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The mineral deposits lie in the mountainous west-central part of the county, on the southwest end of the mineral belt of Colorado. Gold has been the most valuable mineral mined in the county, but silver and small amounts of lead and copper have also been recovered.

The sole important gold-producing district in the area has been the La Plata district in the La Plata Mountains Henderson,p. In that same year placer gold Mexcio discovered along La Plata River.

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Production during the early years in the La Plata district is not known, but it was probably small. Lode gold, which has been the chief commodity of the district, was also discovered inand by the end of many locations had been made.

Sincemining activity has declined and, except for a few years, output usually has been less than ounces annually. The total gold production of the district through was aboutounces, chiefly from lodes. The La Plata district lies within the La Plata Mountains, a rugged mountain group about 15 miles in diameter, between the San Juan Mountains to the east and the Colorado Plateau on the west.

The La Plata Mountains were carved from a domal uplift of sedimentary rocks caused by intrusion of numerous stocks, dikes, and sills of igneous rocks. Superimposed on the general dome is a curving open anticline whose kn axis opens southward.

Several faults of large displacement cut the outer parts of the dome, and within the dome there are many small faults and fractures. The sedimentary rocks exposed within Adult ladiess in La Plata New Mexico district are more than 4, feet thick and range in age from Pennsylvanian through Late Cretaceous.

Sandstone and Mancos Shale of Cretaceous age Eckel,p. The igneous rocks, which are of Late Cretaceous or Tertiary age, are of two general types - porphyritic and nonporphyritic. The more abundant porphyritic rocks are intermediate between diorite and monzonite in composition; the nonporphyritic rocks consist of syenite, monzonite, and diorite.

The country rocks were silicified during the doming and intrusion of the nonporphyritic stocks, which occurred later than the intrusions of porphyritic bodies Eckel,p. Most of the output of the district has come from veins and replacement deposits of gold and silver-bearing telluride ores.

Of lesser importance are disseminated deposits of platinum-bearing chalcopyrite, gold-bearing contact-metamorphic bodies, replacement and breccia bodies of Ne gold ore, veins of mixed base-metal sulfides with silver or native gold, chalcocite veins, and veins of ruby-silver ore. The gold-bearing placers have not been very productive Eckel,p.