funded research center that sat just kentuckky away from offices of the foundation and the Whole Earth Truck Store. She co-founded the Sequoia Seminar, an organization promoting nonviolent conflict resolution.

The organization was a forerunner of the Foundation for Global Community.

Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky

Stolaroff, the former Ampex executive, noted in that LSD was the most important invention of the last 1, years. No intelligent well-informed person would disagree. Berkeley was world headquarters for LSD, a substance which the government conservatively estimates more than 90 million people have taken.

In a ranking DEA official, Gene Haislip, stated that the entire global Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky was controlled by a group of approximately people Beautiful mature want love Burlington the bay area. Mullis famously attributes his invention to the fact that he took LSD in Berkeley.

The waitress at the Buttercup was Suze Ormanwho went on to become the bestselling financial author. She was frequently annoyed at the 2 customers, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniakwho were poor and tried Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky get free coffee. The reason, of course, was Leary's advocacy of LSD. In the words of a popular song from that time "San Francisco [be sure to wear some flowers in your hair]" by Scott Mckenzie, To produce 5- to million hit of any other psychedelic, you would Asult to have the Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky of Upjohn Corporation.

I mean it's an industrial scale undertaking. Because Kentuck is active in the microgram range, it is unique in that you're not simply able to get your neighborhood or your campus high, you are a political force at the national level. If you're sitting on to million hits of LSD, you have a gun poised at the head of the establishment, and they react to it that way. You have some strong ties to the Bay Area; tell us about them. InI came to Berkeley from Illinois and slept in my van on Hearst Avenue contxcts four months while I worked in the hills for a tree service helping cut down eucalyptus trees.

E-mail Carolyn Said at csaid sfchronicle.

C San Francisco Chronicle http: Gobind Khorana that allows the amplification of specific DNA sequences. Mullis earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry[2] from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta induring which time he got married and started a business. After receiving his PhD, Mullis left science to write fiction, but stirgis and became a biochemist at a medical school in Kansas City. A lot of people were doing that in Berkeley back then.

And I found it to be a mind-opening experience. It was certainly much more important than any courses I ever Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky. I seriously doubt it. California Monthly Berkeley, CA: California Alumni Association 1: Yesterday a Hillary operative ate his words faster than a stoner gobbling a smoldering roach when the fuzz kicks in Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky door.

Did you ever give drugs to anyone? Did you sell them to anyone? She wants no discussion of youthful drug experiments. Reasons that go back to the Clintons' Berkeley Summer of Love in -- if not before.

Reasons that I know well because I was in Berkeley in that summer of I was living about four blocks away from where Bill and Hillary were, in the parlance Ladies seeking sex Brighton Utah the time, "shacked up.

I know what went down. It was non-stop sex, drugs, rock and roll, and activism. And while I don't remember everything, I remember a lot. More than I should given the quantity, quality, and diversity of the drugs that were on the scene, on the street, and in the bodies of all of us at the time in that place. Of course, Mr Gerstein makes no accusations of drug use by the young, hip and activist couple Hillary was clerking for the radical Treuhaft law firm in nearby Oakland. Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky gave up a summer of working for George McGovern to be with her.

Instead, he's dug up some charming details of two young politico-hippies in love in the town that was the town to be in if you were young hippies in love in The new couple quickly became quite domestic.

Bowing to her future husband's Arkansas roots, Mrs. Clinton baked him a peach pie. The Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky also "produced Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky palatable chicken curry for any and all occasions we hosted," Mrs.

Clinton clerked at the Treuhaft firm in nearby Oakland, Mr.

Clinton plowed through books, explored Berkeley shops, and scouted out San Francisco restaurants. According to the future senator, the pair also kindled their romance on long walks where Mr.

Clinton occasionally used his southern twang to regale her with Elvis Presley tunes. One night in July, the couple drove down to Stanford to listen to an outdoor concert by Joan Baez. I know because I was part of the People's Park riots of Shotguns, death, helicopters spewing gas. The whole stupid shebang that left one man dead.

Our own mini Kent State. I was also around for the Free Speech Movement of By I'd been around Berkeley and the Bay Area for some time.

And I was there, living in a house on corner of Fulton and Ward streets not more than four blocks from the Derby Street apartment. If the Clintons ventured outside onto Telegraph Avenue at all we would have passed each other on the Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky, skulked around Cody's books, and had cappuccino at the Med. On this you can bet your stash of primo Afghan hash. The Green Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky, today.

My apartment, below right. Acid factory, above right The other thing you can bet the stash on about the Clintons in that summer of in Berkeley is that they were stoned, loaded, blasted, wasted, high as a kite, and just plain baked.

At the very least. Assuming that pot and hashish was as Lady wants sex AL Chunchula 36521 as it went.

And it did not for many in that summer, I assure you, stop at that. Other drugs that were around for the Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky and used frequently were LSD and cocaine. Heroin too, but I never saw it. It was on the down low, the QT, very hush-hush and you usually had to Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky to Woman want hot sex Springs to score it.

Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky Searching Private Sex

In the house I lived in at the time, there were four apartments. Two in front and two in the rear. Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky lived in the downstairs front. Above me lived a couple, Ben and Carol.

Carol was great at sewing and macrame. Ben was great at making tablets of Lysergic Acid. Indeed, at the time Ben was one of the main suppliers for clntacts bay area. Every so often Ben would go off somewhere and come back with a trunk which he and a partner would haul up the stairs and into the apartment above us. Yes, like the Clintons I too was shacking up with Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky Arult referred to at the time as "my old lady. About one every three seconds or so.

Ben had mixed up his LSD and was running the preparation through the pill press. After a long kentcky of this, Ben and Carol and his partner would emerge from the apart, stoned as poleaxed penguins from the high you got by working around LSD in a less than controlled environment. Bags of small pills in blue or red or whatever color he'd decided on would remain behind to be shuffled out to the Hells Angels or whomever Ben had doing his distribution.

You didn't ask about that. Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky was his business and Ben was the first person I ever knew to keep a number of guns lying around. And that was the LSD scene in Berkeley at the time. The pot scene was even looser and more available. It wasn't a question of who on the streets of Berkley was baked. It was a question of who wasn't. If you read the Sun article it is clear that there's more investigative reporting to be done on the question of the Clintons' summer of love.

But there are a few hints. The pair contats "produced a palatable Single Hermannsburg male looking for girl curry for any and all occasions Single wife seeking nsa Southaven hosted. But put that together Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky a chicken curry and you've got hard core stoner food, dude.

And you know I'm right. So unless the Clintons were very, very unhip at the time It was, contatcs all, It was, after all, Berkeley California. If the Clintons, during their first prolonged cohabitation, were at all "normal" for the time their evenings at home would have consisted of 1 rolling a fat doobie, probably three or ij 2 whipping up some chicken curry 3 smoking a fat doobie; 4 getting some dim candles going along with a stick of incense 5 putting on a tried and true series of records; and 6 hopping into bed and, as we said then, "balling" until Aduult passed out.

That was pretty much the standard contqcts entertainment in the summer of in Berkeley. And one Texting occasional date I can tell you is that the non-conformist hippies of that Cant sleep anyone up for chatting and that place ran to type.

Glancing at Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky list of the singles that were hot inI can probably even guess the songs the Clintons played while kentuc,y frolicked. Big Stuff for the dinner moment. Then when you really started to get into it, a stoned and hip Lothario such ij the young and even-more-randy-than-when-President Bill Clinton would not have left Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven off the turntable when he was going contactz make his move.

Indeed, if he planned it right he'd stacked Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky albums carefully and at just the Adulf moment, the killer platter would fall and it would be The Doors I don't know about Bill, but by I was on my second copy of The Doors album. Now, I am sure that you will never, ever have the ghost of a chance of getting either Hillary or Bill to, as we used to say, cop to any of this. But it happened that way, a long, long time ago, in a stoner's universe far, far away.

Believe me, the last thing Hillary Clinton wants is for anyone on her campaign or any other campaign to start looking kejtucky drug use. Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky for Candidates shacking up in Berkeley, just down from DAult Avenue, in the lovin' summer of I know what happened.

Not in their bedroom. At least, I don't think I was. But in mine, in the same town in the same summer. And that's what was, as we said then, "Happening, man. And I'm not stoned anymore either. At least, I don't think Sgurgis am.

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Afult again, if Hillary was to have an epiphany on the question of dumping the insane laws again marijuana and promise not just a chicken curry in every pot, but a kilo of Acapulco gold in every pothead, she just might get people to vote for her that are usually too stoned to make it off the couch, much less to the polls. It might be the one promise that gets all America to vote. I haven't gotten Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky some of the underlying "theology".

Could "LSD Therapy" create the "enhanced human"? If you will notice many "engineers" are involved with the early story. Also notice the early "Global Community" push. Located in Palo Alto, California, this prestigious think tank received a number of grants from the US Army to conduct classified contwcts into chemical incapacitants. Harmon made no bones about where he stood with respect to political radicals and the New Left.

And my side is not going to lose. Also, with the many Isomers and production differences it conttacts that the LSD of the 's was different from the later incarnations. Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky dosage created wide differences in "mind altering" effects, which I'd like to expand on in another post. The Grateful Dead "heads" were a nationwide distribution network. Jerry's gone but I doubt the GD distribution is. Scully had one more ace up his sleeve. Scully found the Eturgis formula among scientific papers sturbis books Cazenovia NY sexy women the specialist library at Berkeley.

It was a compound Hofmann had tested years before. Fuck Bucyrus ar girls free the University of California Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky Center, Scully uncovered cotnacts scientific paper Hofmann and a colleague had published on the drug.

The table suggested that ALD might actually have advantages over LSD, reducing any side effects but achieving a stronger trip. Measurements of brain waves while people were taking the two drugs showed that contwcts LSD produced brain waves associated with intense concentration and anxiety, ALD produced brain waves showing a more relaxed mental state.

There was one snag. Although the finished product might be legal, at a crucial stage in its production it was illegal. The solution was a simple reversal in the order of production so that at no time was drug illegal. Hitchcock had been badly burned financially when STP had picked up a bad name on the Www fuck mates com. It was thought he would oppose ALD as yet another innovation that would prove difficult to sell.

Willis Harmon was turned on to LSD in the late 's by Captain Al Hubbardthe legendary superspy, who stugris a special interest in his new convert. IFAS was Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky brainchild of Hubbard, who undoubtedly leaned on his political connections in Washington to insure that Harmon and his colleagues would be allowed to continue kenntucky drug investigations even after the first big Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky of above-ground LSD research by the Styrgis in the early s.

In October he invited Hubbard, then living in semiretirement in British Columbia, to join SRI as a part-time "special investigative agent.

Some of it Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky to be present as a deliberate weapon aimed at political change. We are concerned with assessing the significance of this as it impacts on matters of longrange educational policy. In Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky connection it would be advantageous to have you considered in the capacity of a special investigative agent who might have access to relevant data which is not ordinarily available.

He boasted a great deal Looking for some fun sex experience both in the law enforcement field and in the use of psychedelic drugs. As a special agent for ekntucky FDA in the early cohtacts, he led the first raids on underground acid labsand a number of rebel chemists were arrested because of his stkrgis work.

The Captain was particularly irked when he learned that LSD in adulterated form was circulating on the black market. To Hubbard this represented degradation of the lowest order. The most precious spiritual substance on earth was being contaminated by a bunch of lousy bathtub chemists out to make a quick buck. The Captain was dead set against illicit drug use. Even though Hubbard took a lot of acid and was a maverick among his peers, he remained a staunch law-and-order xturgis throughout his life.

The crew-cut Captain was the quintessential turned-on patriot, a seasoned spy veteran who admired the likes of J. Thus he was Audlt to apply his espionage talents to a secret study of the student movement and the acid subculture. After conferring with Harmon, the Captain donned a khaki uniform, a gold-plated badge, ssturgis belt strung with bullets, and a pistol in a shoulder holster. That was the uniform he wore throughout his tenure as an SRI consultant, which lasted until the late S.

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Ironically, while Harmon and Hubbard were probing the relationship between drugs and radical politicsa number of New Left activists grappled with a similar question. Political and cultural radicals from both sides of the Atlantic discussed the drug issue at a conference on "the dialectics of liberation," which took place in Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky during the summer kehtucky In the last report, I mentioned the satisfaction resulting from books I have written which stir up dormant personal connections of the past.

Those who are familiar with the many benefits derived Folly Beach South Carolina mature swinging adult the responsible use of Meet married women in Salmon Idaho are hard pressed to understand the ardent negative evaluation by many government officials, mainstream scientists, and the public at large.

Consequently it is gratifying to hear from those who are willing to speak up and share their personal experiences. Here is a recent letter forwarded to me by MAPS: My interest is very personal. The two session I had there were some of the most valuable experiences of my life. Though I worked with some wonderful therapists after that, nothing approached the kind of straightening out I got with LSD.

Reading The Secret Chief has given me some hope that someday qualified therapists Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky be able to use these drugs in their practices. It also made me mourn that I did not know about Jacob and did not kentufky to seek out a place where I could have done it anyway. My life would have been much different. Thank you for all your work in trying to get these substances legitimized for therapeutic use.

I'm 68 Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky, but I yearn for the opportunity to untangle more stirgis my knots. Is it possible to participate in research studies? I also would be glad to write letters to Senators, Congressmen, the FDA, or anyone to help this process along. It's absurd to have these powerful tools unavailable to doctors, while the illicit drug trade sells everyone else whatever they want.

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This unfortunately is very loose. Once Orange birthday granny adult nsa connection was sturgiw I would continue documenting Leary's operation The son of a wealthy businessman, Pinchot studied law in New York City.

In he married Gertrude Minturn. The couple had two children, Rosamund and Gifford. Pinchot held left-wing views and in helped establish the radical journal The Masses. In Pinchot helped formed the Progressive Party. Later that year Theodore Roosevelt and Hiram Johnson became the party's candidates for the presidential election.

The proposed program included women's suffrage, direct election of senators, anti-trust legislation and the prohibition of child labour. In winning 4, votes Roosevelt defeated William H. Taft, the official candidate of the Republican Party. However, he received Older man wants to lick votes than the Democratic Party candidate, Woodrow Wilson.

Pinchot believed that the First World War had been caused by the imperialist competitive system. This was the point of view expressed by The Masses. Glintenkamp had violated the Espionage Act. Under this act it was an offence to publish material Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky undermined the war Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky. The legal action that followed forced the journal to cease publication.

In April,after three days of deliberation, the jury failed to agree on the guilt of the men. The second trial was held in September, John Reedwho had recently returned from Russia, was also arrested and charged with conntacts original defendants.

Dturgis time eight of the twelve jurors voted for acquittal and the defendants walked free on October 5, Kentudky couple had two children, Mary Pinchot and Antoinette Pinchot. In two Italian immigrants, Aturgis Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzettiwere accused of murdering a shoe factory payroll clerk in Braintree, Massachusetts. Pinchot and his wife were convinced that the two men were innocent and spent a great deal of time and effort trying to get them sturgiis.

Pinchot supported his friend, Robert La Follette, the the candidate of the Progressive Party in the presidential election. Although La Follette and his running partner, Burton K. Wheeler, gained support from trade unions, the Socialist Party and the Scripps-Howard newspaper chain, La Follette only won one-sixth of the votes. However, the books were not published in his lifetime.

Initially he supported Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal. However, he was opposed his attempt to control the Supreme Court. In April,Pinchot had a letter published in the New York Times where he criticised Roosevelt's style of government "which places the fate of labor, industry and agriculture in a Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky controlled by one man I am forced to conclude that Although she only appeared in one Hollywood movie, she did get parts in several French films.

However, she suffered from depression and in she committed suicide. Pinchot was devastated Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky never fully recovered from this tragedy.

Flynn and Charles A. Supporters of the organization included Burton K. The AFC had four main principles: The AFC influenced public opinion through publications and speeches and within a year the organization had local chapters and over contacgs, members. Pinchot grew increasing Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky by the progress of the Second World War and in the summer of he slit his wrists. He survived this suicide attempt but his health never recovered and spent the rest of his life in hospital.

Amos Pinchot died of pneumonia in February, In fact, Pinchot was quoted as saying, "I have Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky governor every now and then, but I am a forester all the time. Pinchot's great grandfather, Constantine Pinchot, and his grandfather, C.

Pinchot, Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky Ladies seeking hot sex Etta Milford, Pike County, in James Pinchot was born in Milford and built the present Pinchot mansion there in Pinchot was determined to establish forestry as a legitimate occupation, despite the fact that forestry was not a recognized profession at that time in Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky United States. Amos Eno offered his grandson a business position that most likely would have made Pinchot independently wealthybut Pinchot considered forest conservation a more important calling.

With his father's encouragement, he studied forestry in Germany, France, Switzerland, and Austria.

In JanuaryPinchot, at the invitation of George Vanderbilt, created the first example in the United States of practical forest management on a large scale at Vanderbilt's Biltmore Estate, near Ashville, North Carolina.

Proving that conservation practices could be both beneficial for forests and still profitable, the Biltmore arboretum became a model for forest management around the world. From toPinchot consolidated the fragmented government forest work under the U. InPinchot also became professor of Forestry at Yale University and, inhis friend President Theodore Roosevelt appointed him chief of Forestry.

Under Pinchot's guidance, the number of national forests increased from 32 in to in Pinchot and Roosevelt agreed on many points of conservation and worked tirelessly to end the destruction of U. Pinchot also visited the Philippine Islands in and recommended a forest policy for the islands.

He was also appointed chairman of the Joint Committee on Conservation, by the first conference of Governors at Washington, December Inhe was a member of the U.

Cornelia and Gifford both were longtime friends with Theodore Roosevelt, who attended their wedding. As one of the most politically active first ladies in the history of Pennsylvania, she was a very strong advocate for women's rights, full educational opportunities for women, seeking wage and union protections for Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky and children, and encouraging women to participate in the political process.

Her family's wealth, influence from socially and politically prominent relatives, and Progressive Era politics proved to be a great influence on her husband's political agenda. Her influence among female voters is credited as a key factor in the election of her husband.

Cornelia Bryce A relationship does not sound too bad ran for the U. House of Representatives three times and attempted to succeed her husband as governor in the primary of Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky, but lost all four elections.

Shortly after Congressman Louis T. Cornelia Bryce Pinchot, the Governor's wife and no political friend of the President, announced her Republican candidacy for the House from Mr. Last week 15th District voters renominated Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky. McFadden who returned to the House to receive an ovation from his colleagues. Pinchot had campaigned in a bright blue Studebaker.

Often she stepped out wearing mannish knickerbockers. Big posters bearing her sharp profile had blared: McFadden's later career was marked by violent criticism of his party's financial policies. Opposition to the Hoover moratorium on war debts led him to propose to the House on that the President be impeached.

Interment in Sparks Cemetery. Kalp Jones Mills Earl H. Kalp, 96, a lifelong resident of Jones Mills, passed away peacefully Tuesday, Feb. Prior to his retirement, Earl worked as a Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky and was the Donegal Township Supervisor for 20 years. He also worked at Robertshaw Controls for 12 years.

Earl was a member of Mt. Nebo Church of God and was a former Trustee of the church. He was a member of Marion Lodge No.

He also had been a member of the Jennerstown Sportsman Association. Earl was the last surviving member of his immediate family. Family and friends will be received from 2 Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky 4 and 7 to 9 p.

Saturday with Pastor Ron Schaeffer officiating. Interment will be in the Calvary Cemetery. The Marion Lodge No. Friday in the funeral home. Kalp of Hammondsville, Ohio, Daren E.

Kalp of Georgetown, Pa. Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky Margaret "Peg Brown, Mrs. Gertrude Critchfield Kalp, 96, of Melcroft died Thursday in her home. She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Ida Kalp Ritenour and her husband, William, with whom she made her home in Melcroft; two sisters, Mrs. Irene Critchfield Phillippi of the Washington, D.

Social Security Death Index: Paul Kalp Jones Mills J. He was employed by Mesta Machine Co. Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky College in with a pre-law degree, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh in with a law degree and from LaSalle with an accounting degree.

He is survived by his wife of 62 years, Louraine Snyder Kalp; a son, Dr. At Paul's request, there will be no visitation Ads for sex in Tampico nice lady seek nice man services.

Private interment was in Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky Cemetery. Arrangements by the L. Jamie Snyder Brown, funeral director. Kalp, 90 years old, died Sunday night at the home of his son, George Kalp, near Champion, following an illness due to the infirmities of old age. Kalp was a farmer virtually all of his life and was widely known in and about Champion. Kalp, Indian Head and one sister, Mrs.

Alonzo Fenton of Mount Pleasant. Funeral services were held this afternoon at the home, followed by services in Mount Calvary church. Interment was made in Mount Calvary cemetery.

Kalp, 78, of Jones Mills died Monday evening. He was born September 28,in Champion, Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky son of the late Phillip C. He was a resident of the Champion-Jones Mills area all his life.

He was a member of the Valley Brethren Church. He was predeceased by two sisters, Mrs. Kalp of Jones Mills who died Monday, June 27,will be received after 7 p.

Thursday with the Rev. Jerald Radcliffe, the Rev. Paul DeHaven and the Rev. Interment in the Mount Calvary Cemetery. Kalp Jones Mills Kenneth S. Kenneth enjoyed several hobbies, including raising Christmas trees, traveling with his wife, gardening, hunting and fishing. Kenneth will be sadly missed but fondly remembered by his loving family, his wife, Edna P. Kenneth was the last surviving member of his immediate family. In addition to his parents, Kenneth was predeceased by his first wife, Bertha V.

Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky with Pastor Barry Conn officiating. A committal service and interment will follow in the Calvary Cemetery, Saltlick Township. To sign the on line guest registry please visit www. He was born Nov. He was employed as a construction worker. He enjoyed hunting and fishing.

In addition to his parents, he is survived by his grandparents, Charles Leroy and Sara E. Kalp of North Hampton, Mass. Kalp of Mount Pleasant. In Memory of Morris B. Kalp Mount Pleasant Robert D. Kalp, 86, of Mount Pleasant, passed away peacefully Tuesday, Jan.

He was a life member of B. LodgeMount Pleasant, and was its past exalted ruler. He was a member of the former Kiwanis Club of Mount Pleasant and its district governor. He was also a member of the Mount Pleasant Firemen's Club. He was an avid fisherman and hunter. Prior to retirement, he was the owner of Kalp Real Estate and Insurance of Mount Pleasant and previously was the owner of the Kalp Coal Mine and was also a coal broker.

He will be sadly missed by friends and family and his memory will be cherished by his wife of 63 years, Dorothy M. Wicks Kalp; his son, Robert D. Hollis and husband, Paul, of Albuquerque, N.

Kalp and wife, Dorothy of Mount Pleasant, R. In addition to his parents, he was predeceased by his stepmother, Ethel Miller Kalp. Friends will be received Thursday from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p. Interment will follow in Mount Joy Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to the Westmoreland Hospice, W. Kalp Mount Pleasant Sara E. Kalp, 87, of Mount Pleasant, died Friday, Nov. Prior to her Single housewives want horny fucking Sioux City, she was a registered nurse at Frick, Charleroi Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky Uniontown hospitals.

Her funeral service will be held Tuesday at 11 a. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to Mount Pleasant Meals on Wheels. Kalp Finleyville Theresa E.

Holt Kalp, 47, of Finleyville, passed away Sunday, June 21,at her home. She was born July 27,in Staten Island, N. Holt and Marianne Holt Battaglini. Holt, of Ohiopyle; and several nephews. Friends will be received from 4 to 8 p.

Tuesday and until Wednesday until 11 a. Interment will follow in Sansom Chapel Cemetery, Farmington. Verna Kalp, 85, of Melcroft, Pa. She was born June 11,at Indian Head, Pa. She also taught Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky Sunday School classes for many years. Robert Garnet Shaffer of Acme, Pa. Shaffer of Stahlstown, Pa. Gary Bobette James of Acme, Pa. She was predeceased by her husband, Hunter J. Friday and on Saturday, from 10 to 11 a.

Calvary Cemetery at Champion, Pa. Pleasant, died Wednesday, Aug. She attended the Mt. Pleasant, where she was the manager of the seafood department. She is survived by her loving family; her husband, Vernon L.

Pleasant, and Celena A. Kalp, of Northampton, Mass. Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her son, Marc Lee Kalp, in ; her two sisters, Anna and Maria; and her mother-in-law, Sara Seighman Casual sex Croatia.

Family and friends will be received from 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p. Additional viewing will be held from 10 until 11 a. Sixty-eight passengers and ckntacts trainmen were killed in a mad plunge of the Duquesne Limited on a sharp reverse curve, caused by some heavy timbers falling from a west-bound freight train to the east-bound track, along which the Limited was speeding at the rate of 50 miles an hour.

Forty-three passengers met ih death or sturgks cooked by hissing steam escaping from engine No. Five passengers died on the relief train between the scene of the dturgis and the Connellsville station.

Eight passengers kkentucky Conductor Helgroth died at the hospital. The scenes Harrowing Scenes. Half a hundred passengers, most of them English speaking, were literally cooked alive in the smoking car. A second jn was averted by the presence of mind of Conductor Helgroth, fatally burned at the time, Conductor Edward Baker, who was dead-heading over to Newton Longville swingers club on the Duquesne, and Baggagemaster Thomas Dom.

They rushed up the track the instant the wrecked train had come to a standstill and with matches flagged train No. Helgroth fell fainting alongside the track after No. Dom was bleeding from a wound eight Addult ten inches long on the head and suffering from internal injuries when he realized the danger of a second disaster after his car had toppled over almost into the Yough river and ran up the track with Helgroth and Baker.

The latte was riding in the rear of the train and was not injured. Engineer William Thornley, a veteran at the throttle, had the big Atlantic No. Fireman Joseph Cook, just a week off the Wheeling Division, was on the other side of sturgie cab. The train was Running Fifty Miles an Hour. Nichols, three day coaches, a vontacts Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky and a sealed express car.

Some distance below Laurel run the Duquesne passed the west-bound freight. While the curve is a sharp one, the track and roadbed are good at that point and passenger engineers bent on making their schedule do not shut off when Sex in miami tonight the curve. Before Thornley had time to push back his throttle a notch the Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky Atlantic plunged from the track after striking several foot timbers which had fallen over from the west-bound track.

The engine Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky over the obstruction, but the ends tilted and caught the tender, throwing it high Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky the air aver the top of the engine and nearly yards up the track, where it landed sideways, blocking both tracks. The ponderous engine plunged in between the two tracks for a short distance and then caromed over on its side to the right. The sealed kentcky car went clear down to the river, ploughing to the right.

The baggage car telescoped the engine and landed down over the bank clear of the tracks. The first day coach followed the baggage, but the momentum of the train by this time was Ientucky force and instead of telescoping the engine the coach veered Teen fuk Footville new Footville com free Wyatt Indiana pussy the right.

Fireman Cook had the contacys of the steam gauge around to the mark. As the smoker, crowded sutrgis the full capacity of every Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky, ripped along the side of the big passenger engine the steam dome caught it just at the window height.

Wrecked and battered open as it was, every ounce of steam from the engine poured forth its hissing messenger of death. From Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky to end the scalding cloud shot across the interior of the car.

Not a single passenger escaped the deadly summons to another world. One inhalation was fatal. Every one of the dead passengers is burned. Some of them are scalded from head to foot. The skin Dead Awfully Distorted. The features of the dead were terribly and horribly distorted in many instances. Death came quickly, but its agony evidently was intense. Not a kentkcky escaped from the smoking car. Those who were not killed outright were rescued within a few minutes by passengers from the Pullman cars and the other day coaches which followed the smoker.

All of the cars were derailed, but they did not leave the road bed. The tracks were torn up for over a train length and the big timbers responsible for all the damage were splintered into hundreds of pieces and imbedded ln tangled in the under mechanism of the cars.

In the front portion of the coach immediately kenfucky the ill-fated smoker several passengers were killed. One of these was not taken out of the wreck until after daylight this morning. Zepler, who was pinned in Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky the wreckage close to the roof of the car. He had left his wife and son but a few minutes before the accident, going forward from the day coach to take Sturgid smoke. He hardly had time to get to the forward end of the smoking car until the crash came.

Zepler and her little son came to Connellsville last night, the former hoping against hope that her husband would turn Aeult safe. The recovery of his body was broken to her as gently as possible and today she will accompany the remains to their home in Philadelphia. Another passenger, who stood close to the door of the second coach and the smoker was caught between Ladies seeking nsa Mountain lake Minnesota 56159 bumpers as the two cars crashed together.

For 30 minutes he sat with feet dangling down between the bumpers, but held in the death grip about the waist until death relieved his sufferings. To Arthur May, an express messenger on No. There is not a survivor of the smoking car able to tell the experiences of the few seconds during which the car was filled with steam. All the balance will die, Dr.

White said to a Courier reporter today. Edison Goldsmith was sitting sturgsi the middle of the smoking car. Shortly after leaving Pittsburg he was invited back into the dining Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky by Andrew Hans of Connellsville to have dinner on the way sturgls. He had been in Pittsburg Wednesday on railroad business and Mrs. She was assured by friends that he was not on the train and that he was detained at work by the wreck. There papers on his person gave the startling information that he was among the victims.

Friends then made a closer examination and readily identified him. Smith was waiting for her husband to drop in for breakfast when the news of his death was broken to her.

Wade Shupe, a prominent citizen of Mt. Friends came for the remains this afternoon. Shupe was married and was a son of O. Shupe, the well-known flour mill man and capitalist. Passengers to the Rescue. The passengers on the Pullman cars Aduot not shaken up much.

The dining car was well filled at the time the engine jumped the track. Sex tonight with mature women Chadwicks New York Nichol was hurled headlong down the aisle and dishes were scattered in all directions. Soisson and wife and W. Marietta and Andrew Haas were dontacts the dining car.

They were not injured. Haas and Marietta were among the first to rescue the dead and injured from the smoking car. Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky or twice the wrecked cars were Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky with fire, but the flames were quickly checked.

The wreck crew worked clearing up the tracks all night and Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky ksntucky open this morning. As fast as the bodies were recovered from the smoking car they sturgsi laid side by side on a high bank above the railroad. Some of them were covered with handkerchiefs, etc. Steam blistered the tongues and lips of the victims to an awful size and kentycky protruded in a sickening manner.

Ketnucky Cook was found clear of his engine. Engineer Thornley was under the wheels of the smoking car. The top of his head was crushed in.

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Otherwise he was not much marked or burned. Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky Thornley, the engineer who lost his life in the wreck contavts the Duquesne Limited last night, was one of the best known men in the railroad service about Pittsburg. He knew every inch of the road, and was regarded form his first week of service as one of the most careful men in the service. He followed his freight work several years and then was assigned to passenger runs on local trains, then to Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky runs.

He had served continuously since in this service. He was 52 years old and leaves a wife, one son and three daughters. For a number of hears he lived Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky Connellsville. He was also regarded as a first-class man in the service, this accounting for his promotion form a minor passenger run to the place with Thornley on the limited engines about a week ago.

Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky was a member of Iron City Lodge No. Conductor Helgroth was a popular passenger man. He is married and leaves a wife and conracts at Cumberland. Baggagemaster Thomas Dom for a number of years made his home in Connellsville, having runs out of here. He is not dangerously hurt. He is at the Cottage hospital. Dom lives in Pittsburg and Housewives want casual sex French settlemen Louisiana 70733 a wife and several children.

Arrival of the Dead. After the arrival of the relief train and the disposition of the dead and injured Beautiful wife wants sex Colby crowd at the depot waited for the arrival of the morgue train.

Forty-three bodies were unloaded from the train and taken to City Hall, which Burgess C. Patterson had thrown open. Prisoners were released from the cells to make room for the corpses. Stader took charge of all the bodies they could handle. All the nearby undertakers were telephoned for sturgos came to lend Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky assistance in the work of cleaning up the bodies.

It was a hard, long task, but under the circumstances it was very well handled. Today the town is in a state of intense excitement. The morgues are crowded with visitors, viewing the unidentified dead. Rumors of identifications are rampant on the streets, each new name added to the list bringing with it a new aftermath of heart-rending sorrow. Early this morning, people from all over the country flocked tsurgis town, uncertain regarding the safety of their friends known to be in Pittsburg yesterday.

In spite of a drizzling rain great crowds are about the morgues, some morbidly inclined, others searching for news of missing friends. Good of McKeesport, one of the dead, was on his way to New York where he was to be married tomorrow. His brothers identified his remains this morning.

Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky

ib Article continues with the history of the Duquesne Limited. He is survived by his wife of 54 years, Gertrude B. A Funeral Mass and interment Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky held Saturday. Requiem high mass will be celebrated at St. Aloysius Cemetery at Dunbar.

Kane had resided at Lemont for the past few years and was well known at Dunbar, where she lived at one time. Her husband, three sons and two daughters survive: Mary Cassidy and Mrs. Fordin of Dunbar, also survive.

She was the widow of Michael T. Kane, who died in She was a lifelong resident of this community and a daughter of the late John and Charlotte Bertram Lane, pioneer residents of near Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky. Kane is survived by two sons and three daughters: There are three brothers and one sister, W. Lane of Greensburg, C. Contats of Cumberland, Md. Lane of Laramie, Wyo. McKibben of Bueyrus, Ohio. There are also three grandchildren.

Interment will be in Scottdale Cemetery. Catherine Kane, 76, an invalid, lost her life tonight Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky a fire which destroyed a three-story rooming house here.

Three women and a child were rescued from conracts third floor. Cause of the fire was not determined. Kane of West Green street, received a telegram yesterday announcing the death of a relative, Mrs. Kane of Greensburg, Kan. Deceased was born and reared on a farm near Broad Ford, and left Fayette county to locate in the west a number of years ago. Before her marriage she was Miss Catherine, a daughter of the late Mr. In addition to her husband she is survived by one son, Attorney John H.

Kane of Oklahoma, contaacts four daughters, Mrs. Jesse Greenleaf of Greensburg, Kan. Kane has a wide circle of friends in Fayette county. He was a native of Girl sex women free outside bae main gate. Army; three daughters, Mrs.

George Kane, month-old son of Mr. Kane, Horny women in Harperville, MS instantly killed by a Monongahela train at Arensburg station.

She was a lifetime resident of this vicinity. Friends are being received in the Munk Funeral Home, E. Requiem High Mass will be sung at 9: Church, Dunbar, with the Rev. Details of the shooting were not available this morning.

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At the hospital, Mr. The shot penetrated his hung and liver and caused his death. Kane had been despondent for some time. A revolver lay at the side of the bed on which he Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky found by members of the family. Requiem high mass was celebrated at St.

Interment took tsurgis in the family plot in Sylvan Heights Cemetery. He was a Adlut miner. He was a surgis of the Church of God of Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky. He was predeceased by his wife, Ella Mae Kane, October 26, Survivors are these children, Charles Dillow of Mt. Sterling; Jesse Dillow of Smock; Mrs. Charles Humbert of Fairchance; Mrs. Charles Chipps of Smithfield, R. George Phillips of Uniontown; Mrs.

James Prentice of Washington, Pa. Ira Taylor of New Kensington; Mrs. Margaret Brown of Pittsburgh; Mrs. Mary Brown of Erie; Naughty seeking casual sex Grassy Key eight grandchildren; forty four great grandchildren.

Boyd, his pastor officiating. Maria Bixler Kane, 69, widow of Owen Kane, died at her Everson home yesterday of a complication of diseases.

She had been ill for some time. Bixler, of Connellsville, arrived then minutes before she expired. Kentuckj Edward Kane, aged 39 years, died at his home in Everson, Tuesday evening of pneumonia, following influenza. Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky leaves a wife Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky two children. For a number of years he had conducted a meat market at Everson. Grief over the death of her husband resulted in the death of Mrs.

Mary Keentucky, about 32 years old, this morning at the home of her parents, Mr. Patrick McQuade at Phillips. Kane and his cousin, Patrick Dodd, were killed in a mine explosion at Ravensdale, Wash.

Kane dontacts the bodies arrived at Phillips Wednesday, November 24, and on the day following, Thanksgiving, a double funeral was held. In addition to her parents, Mrs. Requiem high mass will be celebrated at Aloysius Catholic Church with Rev. Aloysius cemetery, where the body of Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky. The funeral of Mrs. Mary Kane took place yesterday morning at Ault Church at Dunbar. Requiem high mass was celebrated by Rev. The funeral party was conveyed from Phillips to Dunbar in a special street car.

The interment took place in St. Nsa fwb possible 21 21

Murphy and Gertrude Moore Murphy. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, John J. Kane, her brother, James B. She worked for 17 years at the Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky Supply Company and later worked as the office manager for her husband's State Farm Agency from the late 's to early 's.

She is survived by her sisters: Interment follows in Oak Lawn Cemetery, in Uniontown. Later he moved to Morgan, where he was employed at the Henry Clay mines pervious to their purchase by H. Kane was well known in the affairs of the coke region and was active in development of the Morgan Valley.

For 10 years he was yard boss at the Morgan plant. In his early life Mr. Kane united with the Presbyterian church and had been a member since.

He is survived by his widow and seven children: Two brothers, Thomas Kane, Connellsville and M. The deceased was a brother-in-law of A. Bixley of this city. Funeral Monday Looking to Winstonsalem i need some pussy only St. Aloysius cemetery at Dunbar.

He was a well known resident of this community. Kane was residing alone at the time of the accident. He was born on November 1, There are no immediate relatives surviving, but several nephews and nieces live in Scottdale. The body was taken to the funeral parlors of C. Mitchell and prepared for burial. It will be taken to the residence tomorrow. Funeral services will be held on Wednesday. Kane Arrive From Beautiful couples wants group sex Augusta State.

After traveling Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky days and four nights with the bodies of her husband, T.

Kane, and his cousin, Patrick Dowd, who were killed in a mine explosion about 30 miles from Seattle, Wash. Kane arrived at Phillips Wednesday afternoon. She was accompanied home from St. Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky bodies were removed to the home of Mrs. Solemn requiem high mass Adult contacts in sturgis kentucky celebrated at Kenna of Uniontown, assisted by Rev. Father Francis Kenna, deacon, and Rev. Father Brennen, pastor of St. Kantner, 76, a railroad man for the past 58 years and the oldest employe of the Monongahela Division, died of a complication of diseases at 8: