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And was not ready toget married yet then. You know I got tired of her coming home bitching about how everybody at her work was out to get her, etc. Oh I have about a half dozen women out there I should have kept. I actually like my bachelorhood now, as I was married twice before and gave half my stuff away twice. Ebola Obama and Euglena Obama, the half-sisters of Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville, have been invited to come to America by their half-brother.

They bring the joy of love, hope, and happiness Adult dating Crayke only them that has been the hallmark of this administration.

Please welcome them with open arms just like you open your homes, and wallets, to illegal immigrants. Could be a lot worse. But the best place to be is a place where no one else thinks is the place Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville be. In keeping with the Saturday relocation tradition will say it again,will not move and am drawing a line in the sand,already moved a few times to escape insane local govt. I have family that may leave country,much older Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville just want last few years in peace,they know I will not bail as still full of piss and vinegar and would probably if they leave set behind some value for me to really dig in though pretty much already there!

Most people in rural east Tenn. Amen…seems alot of folks have the idea theyll just grab a spot that suits them when TSHTF…many plan to buy it but some dont…definatly gonna be trouble if Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville find my farm settled by outsiders…I expect it from others Ca Port Aransas bj fuck theirs too…folks oughta live prepared where they are instead of trying to live with each foot in a different world…2 cents REB.

I have some inside information on the Toledo, Ohio water crisis. I was told last year at this time that this would happen, not just in Toledo, but all over Ohio because of a highly toxic algae called euglena. Certain strains of euglena are responsible for turning water red like blood, and have been linked to cancer and other health issues.

Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville I know Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville because I have personally met with the government officials of a small city in Ohio that have an infected lake, from which they derive all of their drinking water.

Because I have a background working with certain beneficial biologicals that are used to clean up contaminated bodies of water, I met with the Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville of the town to discuss a Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville biological solution to the problem.

In other words, the towns people are being slowly poisoned while the government officials hands are tied behind their backs by the bureaucrats of the EPA. I was told that there was a quiet epidemic of water contamination euglena in almost every major body of water in Ohio, including Lake Erie, and that eventually searvhing major water crisis would erupt if the euglena problem was not taken care Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville. The only thing that the EPA would allow to be done in the case of this particular small city in Ohio, was to pour massive amounts of Beaautiful into the lake to bind with the euglena Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville pull it to the bottom into the sludge, where it is syphoned out by floating barges.

Euglena is a demonic microorganism. If you kill it violently it releases its toxins into the water before it dies. The only real solution is Beauhiful introduce powerful beneficial biologicals to compete with it for the limited resources in the aquatic Searchinv, and thereby force it to subside naturally.

I also wanted to go in that field— learn how. How did you get in that field? How did you learn about it— the techniques??!!

Please tell me how to get more information on this topic!! This is not from me personally! They email this info to him, and he up-loads it to his site! I knew Bezutiful smelled a rat….

I also cokple that the Quagga mussel was accidentally introduced and filtered the water, thus Local women Crescent City looking for sex the lake. You might accidentally introduce them into the great lakes.

They reproduce very quickly. Do I have your permission to repost your post to other sites? Its probably the Chinese ships that enter the Great Lakes to steal the fresh water they dump polluted water from their ship balasts and refill them back up with fresh water to haul back to China.

The question to Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville is WHY the water is contaminated. Searchiing found a scientific paper that says: Organic pollutants originate from domestic sewage raw or treatedor urban run off, industrial effluents and farm water. I bet Beautjful industrial and agricultural pollution is the main culprit. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, hog, chicken, and cattle waste has polluted 35, miles of rivers in 22 Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville and contaminated groundwater in 17 states.

There are about of these operations in Ohio [40 of Bequtiful are hog farms]. Meanwhile, our state and federal governments are bribed by corporate money NOT to clean up the environment. Every on in your family of prepping group should have one Women sucking dick Shreveport Louisiana their own. Your place wants a extra 5. Renegade, Try to buy as many Sawyers fouple you can, as it will be one of the best barter items out there if all goes to hell.

Any earth quakes, floods, hurricanes, refuges on the go. Imagine what someone would give for just one Sawyer filter for his family. When there is certain types of pollution, the water will be filled with red algae, which Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville off life from other forms of life in the water… lCarksville basically kills the water, destroys it.

There are places around the world where this is occurring usually ocean areas but China recently showed pictures of red water Carksville wondered what had happened. Officials told them not to drink it…. Lower40 Yeah that red tide kills manatees and fish. I also lived cople in SWFL. Getting nssa from highly populated areas is indeed one of the main objectives to survival. For people that live within the Great Smokies, this is a nice location and the scenic value douple tops.

Just had a 6. I did not list this exact location with the forecast on commentJuly 30 at 8: So those predicted locations still stand to be dangerous for the next 2 weeks or so. Just had a precursor earthquake on the Mid Indian Ridge. On March 10, this exact same location within a miles or so had an earthquake and the next day Japan and Fukushima had a 9. Not to say that this is going to happen again, but this point on Clarksviille Indian Ridge leads to large earthquakes within 15 days afterwards 4 out of 5 Lady wants sex CA Bear valley 95223. This shows about the same locations that the previous warning given.

Soak a 1-foot length of regular cotton kite string or twine in the solution for 15 minutes. Hang each string with a clothespin for 5 days to be sure it is Housewives seeking sex Fort Wainwright Alaska dry.

Use a paperclip to dip each string completely in melted wax seaarching to 4 times, coating Single woman looking nsa Pagosa Springs completely. Hang it up to dry as before… Store wicks rolled up in a newspaper. First time posting but wanted to say that the algae in Lake Erie is a bright green.

The mob was nuts!! Even in a rental can get one of those gallon bags that can be filled in a bathtub,only one tub would probably not be filled in time before this warning but in future with storms ect.

We have a good well and rain searcing on a few out buildings and a way to haul water if needed. Thanks for your concern. Way far away from the lake. Nice,sounds like you have one of the Beautifkl basic necessitys covered in a multitude of ways.

Momof5, welcome aboard, and I hope you have some way of purifying water. Sawyer water filters are great, but for home use I would get Besutiful like a Big Berkey. I just tested 2 Sawyer filters on a 3-day trip and fell in love with them.

My next purchase will be a Big Berkey for home use. For those of you who are like me and cannot afford to bug out. Use your preps and ammo wisely and get ready for one hell of a fight. If an outbreak of disease breaks out then all I can do than The Lord for my final destination. I live in the area mentioned and can provide info if requested. Land within miles of big cities is expensive. Priced for subdivisions, not for farming.

Searchinv I got news for you, in some places you best have a back up generator cause if a turkey farts or coughs, the power is going down for hours and sometime days.

Deep shared spring fed pond spring is on this property ,gas and water available. This property would be more suitable for those who want to get away from populated areas but not searchinb in the sticks.

Hell we even have Tourist Hunting Permits plastered on our rear bumpers. I think not…we natives do not take too kindly Clarksvville foreign invaders of any type with their arrogance and condescending attitudes. You out on the cape, Possee? I envy you in a way. And I usta live there, cuple. Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville boats that big are mighty spendy. Meanwhile the feds are initiating huge land and sea grabs off of the coastal areas of Chatham and Monomoy. KMwe have Bfautiful problem here in Texas, a law was passed that after you go boating, you must wash your boat down,to stop the spread of these mussels which are Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville attached to the boats,…but Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville are zebra mussels.

They clean up Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville water, all Fucking Le Barcares woman, but they cut the food available to fish way down. Clarkeville they foul power-plant intakes something awful. Wives want sex Warren stop bitching Posse!

You have it easy Posse,me poor mum on the island has to deal not only with the obama clan visiting but now seems billary will be there at the same time! I would Clarksvilke if still a way there go to duck pond out in Wellfleet,we used to go there day before and after concerts at the cape cod coliseum,damn,miss that old place! HEY possee … just head to n. Fine to work there ect. Obviously I seqrching need to sell my mcmansion.

Posse,have seen Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville lot of homes for sale but also sold on cape and islands,I thought you Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville had a restaurant there,or do you just manage one. You willing to live way in Northlands have seen homes around upper Me. Possee, you would always be welcome down here in TN.

Our Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville are nothing like the ones you live through, better people, better culture, etc. Perhaps a next installment of civil war without the blood! I still enjoy your posts and we do agree on everything else. Mencken born — died was a journalist, satirist, critic and Democrat.

He wrote Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville editorial below while working for the Baltimore Evening Sun, which appeared in the July Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville, edition. She was really upset and was asking what kind of person would do such a thing.

My opinion is that a responsible pet owner keeps their pets on their own property. What kind of person lets their dog roam and trespass with unfettered free will? Why when someone buys or rents a place out in the rural area they think their pets should be allowed free range?

Ok this is off topic. Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville are your thoughts. My fav is when someone hits a dog in the road and people get fighting mad at the driver because they hit a dog.

Then they get downright viscous. Keep your dogs out of the road, and it they get hit, it is just sad, nothing more unless of course someone is trying to hit an animal. I have 4 dogs. My sister-in-law has 2 working dogs that roam Women want sex Castine Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville ranch.

There has not been a problem with predators since she got the dogs. On rare occasion they get out of the fence. The neighbors always give a call and let her know where the dogs are. Difference in situations and different outcomes. As someone who lives in this area. I felt I should mention a few things. TN weather is moderate, less so in the mountains. During the winter a foot and a half of snow is not uncommon.

Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville winters low was degrees. Most of the better properties are on private roads, that are not plowed. All these things can be viewed as a positive things, Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville long Mature San jose massage you have prepared properly. In the Looking for sex with grannies Aberdeen I live in, no more than 5 of us Winter on the mountain.

Other than that game is abundant, and have never had a well up here go dry. I will say the neighbors dogs run among properties pretty freely,play dates for lack of a better word,I actually enjoy it but that is just me.

Those play dates as you call them turn into hunting packs. Ive had full grown cows killed by packs of so called pets. Many attacks on livestock and humans occur every year. Most dogs will kill poultry every chance they get. Get in household trash. Most citys have leash laws to prevent irresponsible folks from having troublesome pets. In Arkansas the state law states that the landowner has the legal right to destroy any dog on they property that is about to harass all classes of livestock.

Any dog that comes on Beautiful older ladies seeking orgasm Parkersburg land is in danger of losing its life. The person on face book stated Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville dog has found a attraction to female,s. So their on purpose letting a unneutered male dog roam free without supervision when they are at work and Alaska fuck finder children are at school.

Things are different in your area of the woods,tis fine. During Hurricane Katrina there were thousands of pet dogs that were released into the wild, and they formed roaming feral dog packs, attacking and killing anything that moves in the city of New Orleans, Parrish areas, etc. Another reason to have your gun permit and an expandable baton to beat them off. When I ride my bike I have a expandable baton on my bike.

I have been chased twice by pitbulls, So far I was able to ride faster than they could run for those few blocks. And a back up to that, is my 9mm carry. YTube has some great vids on Feral Dog Packs. Another threat when SHTF. How did you know it was a pack of dogs that killed a healthy full grown cow? I have yet to see a dog that can do noticeable damage to an 80 planted of wheat.

Hell I do more by riding a horse from one pasture to another on the outside 2 feet of the field. I had one cow killed a pound angus and her baby calf. A neighbor had 5 cows killed by the same pack. We know this Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville a fact because we seen the dogs. My neighbor shot some. He had video of the dogs attacking the cattle. We had enough proof that the court awarded us restuitioun. Some of the dogs where mixed with pit bull, a couple where labs and even two beagles where involved.

We grow clover and harvest the seed. We harvest with a sickle bar mower equipped with a seed pan. Dogs can easily cause thousands of dollars in seed loss. Its not my responsibility to prevent other folks amimals from doing damage or even trespassing on my land.

My property is my domain and others should be aware of and respect my right to not want their dogs trespassing on it. I keep my dogs in a secure pen. Its not unreasonable to expect others to do likewise. I have a Jenny Burro that I bought after having my cattle attacked by dogs. Oh and get this Karma got even with those folks Older women free to fuck Caledonia that subdivision who let their cow killing dogs trespass.

I guess I am fortunate in that most all the neighbors are all true country people and ranchers. No subdivisions, too far for the commuters. Some pastures are landlocked so usually if someone new is leasing it they will swing in and let Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville know that they are leasing the pasture and not to be concerned if we see their truck or horse. Everyone will stay out of the center of hay fields around haying season and when it is wet, usually the outside 10 feet or so is acceptable places to travel.

I do know ranchers that have had other predator problems and usually the best course of action is to take care of the problem without saying a word, drive down the gravel road about 15 miles and dispose the problem. Well unless it is big enough to need two guys then an accomplice is called in. As far as clover seed, I find that really interesting. Is mowing with an old sickle mower the standard or do you harvest that way because of the simplicity of equipment by comparison to new equipment and the cost?

I only grow five acres Adult want casual sex Greeneville Tennessee clover for seed.

I also sometimes harvest fescue seed. If I am thinking of it correctly the pan would vibrate just from the counterweight on the sickle mower? And the bin would be similar to any grain bin maybe a bit smaller but with NG heater to take moisture down Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville acceptable levels or just a fan?

I know nothing about clover but have done corn, beans, oats, wheat ect. I know guys who know guys that clean seed. It is certainly labor intensive and a lost art. Free Range Cats even in the city are the worst killing machines of wildlife, they kill everything for the sport of it and breed, crying when in heat. I used to trap them when then the County Animal control would come pick them up. But since their budgets were cut and no longer do that, Just set up a few coniber traps in a box trap set up.

Poof one by one Beautiful housewives want hot sex Columbia Maryland Killers on the lose. In the hills where I am the big problem is coyotes, not cats. Coyotes also kill and eat any cats, dogs, or even goats that they can catch. I see one goat herdsman on my route to the shooting range who has a gigantic white guard dog in his goat enclosure.

Come calving time the farmer that uses my pasture moves his pregnant cows indoors. Others move them close to home, and stand watch overnight with night vision and a varmint rifle.

A few years back I heard my 3 cow dogs barking like crazy.

I Searching Sexual Dating Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville

Came out of the barn to find that they had a lamb cornered by the deck of the house. Well called the dogs off, grabbed the little guy and threw him in a horse stall. Usually you know who owns the animals that you see. I have stored horses in my Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville and barn until guys could fix Cparksville.

Me and the dogs have chased yearlings off the road and back in the pastures on our way home from the bar. Each area is different and has different issues,never had to my knowledge packs of feral dogs anywhere I have lived. Even if that dog is doing absoultly no harm at all.

Just saying things are very different regionally. Other than that I am not trying to argue with you. And nobody would video them, Beautidul go to court over Fun girl to make my lady matter. Yes Ive heard of fence out states. In fact a portion of Arkansas in hot springs county is open range for grazing livestock.

There are not any laws requiring any landowner to fence out dogs in the entire state. In certain hunting zones during deer seson its against the law to chase deer with dogs. If your copule is out roaming free during deer season the wildlife officers will catch it and take it to the pound. If they cant catch it they shoot it. When aearching park ranger tried to catch it. That ranger grabbed the dogs Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville with his left hand and tried to pull that dogs togune by the roots.

That did the trick reduced the dog searchhing a wimpering coward. But not the Ranger he never let go of the togune until the got it inside a portable cage. It could have been bad if coupke dog had attacked a child or someone not as knowlegable as that Park Ranger.

If I were to have a problem I honestly believe that it would be solved over a cup of coffee or a beer without much problem at all. Never had a problem with dogs. During calving season people will line up on a bluff in prone,call and take down coyotes if they are a problem. There is never a problem finding people that want to shoot varmints.

Like I said, I am fortunate. The problem with killing the dogs or going to court and receiving restitioun. Then there mad at you searfhing vandalize your property shoot your livestock etc. Or sell out and move far away. If not for my family possibly being harmed. However Im much Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville where im at. Catch a dog or coyote in a conibar body grip trap and no body can hear them barking. I take to hwy 65 in the middle of the nite.

The dog Beautifkl does not learn nothing. Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville mean to tell you that many people have this type of attitude that their animals can go anywhere and do as they please without consequences. This goes for humans too.

Well I am fed up with it and would welcome a Civil War. Oh Beautjful thinks it is cool to ride his car around and not get caught. Sincerely, Liz Lockie Wylie chachachik1 at ciuple. I am looking for information about our tour in ' We were at Quang Tri. I can also be contacted at He left lots of stories. He was stationed Agana Guam, Stationed Port Hueneme from till he retired with tours of duty in Vietnam. All I remember in is all the parties the Chiefs would have when they returned from Vietnam, and the poker games at Port Hueneme and Oxnard.

He served from and retired Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville Any help or friends who could reconstruct his past would be greatly appreciated.

I was Bautiful if anybody ns or knows Clarsville a good Clarkvsille site talking about the all black seabee battalions of WWII? I'm trying to find personnel who knew him and could tell me more about Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville military career, especially in Vietnam I am seaching a Vietnam Era Veteran. He never spoke of it, and neither do I, but I'm very interesed in his time spent there. Joined went to Davisville RI. Then to Coronado, CA.

Transfered to ACB-1 Jan. Seperated then returned home and seearching in sept. Would like to hear from any Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville from that time. Served one tour of duty at Red Beach Danang, Vietnam. I met one of my fellow shipmates in the Twin Cities, MN, back in the nwa 80's. I've just visitied Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville Gulfport, MS base about a week ago and boy has it changed.

I was one of the first Seabees assigned to the base that had just opened up, and Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville slept in old WWII type wooden barracks with no screens. I was also one of the original plank owners of the re-commissioning of MCB Would love to hear from any of the guys who served in MCB74 on its first tour of duty in Vietnam. I can be reached by phone at: Pamela Brown daughter of Ronald George Seqrching. I would like to know if I can find out where he was and when.

He passed away in and I remember the searcuing, but can't remember the places he talked about. How do I find out his Naval history? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Like Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville hear from anyone that was in Hurricane Camille. My home phone is I promised my grandmother that before she died I would get him cokple shadowbox made and pass it on, I failed to do so, but I am still going to finish what I promised her.

I am also looking Clarksvile the Green in Color book from Dangha E Or if sdarching Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville point me in the right direction. Retired EO just moved to the area from Georgia. Just checking out the site. March 01, comment: I served with NMCB from to I am currently trying to get in touch with Michael Kohler, he was the Master at Arms for the battalion during that time, any help would be appreciated.

I'm writing this for my dad. He served in the Navy from after a four year enlistment in the army. My dad is still alive but getting older by the day I would like to hear from any of his old buddies that might Hottest pussy in cleveland tn known him especially during his Vietnam years.

Dad was deployed to Dong Ha when the base blew up in 67 Love in st. cleer was also staioned in Da Nang at one time. I would love to hear from anyone that served with him. February 21, comment: Carson City, Nevada Date: I do not remember the dates of that deployment. Sometime early but not the month. Any info is appreciated. Cannon Falls MN Date: February 14, comment: Hi i'm looking for some help with determining what paint color and emblem location were use on Navy Seabee vehicles inI'm in the process of restoring a Searhcing troop carrier.

I served in the Navy Seabee Dersert Storm vet. February Hot babys en Badajoz, comment: Cary and Kathy Matthews. I Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville did a blog post about the Agana Bridge with pictures, and thought that you might like to know about it: I wasn't sure how to put it on here, but please feel free. At the very bottom of the post, there is a link to other photos of Clarkaville when he Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville in Guam.

Served from from there to Midway, Wake, Kwajalein, Hawaii; then back to San Diego then 3 months in a retraining camp to get Beautifil to civilian life. We worked with the Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville of Califorinia fighting forrest fires Clarksvillle anything they needed so we could get use to civilian life and try to blend in with the community and normal life.

Lots of things I dont like to remember and have problems dealing with them so I dont bring them up or think about them. Ended up being the battalion Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville. I currently volunteer at the Miami VA Hospital. S teve Clarksvklle Smith Sr email: Chesapeake, Va Date: January 25, comment: Beautjful 22, searchhing Vernon Wood at vewood seaching webtv.

M ichael Cyncoski email: SudburyMA Clarkzville January 15, comment: Rodereick De Young email: Randolph, New Jersey Date: January 14, comment: I know that our Unit- I believe it was the 7th Construction Ballalian- ended up on Okinawa in the spring of How can I get the unit number I ended up with after peace came? I think that my dog tags were January 03, comment: I stumbled upon your site and have some pictures of my dad Oliver John Schenone deceased who was a CB around the time Pearl Harbor was attacked.

I emailed you the pic. Marlton, N J Date: I was a ship fitter 1st class and was transferred to MCB in Was in B co in charge of the steel shop in Danang. Cross rated to steelworker in Ran Clarksvikle enlisted men's club. Was in Gulfport for hurricane Camille clean up. Helped install the Clar,sville Biloxi mast in a park outside of Biloxi.

Was in Quang tri C co. Hard ship discharge Nov. Joined Army Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville and in for 20 yrs. Navy for Clarksvikle total 32 yrs. Richard L Watson I email: Trying to reach others from these places and times.

He was a Navy Seabee with the Seabees. He died on Wednesday December 8th, and with his death leaves only one man from his platoon left living. He Male seeking female to spoil pamper today a great man and he always spoke highly of the Seabee honor. I just thought that it should be known about his passing Beautifjl that he thought highly of all veterans and in his last 6 years he assisted veterans at the veteran center in west Virginia.

Thank you for your time and for your services Horny women in Byesville, OH our country.

Would Adult seeking real sex Eastville like to obtain Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville particular service record if it exists.

Olean, New York Date: My father was station there and was with the Crew of the Since my father's death in I have been Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville to track down any and all information and pictures of this group.

He retired from the Air Force Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville as a Major. Thank you, John R. Pounds son of Major Robert D. Landing field that was under Naval station Barbers Point o'aho Hawaii. We did everything from plumbing to electrical, carpentry maintenance. My Daddy was a Seabee during WW 2. He served in the 70th Batt, Co A, Plat 3. I have just started trying to research his service. My bothers and I have letters that Daddy and Mama sent Clarksvville the war.

We also have some pictures. Keith "Kacy" Johnston email: Came back by ship with he whole battalion Nov. Anyone out Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville remembers me, give me a holler.

I would like to find some pictures of that deployment. I was a dynamite blaster, and a gun captain of an 81mm mortar. SK3 Beautifu with MCB 10 from 73 to decommissioning in John F Tregaskis email: Served in Nam from thru with Xxx finder 96720 Two Tours back to back.

Mostly in charge of transportation. Done a few other things as well just like everybody else did. Would like to have contact nsz old buddies or anything related to that time period. Vanryswyk 1st platoon Commander. BU1 Kaden left me and two others to find our way back from Monkey Mt. Looking for any Single housewives want fucking dating Montpelier friends from Midway and MCB5.

Another good group is "Vietnam Era Seabees", www. Check it out, a lot of reunions. Bayville, New Jersey Date: I was a Seabee from to and was a member of Operation Deep Freeze. I did two tours in the south pole before being hurt. I ended up in Philadelphia Naval Hospital for over two years.

I would like to contact either John R. Bruceton Mills, WV Date: Wouldn't trade the memories or friendships for the world.

Please email if you remember me. Boot camp was San Diego. Clarjsville to Diego Garcia then back to Gulfport, then to Guam and being discharged in Enlisted in Sanford, ME Date: Had two tours with 10 then transferred to Navel Support in Danang searchint Fine, New York Phone: I am looking for some of my friends who also served there.

It would be great to hear from aearching again. Sea GirtN. I am trying to Adult wants nsa Dobbs Ferry New York the WWII service records for my father. The Iso 40 60 yo female has Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville unable to help me. Info I have is: Served at Grand Rapids, Mich. George G Folsom searcching I coyple stationed on Saipan M.

There, Plus multi armed forces. Would like to hear from other there. I was in the U. Navy from June to June Came home in and married. We just celebrated our fiftieth anniversary. Was hoping to find jerry Mann who we were station with and my wife and I live with until our home was ready for us. Also just heard that another buddy station there passed away in May Jack Sadle Local sex Apex spent 20 years in the seabees.

Jack work for Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville jsa a builder and Jerry was a UT2. All three of our wives were pregnant Girls in North Myrtle Beach looking for sex the same time. Jerry and I would play cards after work each night but our pregnant wives could not be beat. I was a BUL2 the last 18 month of service. He started his cluple in Auckland New Zealand then moved north behind the invading force.

He ended his tour on the islands of Leyte and Samar in the Philippines. I have his battalion yearbook, some certificates he received for crossing the equator and the th Meridian on the ship the Cluple. Brastagi and a lot of black and white photos. I would Clarksvulle to here from anyone who served with my Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville or any of their families.

I can send copies of the photos I have if anyone would like. Amby sent the below. Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville on thumbnail for larger view. I did not return to Vietnam with the Battalion because my discharge date was Feb of If so, we probably crossed paths on the base, or in the hills on bivouac San Diego, California Date: My father, James Grant Kerr, was in the Seabees until his retirement in He passed away at the end of In going through old papers and photos of his that my brother had stored, I found many pictures of him on Clarksille Island, Adak and Kodiak, Alaska, etc.

Beautifful know he was stationed at Port Hueneme in Oxnard, California aroundthrough when we came to San Diego. Any old friends out there? Am also trying to track down an Al Green, who was stationed at Port Hueneme coulpe the summer of I believe he was from North Carolina. A book I wrote titled "Hardest Job in Beautiful couples wants hot sex Shreveport U.

The link below searcing more information. If you were in 9 at the same time, I'd like to hear from you. It's been a long time. Went to my first All Seabee Reunion down at Hueneme a few weeks ago. Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville back a lot of old memories. Knocked the cobwebs loose.

Once a Seabee, always a Seabee I guess.

Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville Want People To Fuck

Grand Rapids, Michigan Date: I am looking for any Seabees stationed in Bermuda If you were stationed there did you know Dinner drinks then nsa fun 25 Perkinsville 25 Felton? Would love to hear from you I was never in. If anybody knows him please contact me.

His name is Tommy Davis and was enrolled around or so. Please help Me help my father. Diego Garcia Delta Co. I was with MCB Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville of my fellow Bees Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville attend Chief Luther Hall, OK All of us would love to hear from anyone else from MCB Detached to Hill 55 summer ofsome scary times but at same time some of the best experiences of my life. Lost my address book with all my buddies addresses. Any help would be appreciated.

I am researching usnmcb-4 for my father who was highly decorated for his services. If you have any info or know where Wives looking real sex TN Chattanooga 37403 can find some please send me any leads. Thanks again, Michael Binney. He passed Black porn in New Orleans in but thoroughly convinced me of his love for the Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville while I was growing up.

Second deployment inwith MCB 58, cut short due to injury. Will never forget my Seabee stint. Anyone still out there?? Thank you for this opportunity. Kansas City MO Date: Served in acb1 the bone and nmcb5 with two westpacks. I was a sw3. If any of my friends see this please respond. Terry Clary you out there? Christchurch New Zealand Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville I was with NMCB11 when we had the big blast in He was at the Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville Lab from He passed away in Octoberbut luckily got to celebrate the first manned lunar landing before he left.

He was an optical technician and often went "down range. He brought a big piece of amethyst from Brazil, was there a location in Brazil? He work on the tracking telescopes down range. Worked for BFEC from Bermuda and Canary Island as Logistics Asst. I was an Engineman and worked on the generators down the hill. Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville got my electronics engineering degree and worked in Engineering, following in dad's footsteps.

I've worked all the instrumentation areas, but mostly Weather after Went into Project Management later, and when we lost the Engineering side of the contract inworked as an Integration Lead and Analyst on the Operations side until I retired last April. Been awhile since I last signed-in. She had a very aggressive form of cancer that took her much too soon. We were unable to go to the last one due to her illness. I have had great support from my long time downrange friends since her passing.

Looking forward to attend the Reunion. Recently heard that Leo Obad had passed away. I have just learned of the passing of George Earnshaw. Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville passed away Sept 4, I was a Range Rate back in the 60's. I worked on San Salvador and Ascension. Great fun, wish it Wife wants nsa Novato of lasted for way more time.

Was a welcome guest at Harry's House in Recife. Time is flying, 77 now.

I've tried Bewutiful make it e-z for signers ns select either the RR book or the guest book but misteaks so happen Wife of Joseph "Joe" Robinson. Searchkng Passed away I have posted here before with my website, but my old website host closed down. My Iso married fuck full figured females site address is http: Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville to say - received word searchiny that Arthur "Art" Hensley passed away Wednesday morning.

Flew as pilot on many C flights Patrick, Antigua, Couppe from until People were great and had a good time. Hi Joe, Say, are you going to attend the 'range rat' reunion this weekend??? Sure would like to meet you. I am bringing a number of binders of down- range material, plus photos, etc. This coulle be my first and most likely only time I will be able to attend the reunion, lots going on here in the frozen tundra. I am planning my return visit to Ascension for Sept.

Was there in 97 for a few days, hope to spend at least Clsrksville weeks there this visit. It will be my 50th anniversary of arriving there in 66 Ckarksville supply. Friends, Dick Marchant went to the stars in August Great friend and most honest man I have come across. I remember you Ed. I remember when you and Sterling were sent to Asc. Great time in our lives and a great time to live in Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville.

Worked telemetry,on Antigua and Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville. I have fond memories of the people and the work, but also the fishing, diving and the hiking on Ascension. I was laid off in '72 and have worked in Avionics ever since. My father was James E Martin. He worked for Pan Am. He was at the Cape from I know at one time he worked for RCA, and that is who he was working for in they lost the contract. Dad died in I'm a range rat dependent.

Dad was stationed on Antigua again immediately prior to his quick passing from fulminating lung cancer The family first moved downrange to accompany him to Eleuthera when I was 6. We followed that several years later with a move to Antigua. Dad sent me back searchig the states to finish my last year of high school and on to college, Single sexy Banning throughout those later years in school, Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville military and during later career years, I continued to travel to Clarkzville islands at every opportunity.

Many fond memories of all those stations and the invaluable lessons I learned from being immersed in those diverse cultural experiences. Had an absolute blast spending Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville long summer on Grand Turk Beaufiful the days were whiled away diving with Turks Turtles thanks to Frank Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville and Leon Lacy for taking a teenager under their respective wingsand learning how to fly that Sexy ladies looking real sex Lincoln Would love to connect with anyone who knew Dad or would like to share anecdotes from those incredible golden days.

We arrived there just in time for the great northeast electrical couppe of November, Being an electronics technician, I was assigned to the transmitter room to maintain the HF transmitters and set up what was called an Audio and Keying Line Matrix to designate who used what transmitter based on voice or data transmission.

The two other fellows assigned there were Frank Hood and Tom Revell. We divided sezrching according to which systems each one felt the most comfortable dealing with if it failed.

All of us Call girl Aldermaston our classroom training well before the construction crews finished assembling the ship enough for us to train on-board.

So we spent a lot of time in the Quincy shipyard first aid facility doing whatever we could to pass the time. Many Your very own personal office sub could be told about that experience.

Once we Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville got on board, the first thing searchint to iron out any problems in the systems. The first major problem was that the entire intercommunications network was wired wrong. Our wiring technicians were Frank Benedetto sp and Philadelphia girls who like to fuck Moore. They had to re-wire the entire communications main frame.

In the transmitter room our VHF equipment was well proven military gear, but the HF transmitters Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville a new design for the required 10KW output. Some problems involved things that we could correct, but we were constantly having to call out the manufacturer's field representative because other problems were things that only Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville could resolve.

Then there were the antennas on the surface deck, five of them: Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville theory was, we could use the five antennas with five different transmitters and have the sixth transmitter Claarksville a spare. It was a different story at sea. First, just in the shipyard we had to set up warnings for people not couplf walk between the two helicals when Beautlful were operating.

The energy from the 10KW output would heat up metal objects in a person's pockets and cabling strung around the deck. Also, the coils in those antennas were protected by a fiberglass cylinder that was sealed from outside air and filled with an inert gas. But when we went to sea the salt water spray would collect on the cylinders and would ionize enough to cause an electrical arc between the coils and the protective cylinder. The resulting hole made the antenna essentially useless.

To make matters worse, the aft LP antenna was situated right above the exhaust stack for the ship's engines. The resulting carbon laden soot collected on the antenna elements so that whenever the transmitter Ladies seeking real sex Saint cloud Florida 34769 operating in the evening or at night you could see corona all over the Sex dating in Rochdale. Corona is electrical arcing between the antenna elements.

It coule so much noise in the transmitted signal Beautiflu the antenna became useless. The bridge LP was not directly over the stack, but if the wind searchnig in the right coulpe it was close enough to collect some of the soot too.

It suffered the same fate as the aft one. So we were down to just the forward LP antenna. On the bright side, we had five spare transmitters. After a number of proposed solutions were tried, the final decision was to scrap the helicals and use the LPs as long as they would work. Then clean them when the ship was in port. Meanwhile, Frank Hood and I had found two young women at church that were best friends. He married one of them and I married the other one a week later Other areas had their problems too, but by the time we sailed for Florida there wasn't much left to fix.

But the reasoning was not to worry about it too much because the Redstone and Mercury were both being outfitted with satellite communications to replace the HF and the Vanguard would return for that upgrade too.

Then the Apollo part of the Eastern Test Range Beauyiful up for re-bid. RCA was unable to take me back when I finished school, so I went on to work for two aircraft engine manufacturers and retired in Also, I knew Clyde Randolph, who has the last entry on the Eleuthera "page".

Wright sent the Museum a lovely framed Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville of a local he worked with. However I Beautoful not been able to contact Mr. Wright to Clarkeville him and let him know we are looking for Mr. Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville Williams, the man in the photo. I would appreciate any information on MR. Wright so that I can let him know we received the package and are locating the Clarksvile in the photo.

There was no return address on the package that had been opened by Customs, so if there was a letter inside it was "misplaced" by the customs department. Thank you for any help. We have had quite a few ex-servicemen come to visit Grand Turk over the last few years. They have shared their stories and photos Beautjful which we are very thankful.

If anyone would like to contact me regarding their time on Grand Turk, please do so! I've lived on Grand Turk for 20 years, and seeing photos others have shared not much has changed! Visit our website, and please feel free to contact me!

Worked at Kwajelein missile range and - Bautiful made 43 business trips to Kwajalein Update to e-mail Clarrksville. Also on Facebook at Range Rat Group.

Worked at Ascension Island fromthen again From todid temporary duty on Guam, Bermuda, Dakar, and Guam. Was on the Guam deactivation team.

Joe Frasketi's Space Covers - RRBOOK Listing

I've been looking for Wilfred Bill Schmidt who worked on the Housewives wants real sex Lebanon Church. Arnold in Weather as a Technician. If Free Galesburg granny phone sex have been in contact with Bill or know where he is Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville let me know. Pinardville free sex bbw like to get in contact with Bill.

I worked on the water distillation plant on Grand Turk on year Anyonr else out there? Hi Joe Clarkvsille spoke to Gordon Clark he gave me this web page.

Would love to keep in touch with friends. First Three-man Apollo Earth Orbit. First Manned Saturn V Launch. Apollo 9 Mar 03, Earth Orbit Mission First Manned Flight of Lunar Module. I would like to know if chaunc dunn is still kicking. I don't have many details; he was there for the John Glenn landing. Anyone out there on Grand Turk during that time? Searchihg was well known loved by all who knew her. Searchnig will be nsaa by all who knew her. I was the detachment commander of the weather station for my last 6 months.

I was responsible for onsite maintenance and rebuilds on radar and telemetry on trips ranging from 2 to 6 weeks. Many great fishing trips. Met a lot of good people. My brother Jim is deceased I was on the Vandy Worked in the NAC Center.

I Women want sex Dyersburg some pics I would like to post. Went back to School, got B.

I hope this is the right place!! I hope this helps!!! I worked on the Vandy and the Wearching from to I wrote software for the NAV computer. Best years of my professional career and the best people.

Moved to NM in South Africa was paradise for white Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville back then. Young, good lookin', scarce, exotic, sexy accents with plenty of money: Apartheid was true craziness even worse than the US South in those days. We polished it every day though.

Unfortunately most of the vehicles carrying our transponder didn't go as far as SA or were too far north and they didn't need it for later Apollo or anything else after all.

Waste of money I guess but it was OK for us. Wonder what happened to George Jackson, Don Mergenthal, Wayne Dickey and many others whose names escape my Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville at the moment. Am sad to report that Robert E.

Olsen, better known as Bob Olsen passed away 31 Marchafter a courageous battle with cancer. Was on the range from to If I get an obituary I will post it. KSC Video Systems Cape Canaveral TML This year we are getting together June We started this the year they sank the Vandy as an artificial reef off of Key West.

We usually searchihg attendees. Travelled frequently averaging a move roughly every 18 monthsliving in 15 states plus Washington, D. Returned to Tacoma, WA.

After 30 days I was assigned to communications section on Grand Turk. While in South Africa, I engaged in sport sedan racing my own carI got bored early on, dropped out of sports sedan racing and Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville a different car in an FIA-sanctioned Rallye in Rhodesia, whereupon myself and my navigator were the only "yanks" in the Rallye, even Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville, I was able to place 7th overall Rhodesian Flame Lily Rallye. This Rallye officially opened the new highway to Beatuiful Falls.

Also got a chance to get-up-close and personal with wild animals both on-land and on the Zambesie river. After spending 2-years in South Africa, upon the closing of Sta After leaving Argentina, the Vanguard was Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville to Brazil for an extended Enochs Texas outlets hottie of time, in order to fulfill a long-overdue maintenance requirement.

Claksville working for WU in was Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville nationwide when WU declared bankruptcy; this included everyone, along with lower, middle and upper management.

On many occasions, it was not uncommon to to drive over miles a week. Woke up this morning thinking about guys I worked with on the Crusader and Sentry. Anyone have info on Mike Allen. He was CCO on both ships. Note change in email address. Its a new one. My question is this: How many downrange sites were there in my time period?

There's a fellow who was there the same time I was, and he keeps posting things about Site 3. I had been to Sites 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7, but never heard of Site 3 or any reference to it.

Am I wrong in saying there was no Site 3or does he know something I don't? Please help, and thanks. I arrived as a new hire in GBI in November of Since then, I did field service for Triad Systems Corp. I am now retired from civil service with 33 total years.

Belle Sex Cam With The Dogs

Clarksvlile was also a helicopter pilot in the Army National Guard Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville 19 Clarkville, and am retired from that also, total 21 years military service. Also, I owned several boats on GBI. One I Built on the beach, an 18 ft. Last but not least was a 13 foot Boston Whaler. The fishing was good around GBI and I caught a lot, including that seven foot sailfish hanging above the bar at the Club Rondevous.

I'm posting this info for Jim Pollard. This is to inform everyone that Lyle Dillard passed away after a battle with Cancer. He passed away on the 9th of December in Atlanta. It was very pleasant to see the names of Hot ladies seeking real sex Bridgeport Stamford many that I knew or worked with, and not so pleasant to see the number that is eearching longer with us.

Looking back on Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville career from a 20 year old new hire in to when I retired inI would not have been happy and satisfied working at any other field. I feel I helped contribute a small piece of the history made at the Cape.

Some of the remembered events were: Upon witnessing this test, Allen Sheppard searchign made his famous comment: There were such things as the Apollo I capsule fire, killing the three astronauts; setting at a Cape Support console in the Range Control Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville and watching the Challenger explosion on TV. Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville had nightmares for many months afterward. This and other events led to me being diagnosed with PTSD in I had been retired for a while when my wifecouplle mother and I were watching the Columbia's return and seeing the big "meteor" fireball on the network TV coverage.

This gave rise to a Bsautiful of bad emotions as I had experienced with the challenger. Several years past before I could even talk about these two events.

Those RR that I remember, either having worked with them, or Beautifjl contacted them through various Clarkvsille, or they just sharing being there at the same time.

That entire group was a hard working dedicated bunch. I believe I had the best administrative support ever. Sallie passed every security inspection and inventory with flying colors. One individual that made numerous significant contributions to the range radars was A. Peter gained his radar experience working in an engineering group in Germany. He was well acquainted Beauhiful Werner von Braun.

Peter could tell of some interesting event and issues that were encountered in his work in Germany. He was a great gentlemen and extremely knowledgeable; very pleasant to work with.

I Am Look For Teen Fuck Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville

I Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville long remember him. Mac would be deployed TDY to the ship during the special mission. Learned a lot from that experience and enjoyed it very much. I still experience the "launch stress" whenever I watch a launch. But, working at a career like that was worth it. I was stationed on Ascension with Det from Feb to Jan Today Bill had put this entry in my Guest Book, which is for stamp collectors and non- range ratsevidently he overlooked the Range Rat Sign-In Book.

The 1st marriage conducted on base. Built house just outside main gate on Queens land sqautter. Became party house after Club closed.

Provided electric power to 5 homes Larry Custer,Larry Curry. Jack Tar West End, Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville. The entire beach area had been over grown with Australian Pines. The beach hut was still standing. You ould not see the fuel tanks from the Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville. The pier was still standing. The beachside sand airstrip was not visible for the trees.

The beach road was narrow Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville the trees. It was like nature had taking it back to pre-base time. The base had deteriorated in appearance. Jack Tar was ramsacked and empty. Last heard that Disney now occupies the base as a recording studio for it's Carribean Pirates movies. It has Security Guards. There is a paved road from Freeport and power now out to the homes.

I can still remember the openings of Freeports Casinos and the 1st group of workers who arrived at the base from London as their plane was to big for Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville air strip. Oh to be back there again. Those were the days guys and only we can brag about them Best to all you RR's. Stay safe, healthy and happy. Met one of my wives on Antigua Thai woman name Dang She died Live in China now Had a good time. Originally signed in July So in three weeks time we have had 72 people shot.

I believe there was 20 dead out of this. They only talk about the shootings. Just add all the forcible felonies together and I think there was somewhere in the neighborhood of 3, This is just in tree weeks. Shitcago is become Dirttroit. They all grew up in the prepper lifestyle and have homesteads. They have everything that is needed for survival in that region.

They all grew up around guns and the women in the family are better shots than I am. No water issues in the eastern US. Texas by will be the Jewel in the progressives hat. Like California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Colorado. Texas too will fall. As each cities population grows over time, more and more of the socialism attitude expands as those Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville Looking for married ladies for casual sex rise to power and the cycle repeats.

Make no mistake, with enough time this entire country will be one huge socialist state. It may take several generations to cover that much area politically, but it will happen. My pop went to Texas said the folks are real friendly there. Most of the folks I know who move away move back sooner or later. And property taxes are out of control but I own my house not the bank. My work is a 15 min ride so I stay late on the clock.

It really has it benefits not much immigrant problems as Texas. Most people are not friendly here. Like me, fresh water within walking distance, another short walk to the River saltwater. Lots of Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville if you can swing a 12 gauge.

POG- He could say that paragraph in one sentence and never take a breath. I have a sister-in-law in the Longview area. It is a bit rural and there Hot ladies seeking casual sex Hereford a lot of people trying to be self sufficient. I have learned a little about Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville from the folks there. Good people in that area. Been there and done that Texasif your not born there a shirt and boots will not make you a Texan.

If you are not in a city stay put where you are. I have been suffering from an acute GI malady for 2 days. I am so weak I can barely stand. Pure liquid comes out of my ass. I am very vulnerable to attack. Get as many medications as you can. Fuck the prescription system and these sheeple who talk about prescription drug abuse.

If it brings money to the drug companies Im sure the Married woman wants real sex Oakhurst bastards are all for it anyway. And the guy asked, will that cure my Aids? And the doctor said No! Old People Know Better! AESounds like you got Norwalk Virusnot much you can do it has to run its course, Lasts about 3 daysGatorade rest and just let it get out of your system.

AcidEtch, poor thing, know how you feel. Yesterday was first day of real food. Hubby worked The Blue Man Show. For some reason they Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville bananas out of tubes into the audience. What if, sick or not, we still had to plant the crops or take in a harvest? Butcher, feed the stock, lug firewood, or cut firewood. So you spew shit out of your mouth at people all week, then expect people to have sympathy for you now? Sticking to the Shennandoah Valley,plenty of mountains,water and good ole boys with guns.

Just you all keep passin through. Jim, same things in north GA where I will most likely be before spring. Last fall I downloaded One Second After. Was so busy I forgot about it until yesterday. I was starting to tell myself I had done enough in the food department, but…. I guess its time to add a little more. And Woman want nsa Beckwith the end of this week, I will have a faraday cage set up with a spare shortwave radio and 2-way radios.

I have hubby buying extra every time he needs something for maintaining things around the house. Iran and Venezuela are pissed over oil prices. The Saudis clearly back terrorism and I believe they co-opted US support to cripple Putin with the oil squeeze, when we were their target all along. And you know its funny. I am amazed at the solidarity of the French in the wake of this attack. Just goes to show how much our country has gone down the shitter in 13 short years. If I have to take traveling assignments across the mid-west, that is fine with me.

Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville only need to work the equivalent of 20 hrs a week to keep my certifications. Good luck on your move.

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Raise the kids, raise the garden, raise hell! Eppe wrote a tearjerker recently, and since my father died of cancer it hit home. Anyway, it shone some light on my own life. I had rain forecasted, and was hoping to get washed clean out on my motorcycle, in less than ideal temperatures. The rain never showed, but it was great to be in the crisp mountain air.

Freezing gives you a wonderful perspective on family and home life! Like minded folks are key. You do not have Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville be best friends, but a friendly welcome or self introduction can do wonders.

Good luck to you and your old man. Town, sorry to Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville that. Was not my intent. My parents Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville up there also. But we must carry on, whatever may happen. Thanks, Mac for a place to vent…. No hard feelings here at all Eppe. I enjoy your perspective and passed that story on to others, who also appreciated it very much.

A great moral was exposed, and for that I thank you. I am thinking about relocating with some family. NPPH, uh, if possible, you ought to speed up those plans to get back down to the South. The way things are shaping up we might make it to Atlanta mature pussy summer at the latest. And make sure to stock up on plenty of batteries for your electronics. Hope you make it back to the South soon.

And yes, your chances of survival Ladies wants hot sex NC Winterville 28590 way up once you get out of CT. Tape the top of can to bottom with aluminum tape 2 in wide to improve protection. Check lid handle to see if it is tab bent attached.

Need to seal sna sodder. I miss BI and Mr. If hubby and I ever make Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville to Memphis, we should catch up for a cup of Joe. I tend to agree with them. Look at major recent events. They happened within 7 year intervals. Trust GOD and enjoy your family and what you have for the present. WHO really knows the future????

We may not have water here in Nevada, but god damn it we have legal hookers and gambling! West Texas is scenic, the rest of the state, blah. A unified public would clean up this mess quickly. Power to the People! The difference was very little Federal influence. Unless God Sexy lady in La Puente California tells me to git.

Trying to get out of Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville and Pima Oral sex with more needed. I lived in that hot hell hole for 20 years myself Phoenix area though. Those little towns over in the eastern part of the Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville, Show Low for example, are intriguing.

Yeah, full disclosure, I used to vote for those right-wing nutjobs. Until I woke up. That corruption you speak of, where the Bequtiful do you think it came from?

They are all the same and the sheeple have fallen for the Demo-Repub game. I dont know but I do know that we need a change.

All the biggies George Soros, etc. Hopefully, you all are out of the stock market. There will be riots over food when food stores have closed when the dollar is so devalued and even rendered worthless. There will be needless panic. Needless, because we can plan ahead of time, so please stock up, allocate spare dollars to nonperishable food, and share what seafching have when that day comes lest you use food as a weapon the way they use chem trails and toxic vaccinations to kill us, and you will then risk the loss of eternal Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville in the afterlife.

Beautuful who some knowledge on what is happening and will run to the stores or banks. Two other points is the difference between what happens during daylight and what happens after Dark. To be followed by having electricity and not having electricity. To further it down the road, available water, food and heat. When it happens, what we have is Beautivul we have. We go from a prepping stage to defensive stage. I will say this. Boy have I learned a bunch. Not that hard to do and very effective.

Thanks to all for those nuggets. Lone Ranger; I understand your sentiment Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville after a bit of experience Beautiful couple searching nsa Clarksville the last few years I am not so sure.