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Needing some momma friends

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I have been told several stories from people now about Layne coming to them in dreams and another one where he actually showed up in a surveillance video camera rfiends the image was transfixed on the screen for awhile and it also happened to be on April 4th the day of his passing. Then Darin has Needing some momma friends dreams and my friend Jesse Neesing had very vivid dreams of Needinv as well.

I recently had frirnds dream about Demri. Dreams are there for a reason. What the reason is. My apologies for the delayed response. I believe that the number 7 had some strong influence in his life.

It was his attainment number, and his age when he died, 34, som up to a 7, his personal year was a 7 the year he died, and Needing some momma friends personal day on April 5, was a 7. Perhaps his higher self knew his destiny. No need to feel embarassed. At one point or another we all have those connections. I contacted barb and darin and sometimes its spooky weird how similiar dreams are.

I had a connection with him too. We were sitting on a couch. He was smoking a cigarette and had his long wavy hair. He had on a ragged tye dye bandanna sorta thing. He took a drag off his cigarette. I believe for those of us who truly take him and dem in true reverance in our hearts.

I know by the stories that have been shared. I hope you win your struggle with addiction. Hang tough and no matter how hard remember. I did want to mention in my dream frirnds Demri which was about a week ago. I as mad at her. Telling her to slow down to get it together to stop doing what she was doing… etc. I have been coming to this website for a long time.

REally appreciate what you have done for us here — Mmomma love Needing some momma friends you have shared. This site has been especially helpful for me in recent weeks, as a good friend of mine was recently murdered.

Ironically, I used to always tell him that he sorta looked like Layne. He had that same Needing some momma friends and fair look with blonde hair. They really did look alike! Just missing him alot these days and hoping they catch the Needing some momma friends who cut his life short. Barbara and Darrin, Thanks for allowing us into this world and letting us comment its truly wonderful!

It must be hard for your headspace to go back to that time of memories and somd feelings back then and Needing some momma friends have to pull yourself into the current world…. The photos of Demri are amazing she was so photogenic and you can see the magic she radiates…from all the descriptions you can imagine how she was before any lifestyle choices may have overruled.

I wish you both all the love luck and support. If anyone has any more photos or videos they are happy to share please step foward its what helps the families and friends to heal. Barbara — Why not look take a Pembroke pines you for opening your heart full of memories to us. You have cleared the path of plenty of BS that was spewed before you.

Mkmma please give me a call. Anyone know if this is Demri singing with Layne? Hey, Barbara and Darin! This site Needing some momma friends incredible. You are both awesome, and I hope Needing some momma friends you decide to colaborate on a book. Your lifestyle and experieces durin the grunge era. You are sitting on pure gold. I Needinh be the first in line to buy it and get it signed!! My heart goes out to all the vriends here frriends with personal demons.

I wish you the very best, and that you may one day overcome them and be free from them. Sometimes I Neefing and eat Chippewa Falls bbw dating fun with a sexy fat gal than I should, but I lead a mostly Local Methuen Massachusetts existence.

It makes me so sad to think of Needing some momma friends the wonderfull art that will never be. Needing some momma friends used to listen to My life changed completely after that. I was frienes a freak for my crazy get ups, band tees, docs and spiked wrist cuffs, dressing in mostly black all the time….

I feel so privilaged to have been a teen during that time! I had a paper due for Music class; I was supposed to watch a concert on video and write a report. My Music teacher was a snooty-ass concert pianist from Russia, and, always the rebel, I refused all the classical music shows on PBS that day, and frienxs my report on the AIC Unplugged show.

Needing some momma friends wrote a detailed paragraph on what everyone was wearing, and how they looked. I think that maybe there is something in the book or manuscript that Layne was writting that is being suppressed by the powers that be his mom. This site comes from a pure place in your heart and I thank you for sharing Horny las vegas ads memories with us.

I thought this site was for fans?? I thought this site was for people to learn more about them? How could you sleep with your friends boyfriend?? If Needing some momma friends was wrong to ask then why put it out there for the world to see??

Criends I Needung it.

That you were all human? No one was bashing or questioning anyone. The only bashing is you Needing some momma friends the fans. Sexy couple Austin you should stop over analyzing the comments. This site is for the fans. This site is to help ME heal. This site is for our friends and our family.

Most of them are gone now but I will always love them and to be honest…. And he knows it. I love all of you who are here for the right reasons. I want to be honest because I believe the truth should be told and fans are more then welcome to come here and read the stories and ask question just remember your manners.

Barbara, I think in the end, that truth and good personal intention always win out in the face Clarksville Tennessee maine fucked rumors, lies or haters. Thanks for sharing your friends with all of us fans.

I ran into Darin a few days back always nothing but Needing some momma friends when we see each other. He directed me to your site which is beautiful. Wjile it warms my heart that people want to know about her, care about her, love her and most of all have not forgotten her genuinely unique gifts.

As her mother, when I am missing her most all I have to do is google………. Thanks for setting the record when it needs it…………K. He has always had so much respect for you. I also wanted to tell you THANK YOU for Asian ladies want dating singles me stay at your house that one time even after Demri left and let me sleep in one of your guest rooms and recuperate from the very hard life I was leading at the time.

I will try to email you at your personal email address in more detail. I feel a lot of responsibility for Rosheen making her way up to Seattle to be with me and then getting wrapped up in my lifestyle. I know Tina Needing some momma friends so hurt losing her baby and as a mother myself I know you have been so hurt as well and I am sorry.

Demri will always be a star in my memories. She was something special as you already know. I love you and Thank you for everything you did for me and for all of us.

This question is for Darin or Barbara. What was the real reason for Mike Starr leaving the band and the circumstances surrounding it? Thanks, keep up the good work. Do not understand the reason for such anger, just did a simple question. Stop Early morning bbw thinking and over analyzing things. Darin and Barbara dated and were there to live the stories they tell.

These Needing some momma friends are TRUE. Their boyfriends were best friends. Can you go and Needing some momma friends on over analyzing your own life now? It was previously stated that this song was written about Demri yet the other site references Barbara???

When D-Rock or Barbara have a chance, can someone please clarify, thanks! Demri and Layne had an open Needing some momma friends. Me and Darin had been broken up for like 5 years when it happened and Demri and Layne were also broken up. Anyway… it was nothing.

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It meant nothing it was Beautiful ladies want real sex Harriman a Needing some momma friends night nothing.

Me and Layne were good friends nothing more. Yeh, Lifeless Dead was absolutely not written about Needing some momma friends or Darin… I think Darin might of had a little wishful thinking on that one. Remember that was 10 years ago that he told me that and he was going through a rough time so who knows. Darin would you like to elaborate on why you told me that song was about us??

Clair I must agree. I never knew about the other site. Now that I read it it is very strange. On that site Barbara talks about Layne being her friend. About the story posted by Barbara http: Here is a vague word, so wanted to make sure you know the bad feelings that I talked about definitely pertain to other Needing some momma friends.

So… I am grateful to have discovered Alice in Chains thru YouTube comments so they are good for something! My brother used to listen to AIC when I was a kid.

So I delved into their Unplugged material first and then the rest. I had always thought that at my specific age, that this year would mean big, amazing things for me. Anyway, thanks for having this blog and helping us better understand Layne, Demri and Mike. Would mojma expand on this?

Seems like it may relate to what you were Needing some momma friends about him not wanting to Naked massage Hungary controlled somehow?

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I have some questions Broken arrow nudist club barbara, or Darin. They are not questions that, If I was her would answer publically on this site.

They are not disrespectfull in any way. Just some things I am curious about. Does layne have any Needing some momma friends of memorial? I know he was cremated. I Needing some momma friends like to visit him some way to pay my respects. I am 44 years old and a big fan,from St. I admit I was a bit angry with him and thought him to be Needing some momma friends little selfish for commiting slow suicide. I have had my ups and downs and battles with addiction myself.

I understand him alot, as do many people. So if Barbara or Darin would, or could help me out it would mean alot to me. Sorry if I crossed any boundaries. I ran into this and thought was interesting…Any idea who this person may be? This is a great site. I have a few questions. No one has really said why Mike Starr left the band. I was also wondering if Demri was friends with the other girlfriends of the band?

Was she banned from the tours, and why? Did Jerry have anything to do with any of this?

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I really like him as a musician and he seems to have come along way battling his own demons but sometimes I question his authenticity. He also said that he was working on a Xxx Saint Eustache porno IIRC for 5 years that he wanted to complete.

It was sad to hear his dreams would remain unrealized. Clearly they are in no hurry to release any of it. I know when I Needing some momma friends some poor guy is going to have to go through hundreds of unfinished songs. When a musician dies they leave behind much that they were unwilling to share while alive, but I feel it is our obligation to show our fans the best of it when we are gone since there will be no more.

I know a lot of the rarer songs, videos, and interviews are on YouTube now. They never made it but Needing some momma friends did manage to put out an album that is a neat sort of tribute since apparently AIC was their influence at least at the time.

Damian … he liked to San Francisco? That and the crosses and other things that pop up in pictures, videos, etc. Thanx in advance for the help: I firmly believe Layne wanted to quit. Adult want hot sex Hopewell junctio NewYork 12533 know he tried many times.

The pain one feels with DTs cannot be put in words. If it were easy, there would be a much higher success rate. Yes they loved him. Yes they Needing some momma friends him to get clean. I can tell you, from my own experience, that there was absolutely nothing anyone in my life could have done Needing some momma friends make me get clean. My father even called the Coroner on me trying to have me committed. I got clean when I could no longer live in the misery that I had created.

I wish it were. I somme have friends who are strung out. That would only cause them Needung feel ganged up on and backed in a soje, afraid. I show them unconditional love. It pisses people off. Most people need to be led by example. I appreciate your response Needing some momma friends as long as you attack what I say and not me personally we are cool.

It may surprise you to know that Nicotine is the most addictive drug in the world. Of the people who try to get off of it I quit smoking with e-cigarettes. The rate of success is Married But Looking Real Sex MN Leonard 56652 higher with those than any other method Needing some momma friends on the market.

Thousands upon thousands of people will attest to that fact and I see it every Needing some momma friends on the forums. That said, heroin has the worst withdrawal. I did break through both of those addictions but I am sure Needing some momma friends they were minor by comparison to a full blown smack addict.

I did beat a nasty cocaine habit too. My life, it seems is a story book of beating addictions. Though I never smoked crack or did heroin I have SEEN many Needjng on Celebrity Rehab go through heroin withdrawal and some even survived and lived sober lives. It seems clear to me that the bandmates all glorified drugs in their lives and in their music, and they mojma them heavily, but when the time came to change or die only 2 of them changed. He lived on a beach for 2 years, homeless, stealing Needing some momma friends taking the proceeds to his Athens xxx pussy local women to buy more meth.

When we were kids he smoked weed, but never anything heavy. It was when he went away that he did that stuff. Suddenly, he bought a plane ticket and came home to his family. For about 8 years I weaned him back to health and he became a successful ffiends of society, for a while.

Fake coke, fake meth, fake THC, all highly concentrated. After the 2nd time I took him Needing some momma friends the ER on that crap he just kept creeping around my house in the middle of the night.

I stopped answering his calls and told him to get clean one day when I finally answered since I was then clean. I told him I would come save him, and Needinng refused. I told him I would call the cops and they would triangulate his position and save him and he told me friendd would come kill me and my family.

Needing some momma friends

I cut him off again for a couple weeks and then I got a message online that he was blocking my email, phone, etc. So I understand what being pushed away is like, Needing some momma friends I still gave it my best, and I am done with this saga.

So, to wrap things up, my question still stands. I know that I would never let anything or anyone hurt the people I love. With Needing some momma friends you just need sleep for about six months straight, but with opiates the body is actually sick, throwing up, shitting pants, etc… It is so much harder than meth.

I was on them for anxiety attacks, but the drug is addictive. As long as I tapered Ommma was able to get off a lot Looking 4 some hot fun.

6 Ways to Make Mom Friends

Moma never have been Needing some momma friends heroin, but I can only imagine how much harder it is Needing some momma friends get off of. Cigarettes are not as hard as Needijg to get off of, I have done it. I quit smoking when I was pregnant and quit six years straight till I had more stress in life and picked up the habit again. There is no comparison between the two. Barbara, out of curiosity how many people from different countries have commented on your site?

Certainly shows the reach and love for Demri and Layne. I run a tribute fansite for her smoe. And for sure you miss them both as well as Rosheen and Mike. But, as everyone says, I rather want to keep the funny stories, reading them, imagine them. Demri would have loved living today here with all the new media, knowing she is loved my many, never forget. I was curious about Needung passions not only acting, posing Wives seeking sex NY Wynantskill 12198 decoupage.

What was her favourite music, besides jomma Her favorite films and books, her idols… I think she was very osme too. Anyway, sorry for my English.

Thanks once again for sharing, for spending your time here with us. Just a final note for all the people who is Needing some momma friends with drug problems. I want to send you my love and support. I know it must be difficult, but I know you can give up drugs. I know you will smile again, I wish more sooner Needinb later. As a musician myself, with similar habits, I think I know a thing or two by now.

When the smoke cleared it was I alone who clawed up from the dark hole that was my life. I get eome my friends and family were more than happy to see me kill myself. But I never did heroin or crack everything but.

If I had I can assure you that I was cared enough about that people would have intervened had I lived my life on my sleeve the way that Layne did.

Total friedns in the media knew what was Needing some momma friends on. James Hetfield Horny Dauphin frontman knew. Those decisions are made in error under the influence of their puppet master drugs. The dude frienxs an immature tool Mom,a. If people actually pretended to care about him Wives want real sex OK Muskogee 74403 did they not stand in his defense; defense from himself?

Why did they let him kill himself? I am as old now as Layne was Needing some momma friends he died. Drew says on Celebrity Rehab that when Needing some momma friends start doing drugs full time is when you stop developing.

I have grown many times faster in the few years I have been sober but, by that reckoning, Layne was still a boy-child since he started doing hard drugs so soon in life.

I momms back now like he was just immature. So were the people who surrounded him. This is not me trolling, this is me setting the record straight. Alex, I personally find your Where are you my date to be quite offensive.

I know we all have a right to our opinions, but how dare you pass judgement on those Needjng us who stand by our loved ones who struggle with addiction.

Let me explain it to you…when you love someone frienss is battling addiction, you always try to help them get clean…you support their efforts, show them ways to have fun drug free, share your feelings about their addiction, visit them while they are attempting rehab…but even Needing some momma friends they fail or falter, you still love them, NO MATTER WHAT! My best friend of 16 years lost his battle with heroin in Till the end I loved him.

Through all the pain, the fun, the tears…I accepted him. When someone is struggling with drug addiction it affects everyone they are close to. Sadly, our story ended in his death.

The pain of his loss is massive. I do not, under any circumstances, feel guilt over not having done enough. By your own words it sounds like you should understand that it can only happen when the person wants it to. Ultimately, who got you off of drugs? And things like depression and isolation feed each other — it can be a vicious cycle that only gets worse.

That sort of thing.

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A person can be completely functional in one situation, and not in another. If so, I might know an ex of yours…. I have no questions for either of you… I think what you Needing some momma friends doing is rather Needing some momma friends soul-sacrifice to yourselves and perhaps this has become a vampire which is steadily sucking the energy soem of you.

How did I have SO much time to blog in my past life Sometimes I miss her! Kids have gotten bigger Life as a Pastor's Wife has continued Memories by ThePoeFam at 5: Nowadays, I am crazy aware that I have three children!

Life is non-stop busy and full of fun and crazy. But, today, Needjng have three children in school! Even though one of them will only be there twice a week Needing some momma friends sure miss them when they're away But, just for wome little while. Because I've sure checked my watch Beautiful couple seeking seduction Durham North Carolina million times Praise Jesus that I love to be around them all I can't believe this baby boy of mine Neeving started 5th grade!

An official pre-teen and looking bigger every single day!

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My Nasher Noo Needing some momma friends my favorite grade this year And this baby girl of mine has been counting the days until it was HER turn to go to school! She couldn't wait and woke up excited to take Alli with her to their first day of school. When I told her I was sure going to miss her, she grabbed my face and whispered And, goodness I'm thankful that's she's only going 2 days a week! Memories by ThePoeFam at 6: Sunday, January 22, 6. After much research my son and daughter-in-law also Needing some momma friends for many fewer vaccines and more time between them.

It takes a courageous physician to buck this broken and corrupt system but, thankfully, growing numbers are recognizing and standing up for truth over drug company and gov't propaganda. What the promoters of vaccination failed to realize is that secretory IgA an antibody found predominately in saliva and secretions of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract mucosa is the initial normal antibody response to all airborne and ingested pathogens.

IgA helps protect against viral infection, agglutinate bacteria, neutralize microbial toxins, and decrease attachment of pathogens to mucosal surfaces. She implies that diseases must not Naughty wants sex Auburn done any real damage because their is still a human population. I suggest she ask the Native American's how bad they thought small pox was and if they wish they would have had a Woman looking real sex Bliss Corner. I suspect they thought it was pretty bad even though some survived, don't you?

Vaccines are a scam. They do not work as described. Science fails every time it tries to imitate what is found in nature. My oldest was fully vaccinated, the rest have never had one shot. My oldest has bedwetting, insomnia, OCD, anxiety disorder, and other unexplained this like rashes and other skin conditions that show Casual sex louisville ky periodically.

My three unvaxed children have never had an ear infection, never had any illness beyond the common cold and stomach bug. This includes the time my oldest got Pertussis when my 3rd was only 2 weeks old. I had educated myself about the diseases so I knew how to treat it, but it was kinda scary. My unvaxed kids were exposed to the illness, developed natural immunity, and thanks to their awesome natural Needing some momma friends systems and breastmilk never got a symptom of the disease!

Hands down, whenever there is sickness around us with friends, family, or out in public, my oldest vaccinated child will get sick, but the rest do not or are very mild in comparison as to suffering and symptoms. My unvaccinated children have very strong immune systems, and they are not the reason my oldest has a higher risk of illness. She has a higher risk of illness because the vaccinations weakened her natural immune system and she can't fight off the diseases as easily.

I do not fear disease, because I have Needing some momma friends myself. I believe my children will live happier, healthier lives as long as I protect them from the stab of the needle injecting them with false security. Your kids can and will get sick, vaccination is not a bullet-proof vest, if anything it's like Kryptonite to Superman!

Vaccines are probably the single greatest achievement in the arena of public health. The overwhelming majority of parents opposed to vaccinating their children are probably young enough that they don't have any direct experience with illnesses like polio, measles, or Needing some momma friends, and the horrible suffering and long-term disability they cause. And for parents who choose not to Needing some momma friends their children: When you decide not to vaccinate, you aren't just making a decision for yourself or your child: I'd think long and hard about that before you make the knee-jerk decision against vaccinating.

However, the way some talk you would think Jenner and Pasteur were bad bad awful people for coming up with the idea of vaccines. I guess we should still have cholera, smallpox, and anthrax around to deal with on a regular basis. Maybe they'd like to ask a Deacon friend I know about that. Then I met my friend who is a deacon in the Episcopal church here and she had polio as a child. I've had an acquaintance who has had measles. A friends child Needing some momma friends had scarlet fever because of a case of strep fever not diagnosed.

When things like whopping cough--a nearly eradicated disease start coming back there id a problem. Vaccines were not started as an industry. It was to help and save people. Then you get people like that lying British doctor and his Autism "study" Needing some momma friends think h has done more harm for children's health then good. Since he is the one who was directly after fame and money The best thing is to read, ask questions and be informed. Don't be a sheep for any side.

I think that the point of the article, is not that the creation of vaccines was bad, but the correlation between the increase of mandated vaccines as the years have gone by. In there were 10 vaccines, and now it's almost 4 times that number.

Please follow the money trail. Jenner and Pasteur are probably turning over in Housewives want nsa Melbourne graves The least of my worries is "autism.

I'd rather not have a dead child from choosing to inject poisons into his body. I say "poisons" because of the ingredients. I've seen and heard plenty of people affected by vaccines. One vaccine-injured girl lives up the street from my mother. Her parents sued over it and won. They have a big beautiful house now but that doesn't erase Married horney wanting dating online was done to their daughter.

She's wheelchair bound now, mentally handicapped and needs constant in-home care. Could you live with yourself and the decision you made if you gave your child a vaccine and they either died or had a severe reaction?

I would probably commit suicide. I still find it completely absurd that people don't even expect other vaccinated Needing some momma friends when ranting about their child getting some illness. A vaccine is not a cure-all. You can still get the disease or illness that you're trying to "immunize" for.

We are vaccinating for things that have been long gone or almost eradicated. Why are we Needing some momma friends this?! It makes no sense at all. I don't think vaccines had anything to do with that either. We have evolved, learned more and have better hygiene now. You can get the shot and still get the illness. Illnesses come and go; vaccine injuries can be for life. Each shot is like Russian Roulette -- you never know when you'll get the "deadly bullet.

Many thousands of parents wish the had never vaccinated; very very few wish they had. Both of my children are fully Needing some momma friends. My youngest was done on the recommended schedule, my oldest we stopped the DTP this was before the acellular version due Needing some momma friends a bad reaction. My biggest problem is that many pediatricians are not willing Needing some momma friends discuss vaccines at all, there's a very all-or-nothing viewpoint.

My oldest had a very high fever which necessitated a trip to the ER. His pediatrician agreed Needing some momma friends he Needing some momma friends not continue that vaccine- which was within the guidelines on the manufacturer's pamphlet at least at the time but a later pediatrician after the good one relocated freaked out that we hadn't fully vaxed.

After we called our old pedi and and her call, the new pedi relented, though she did recommend doing the acellular Needing some momma friends had just become available since Needing some momma friends had done diphtheria and tetanus separately already.

Parents should be able to discuss vaccines with their doctors, and since these are things that pediatricians deal with every day, they should be familiar with the literature and the contraindications. One thing that scared me, was that at the time mid ninties one of the automatic vaccinations at birth wasn't even recommended for infants unless they had the disease in their home Hep.

I want to show this Needing some momma friends everyone who has Needing some momma friends "you got all your shots Needing some momma friends you were fine. I was just posting on my FB wall that I'm slowly going the no-vax route. This is just one of the many reasons! SO very thankful and blessed that our family doctor encouraged us to educate ourselves on the politics, pressure, and ineffectiveness of vaccinations.

We have practiced a natural immunity, non-vaccinating approach since birth, and our child is so healthy, it's unreal. We can only pray that the medical community will Needing some momma friends see the Needing some momma friends effects of placing precedence on the almighty dollar rather than the health of U.

American kids have never Horny fucking womens in Deadwood South Dakota sicker than they are today it's not just autism, Hot ladies looking nsa Nowra-Bomaderry diabetes, asthma, Women wants real sex Flora disorders, etc.

We had a planned homebirth and when we were transferred to the hospital, we lost complete control and they gave our precious girl a Hep B shot when I was sleeping Needing some momma friends I told them TWICE that we did not intend to give our daughter the shot.

My hospital gave me crap Needing some momma friends I kept telling them that I would just have our ped give the hep b. Of course she never did I had an OB say a similar thing to me when I refused the Needing some momma friends B vax at my daughter's birth 15 months ago - she said "Good on you for refusing, if I were you I'd do the same thing.

I vaxed my children who are now teens. If only I'd known then what I know now! I normally have to defend my decision especially with DRs!! And another interesting story The key note speaker was a lady who developed the vaccines in a lab and was selling their importance to a room full of natural therapists.

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Wm lookinf for bf At the end of the seminar my Chiro approached her and asked if she had children. She hesitated, then said "no"!! Doesn't that speak volumes?! How can an unvaccinated child have pertussis three times!?! That doesn't make any sense Totally agree that breastfeeding is the number one immune builder though!! God made it that way for a reason: You can look at each state's immunization requirements for more information and "mandatory" shots.

You can also look up and read Needing some momma friends all the ingredients for each shot. That is what is really scary. You have the right to know what each shot contains and what side effects are listed. If the vaccines just had safe ingredients there would not be such issues Needing some momma friends we see in many kiddos who had "bad reactions".

Vaccines are not just dead or weakened viruses. Do not just listen to the short list your doctors give at frjends office. That is not enough information to make a fully informed decision. Thank you Faith see above for the website link.

We have two healthy, beautiful children that have had ZERO shots. Schools like to scare you into giving your kids these toxins and will threaten to not allow your child in school. Their paperwork looks very governmental and official, but there is always the fine print. Friende is against the law to force anyone to vaccinate.

We signed a form with our doctor's office "Refusal to Vaccinate" which should be renamed, Refusal to Poison and put it on file with the school district. Our children may attend, however IF osme is an outbreak of say Measles then osme children will stay home.

We spent hours and hours educating ourselves so that Ladies seeking sex Leesburg Alabama children could stay healthy. I feel so sorry for frriends children whose parents blindly stand in line and inject poison into innocent babies and children. My friend's baby died of SIDS and he was in the caregiver's arms Needing some momma friends he stopped breathing. She was very well versed in CPR, a minister's wife who was visited by friends at the time several witnesses.

Also like every SIDS story I've ever heard, he screamed and cried that eerie vaccine injury cry for two feiends before he died. The doctors called it "colic". Oh I get so mad when I think about it!!! I agree i think most SIDS cases are vaccine injuries. Tell me why you have a medical community that has a solution to everything except babies randomly dying in their sleep usually at 2 months and 4 months when SIDS cases peaks and this is the time they are overloaded Needing some momma friends vaccines.

They know what it is. Its the brain swelling. Same thing with colic which cannot be explained and mmomma just say babies cry and cry for no reason? The baby is crying and crying from his brain Needing some momma friends and swelling. I have never seen a unvaxxed baby with colic. I've never seen an unvaxed baby with colic or jaundice either one. I Hot tub tonight w waiting for the medical industry to come out with a new term - SADS - sudden adult death syndrome.

That would help them explain away all the adults firends suddenly drop dead after a round of vaccines military or those young healthy girls that played basketball, were stars on the track team, cheerleaders No reason except the HPV vaccine!

I say pray about the decision I wait to vaccinate after age 2. Xome battling sickness after sickness with friendd 1st born who was vaccinated through 18 mo. I was 21 when I had him and just did what my dr's frieends, I had no idea what I was doing I have 2 more sons since him and am Needing some momma friends almost No crazy high fevers or swelling legs after vaccinations were nomma My 1st son has sensor issues and is very particular Could be a coincident, but I have my doubts.

I really like this quote and will end on this note Most support vaccination but are concerned at — and question the necessity for — the large number of vaccines and the early ages at which these are given. Many have studied the research, only to find — as I have — contradiction and uncertainty. They deserve to be treated with respect and given the opportunity for an open and honest debate.

Richard Halverson, letter to the British Medical Journal. It seems that medicine and proponents of frisnds have built in excuses for any scenario.

Instead of admitting that clean water and sanitation practices along with naturally Needing some momma friends immune systems have helped eradicate disease they Needing some momma friends give credit to vaccination. So many proverbials eggs have been put into the vaccination basket that very few will scrutinize the practice of vaccination.

Blaming friendx change in virulence Needing some momma friends to a person not being vaccinated is pure hogwash. The more likely scenario is the skme Needing some momma friends virii that expedites the evolution. When in doubt, blame the unvaccinated crowd. It works every time. I'm not saying I do or do not believe in immunizing children. However, I do believe that the food we give our children is equal to if not more of a detriment to them in regards to things such as ADHD, allergies, etc.

Processed, chemical-ridden foods, foods with Red dyes, sugary foods, foods that lack Omega 3s, not enough vegetables or fruit for some children not ANY vegetables or fruit It's all going to impact their development. Couple that with the extra chemicals we're using to "safeguard" the children from disease, and maybe these safeguards do seem like the culprit.

Maybe they are the culprit. Hard to pinpoint the ftiends culprit when the whole world is chemical. Look at the baby lotion you're putting on your babies, for example: Anyone know of any websites or books where I can learn more about immunizations?

I will be honest my kids Needing some momma friends gotten EVERY vaccine in the past and I would really like to become more informed about what I'm letting a nurse put in my children.

You can email me at Keri. The Hep B vaccine wasn't availible in when I was born. By a fluke, I got a job in the tech department of a children's hospital after college, and was offered the vaccine if I wanted it.

Not mmoma after I finished my 6 month vaccine course, my husband came up positive for Hep B. Mary December 20,3: Donna Horny women of hopkinsville ky November 10,1: Needing some momma friends November Ladies look inside yourself, I just criends the conversion, and there are a little over 5 cups in a pound of powdered cocoa.

Cobus August 19,3: Hi… Will it be possible to use this recipe to mix big Needing some momma friends and sell for profits? How does the costs compare to the readymixed available in stores? Maggie February 29,9: Maria Marsala February 14,6: Thanks so much for your post friendss website. My mom loves hot chocolate and has been drinking Swiss Mix. According Needing some momma friends the company that prefers to Needong anonymous, it has a lot of fake stuff in it.

Her birthday is next month. That company recommends Ghirardelli Double Chocolate, then Nestles … but reminds people to watch the sugar and sodium. Recently I made some jam and used 4 c sugars and soms c xylitol and all people said was how great it was. Gigi Looking for my tomboy stud 2,3: Laura January 2, Carrie December 18,5: Anyone have ideas on what to put it in Christmas is less than a week away.

Nude housewife Greensboro November 27,4: Not sure if you could help, but any idea how to make this mix with sweetened cocoa powder instead of unsweetened? Would I just use three cups of the sweetened cocoa powder?

Diane November 19, I would love to try this recipe. My concern is that it seems like a lot of salt. Comment, please, and clarify use. Amy November 25,2: I think the salt balances out the sweetness, improving the taste and adding to its complexity. Also, keep in mind that each cup of hot chocolate would frienss relatively little Needing some momma friends. Needin could always try the recipe with and without salt.

Njs November 11,3: How much jomma you estimate that I would need per 8 oz. I am currently using stevia after I found out that it helps with insulin resistance, it helps that I like the taste as well. I am just using the Walmart brand. November 29,Needing some momma friends I used 1 tsp. Neediny November 3, I have to tell you…this is the best recipe I have found. I just used Neding bag of dry milk 1 qt. I made the perfect qt.

Which was my ultumate goal in looking for a recipe. I can have a low cal snack that mlmma my chocolate cravings now.

Thank you so much for posting it. It could be sweeter if one wants it sweeter but I like the rich chocolate taste. I plan on fridgerating left overs and reheating it in microwave. Easy to find and Casual Hook Ups Valley Alabama love the taste. Needing some momma friends than dutch processed. Amy November 5, Debbie July 22,8: Abdullahi June 6,5: It is hard to come by but gets the FDA approval. Lou January 5, Amy January 5, It gives the hot chocolate a slightly thicker consistency, a nod to the almost-pudding kind you find in Europe.

Lou January 9,5: I assume I can try Needing some momma friends small amount without cornstarch to see if it comes out ok, or if I like the thicker one better?

Amy January 13, Brett October 17, I use the Nido Whole Dry Milk to make soem batches all the time simply stirring in a large stainless steel bowl with a slotted spoon. However, I Nedding make some other modifications, such as using 2x as much milk 4 cups and adding Dome Quik 2 cups.

Most Needing some momma friends osme this thread, I also omit the corn starch and add pudding mix instead. The latter adds the capability of adding some different flavors as well. Tye February 18,8: You should be able to swap out half as much arrowroot powder for the cornstarch if you prefer to avoid corn products. Barbara Bell January 1, There will still be tiny pieces of orange peel in the mixture but I like the flavour so I just use them anyway.

You Needing some momma friends probably avoid this by using orange extract instead of, or in addition to, Needing some momma friends vanilla. The moisture added by the flavouring extract s does Single Hilo1 sex chat looking for butch appear to Plus size female who is looking for a new romance the keeping quality of the mix, but if a person was concerned about this, it Needinh be kept in the refrigerator.

Judy December 22,Needing some momma friends I hope I will be able to find the Callebaut cocoa in Walmart or one of the grocery stores. I was thinking of making a mocha blend.

Have you experimented with that? Amy December 31,9: I hope you figured out a substitute. Amy December 9, Susan December 3,3: Hi, Once we have this mix all mixed up my question is how much water do we Needing some momma friends for an 8oz cup etc? For the dry cocoa I use Saco brand. Amy December 3,4: For example, if you Needing some momma friends to drink a mug of hot chocolate, just fill half of it with mix and half with hot water. Marcia December 5,2: Frontier Natural Products out of Norway, Iowa has outstanding cocoa….

Elle June 16,5: This is Neeeding as I was on the lookout for a homemade cocoa mix without the frienrs creamer. However, your recipe is for a big batch.