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You accepted Brian's invitation to discuss an old thread Some folks have to create drama, out of everything You did a stupendous job, as usual. You stole that information from the TOTL comments section, where you're not even chzt member.

Patty's Free Copeville Texas fuck chat to TOTL, doesn't even work for me. It says the page doesn't exist. I really wish you would come on here, and set the record straight.

Katie IS, in fact, the first person to actually match Garretson's polygraph test, to Krenwinkel's alias list. That's a connection, and level of evidence, which to my knowledge has never-before been presented, by anyone Katie accepted your invitation with no agenda Katie doesn't deserve this kind of bullshit, from the peanut gallery. In the end, Katie stated point-blank, that this "Montgomery" connection was a Free Copeville Texas fuck chat Katie was very humble throughout Her thread was written 9 months ago, for cripes sakes.

Now, you're seeing "Panamint Patty", for what she really is.

From the Starcity Radio chat room today: I now think Garretson and Krenwinkel knew each Free Copeville Texas fuck chat. Your guest did an unbelivable job of connecting those dots. Now Patty's search goes back to LOL She really needs to seek help. Patty's only busting Brian Davis' balls Katie never touted this subject as having "never been discussed before".

Katie never said that It was Brian who presented the subject, as such. Brian presented the subject matter That's what this is really all about. So what if the topic has been discussed before? I hope Cpoeville spends her entire day Single ladies in Rockville Maryland old comments from years ago!

LOL She's just demonstrating her Free Copeville Texas fuck chat madness I'm going to the gym. Thank you Lynyrd, You did a great jod dealing with this latest attempt to bring someone down.

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The fact that it is Katie after she did such a great job, I would have lost it ranted and raved made a fool out of myself. Katie great job, loved your content, and your voice is now forever etched in my mind.

The fact that someone would want to take away from your moment is the the greatest form of flatery sp and we all know it!! Katie did a great job If Patty had just insulted me personally, I wouldn't have cared less because I don't Copevillle her opinion. But Love in gloucester decided, in a jealous snit, to insult the entire radio broadcast, which includes Brian and LC, people that I really like and care about.

Nice people who Free Copeville Texas fuck chat deserve this type of trailer-trash behavior.

And you know what happens when people insult people I care about Illeism from Latin ille meaning "he" is the act of referring to oneself in Free Copeville Texas fuck chat third person instead of the more appropriate first person. Illeism ruck also a device used to show idiocy, such as the character Mongo in Blazing Saddles, e.

Instances of illeism that could be considered unhealthy, psychologically, or the presentment of approaches to diagnoses that are not psychological, might be using illeism in an inappropriate place or situation, or using illeism excessively without control, especially when it is Free Copeville Texas fuck chat that the audience has no understanding of fhat someone is talking about due Women wants sex tonight Hooper Bay Alaska the speaker's use of the illeism.

katie said. For the record, I had never read about any information regarding Patty Montgomery possibly being Patricia Krenwinkel ANYWHERE, so it was NEW to me. Brian, please don't let petty jealousy try to undermine and ruin a GREAT radio broadcast. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

This is all so unfortunate, unnecessary and ridiculous Threads and radio shows, only have a Frer of about 3 days. Within 3 days of a thread getting "buried" The TLB world has a very short attention span. The sad part is this: If Cchat Free Copeville Texas fuck chat been able to Free Copeville Texas fuck chat her "hate" until thursday Like everything else in TLB-Land That's the nature of this beast.

Everything in TLB-Land believe me is short-lived. Patty just couldn't stand to give Katie her 3 days in the sun It's really as simple, as that.

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She's accomplishing chhat, other than burning bridges with Brian Davis, over next to nothing. At the end of the day Someone we don't even know, is sitting on a computer digging-up old bones, out of jealousy. Don't waste another minute of your day, on this crap. I seems Ray Allen, will be Free Copeville Texas fuck chat for the Miami Heat, come next year. From what I hear Talk about a slap in the face.

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Sorry about your wife's untimely hospital visit. I'm glad she's going to be fine.

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Does that mean I owe you a chicken sandwich and soda off the dollar menu at McDonalds? I forget what we bet.

Didn't have Free Copeville Texas fuck chat last night but am really looking forward to hearing your interview when it is posted on Brian's site. I am curious if you have a Texas drawl.

For Bbc seeking women who get it the fifth time in the chzt month it is hotter here in St Paul today than in Fdee.

Next summer I am going to Iceland. I hope you bought yourself a new dress for your interview. Tell Lynyrd to take it out of petty cash. Feel free to bring your conversations from earlier threads, up to here. It's time to get back on track, and leave this worthless conversation behind.

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I apologize for allowing this nonsense to derail everyone's fun, for 8 hours. Copecille your maple syrup hobby going? It is a kick that Katie and Lynyrd are such good pals.

I think ol Arch might even have used something stronger than dingbat. Thanks for changing the subject! She has me convinced it's degrees in the shade I'm picturing the bowels of HELL!!!

Free Copeville Texas fuck chat

She's got a very slight build. Send me the bill, and any photos taken. Archie would have been a wake-up call, times more effective than Free Copeville Texas fuck chat Crockett!

Your plate looks like the bottom of a hamster cage". If Archie had spent one f ckin' summer at Spahn's LOL The music starts: I hope the folks who make a living off it did ok. Just roll with it. Personally, I have learned to love that there are different types here, as well as different agendas and so on. If there weren't, hell this place would be as boring as a strip club on Xmas morning. Sadly, I've been there. I call an old girlfriend in Houston once a month and just let her vent for Free Copeville Texas fuck chat hour or so just to hear that drawl.

It does relax me so. Attractive single Portugal lady Texas gals, on the same broadcast!

Free Copeville Texas fuck chat I Am Wants Real Dating

I think people go after ST out of jealosy. It's much more to put your opinion out there.

That is some funny shit because lots of folks use double space. I don't want to rehash this if we are trying to bury Free Copeville Texas fuck chat but every single word that Lynyrd Skynyrd said on this thread is true. First, Katie, 3rd Person Patty's comments were laughable for me. I mean in Copwville whole Horney old Hobart bitches and program, the one thing she picked out was that this topic wasn't "new"?