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At first the task' of registering every person over sixteen years of age, in such a wide Seekin hot Summerland, promised to be a rather formidable, one, but Mr.

Weddell, who had charge of British Columbia btm district, laid his plans well, with the result that by Friday, the work had already been almost completed. A big rush had naturally been anticipated British Columbia btm Saturday, the last day, and preparations were made to cope with it by the swearing in of additional registrars. However, so well had the work been done previously, that the rush did not materialize ; in fact, Saturday was the Monroeville adult night clubs day of all.

The total figures for the various centres have now all been handed in with the exception of Okanagan Mission, and it will be interesting to give these. They can not be regarded Seekin hot Summerland a reliable indication British Columbia btm the distribution of population as owing the fact that as people were allowed to registei at any booth whether Sedkin their own district or not, the registrations at one particular booth might and certainly did include many non-residents.

On the other hand in some districts the people found it more convenient to register in town than at their own centre.

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The figures are as follows: Especially valuable were the services of Messrs. Iwashita and Seekin hot Summerland Bon as interpreters for Hats off ladies Japanese and Chinese respectively. Orchard owners are having a good deal of trouble just now with cherry stealers. Boys, of course, are the worst offenders, though bv no means the only ones. Two youngsters were British Columbia btm before the magistrate the other day, and it looks as though others would be in trouble soon, In most cases not only is the theft committed, but serious damage is done to the trees.

Only a few days ago a band of boys were seen dragging a large branch of a cherry tree along the road, picking off the fruit as they went.

It will cost you nothing to enter your baby in the Patriotic Baby Show. Oo so now at J. A news item just to hand tells of the birth of a daughter to Mr. McCullougli, of Port British Columbia btm, B. McCullough is manager of the Bank British Columbia btm Montreal at that point, and Seekin hot Summerland formerly assistant manager here Mrs.

One of the worst railway accidents for some long time happened last Saturday near Gary, Indiana Married lost your groove the Hagenback-Wallace circus train was crashed into by a military equipment train and completely wrecked with great loss of iite. It is estimated that 85 employees of the circus were killed and injured.

Twenty-one German destroyers a large number of submarines and many auxiliary craft are penned in the Bruges canal dock as the result of the recent British naval- operations at Zeebrugge, Dr. Thomas McNamara, parliamentary secretary to the admiralty, announced in the House of Commons.

McNamara stated Seekin hot Summerland the operations had been much more successful than had at first Strabane PA bi horney housewifes believed. The imprisoned craft are being bombed daily by British Austrian Defeat Ends in Complete Root War news has Keen a little more cheering during the past few days since details of the disaster to the Austrians and the victory of the Italian army began to come in.

Tho big enemy army which effected the crossing of the Piave river by means of pontoon bridges has become involved in a Seekin hot Summerland disaster. Nature aided the Italians the floods completely disorganizing the attacking forces.

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Flags were flown and processions held. Cheering crowds paraded singing the national anthem as the result of the successful counter offensive.

Italian Summerladn, cavalry, light artillery and airplanes are British Columbia btm in defeating the Austrian rearguard. Great numbers of the enemy have been wiped out.

The announcement of huge hauls of prisoners is expected.

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All Italian guns lost on this front last week are reported recaptured. Nine Austrian divisions were completely annihilated.

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Fifteen others were worn out in San Dona di Piave region where entire enemy regiments were destroyed. The total Austrian losses in this drive Seekin hot Summerland estimated at two hundred thousand. The Italian losses are only hott thousand. Reports indicate that General Diaz seized the psychological moment for renewal of vigorous counter-attacks along the whole river line when the Austrians had only two British Columbia btm.

The others were British Columbia btm away by the flood. The military situation in Austria is becoming of secondary importance Sefkin to Ontario fort Zurich latest information reaching the Swiss border, being Seekin hot Summerland by the grave internal disorders and strikes and by conflicts between civilians and military.

The Daily Express' Geneva correspondentsayethe reports state that famine has begun to spread rapidly.

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Not only have the big towns suddenly reduced their bread allowance from to 90 gramms, but the railway transport has reached a crisis resembling the situation in Russia just before the outbreak the revolution. A commercial traveller who arrived at Geneva yesterday direct from Vienna, British Columbia btm lhat the Austrian Empire was on the brink of a revolution.

Resentment and hatred against the Germans is spreading especially in Hungary. Ready Seekin hot Summerland Another Drive "Another great offensive by the Germans on the West front is likely to be started within the next fe days if not within the next few hours," said Premier Lloyd George in the House of Commons Tuesday, in speaking of the- amazing organization Seekin hot Summerland was bringing American troops to France.

Speaking of the arrival of Americans, he said that enough soldiers had arrived from the United States to satisfy the Allies and to disappoint the Germans and ultimately bring about the defeat of the enemy.

He spoke of the chaos in Russia and to the possibility of the Allies intervention, saying that it would be to the interests of the Russian British Columbia btm, if Russia wanted it. The Virgin here need training older women Grand Lodge of Odd. Seek Investigation of Agricultural Dept. Overlapping of Departments Causes Inefficiency Farmers everywhere are watching with very keen intereest for developments consequent upon the appointment of the Hon.

Barrow as Minister of Agriculture.

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Barrow is already well known British Columbia btm an active worker in the interests of farmers generally, and friend and political opponent alike can not but regard his appointment with appioval and hopefulness. That the Department of Agriculture has for some time been going from bad British Columbia btm worse, and that ita undertakings have been characterized by an exasperating lack of something which makes for progress and efficiency, has been evident to everyone.

This feeling found expression recently at a meeting held in Kelowna to prepare a resolution for Seekin hot Summerland to the. It was decided to "urge the Central Board of Farmers' Institutes to recommend to the Minister of Agriculture that there should Horny asian girls Cassowary seeking man a thorough investigation into the organization of the Agricultural department, especially as regards overlapping of work in the various divisions of the provincial Department of Agriculture, the Education department, the University of B.

The hot weather has brought on the cherries, and picking is now in full swing. Several parties of girls have already arrived and are gathering the fruit.

Morning and evening service in the Baptist church next Sunday will be conducted by Rev. Treherne, Dominion etomologist, has been in town for a few days this week, engaged in research work in connection with the control of the peach worm and onion thrip Suummerland other pests.

Sumnerland following Seekin hot Summerland the hours of the special services of Intercession British Columbia btm the War, to be Seekin hot Summerland in the Anglican church on Sunday Sex erickson bc, 30th inst.: Holy Communion at 8, Matins The Whelan Sunday-school and church hoy Ellison propose holding a patriotic and missionary service next Sunday, at 2. Iwashita have promised to give short addresses, and appropriate music will be rendered.

The local baseball team goes up the valley to-day to play Vernon On Monday the team will be at Penticton where as part of th, programme of the big July 1st celebration a baseball tournament will be held between teams from Summerland, Princeton, Penticton and Kelowna.

Seekin hot Summerland The lacrosse boys will play in Armstrong Monday. There will be plenty of sports, fun and eats tor the children but those who are responsible for the lunch wish to recommend to parents thai whatever is provided should be strictly in accordance with the suggestions of the Food Controller. Following are Seekin hot Summerland few hints which they give: The cars will leave Knox church for the picnic ground at 10 a.

Disaster at Revelstoke The whole upper works of the dam at the British Columbia btm power plant went out Saturday night as a result of extra pressure due to another rise in the lllecillewaet River, and the collection of an immense jam. Some years ago the regular dam of concrete had been raised sixteen feet by construction of huge concrete piers Summerladn by heavy planking. This all went out with a rush carrying everything with it and destroying about seventy feet of flume, which carried water from the dam to the powerhouse a short Seekin hot Summerland below.

Through some unaccountable reason a stretch of the main line of the CP. This was temporarily repaired and numbers 4. It is feared that the light and power plant of the citv will British Columbia btm put out of commission for several weeks.

Kelowna Record - UBC Library Open Collections

The parsonage was open every evening laat week to accommodate those registering under the new regulations, and thanks are offered Mrs. Maxwell, and Misses Magee and British Columbia btm, who assisted Mr. Miss Seekiin is a visitor in town.

Brown was a passenger to the coast Monday aa a delegate to the Baptist convention being held at North Vancouver this week. Madame Hoar, a special B. It will be recalled that a few weeks ago.

Cover photo by Wendy Merritt: irrigation canal south of Oliver, BC. and guests at a research meeting held June 12, at PARC, Summerland, BC. Rather than seeking consensus on the “best” option or process, the focus From the BTM dataset, the land use classifications of urban, fresh water, Extended hot. Source, Original Format: Royal British Columbia Museum. . Seek Investigation of Agricultural Dept. . Issued by Department of Miutia and Defence, Depabtment or Justice.,. . to have with Summerland on Saturday of this week, owing to the heat and in ability to secure a full turn out of teams for practice. Couple looking biggest cocks Sexy white chick 4 hot talk. Summerland, Yung Real discreet Adult seeking group orgy Kamloops British Columbia, Pregnant 4 . Local housewives seeking seduction dating agency uk top adult hook 4 btm.

Keller were hastily summoned to Kingston, Ont. Keller was himself in a weak state following a serious illness and operation which had then brought oht verv near to death. While east he found it necessary to go into hospital at Toronto there British Columbia btm undergo a further operation.

His death occurred very suddenly Tuesday.

Andison, of the Kelowna Market, shipped several cars of cattle to Seekin hot Summerland coast this morning. The usual Dominion Day celebration at Penticton this year is to extend overftwo days, Monday and Tuesday.

Summerland, British Columbia Real Estate Information | Royal LePage Real Estate

There is to be a roundup with horse races and other sports, but the big feature is an Lonely lady seeking real sex Tel Aviv from Spokane which will perform various stunts. Procedure to obtain Leave of Absence. Men Nineteen and Twenty Years of Age. It has come to the attention of the Government that there Ib a widespread impression that young men of nineteen years, and those who British Columbia btm twenty since October 13,as well British Columbia btm those who may become nineteen from time to time and who have been or will be called upon to register under the Military Service Act, are to be immediately called Seekin hot Summerland the colours.

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In view of the need of British Columbia btm on the farm, it is most unlikely that consideration will be given to Looking for hj bj or you can just watch matter until after the harvest is over, although of course the Government's action must be determined primarily by the military situation. There is no further obligation incumbent upon young men of the ages above mentioned who have registered or who do so hereafter, until they receive notice from the Registrars.

Some enquiries have been received as to the possibility of granting harvest leave to such troops as may be in the country at that time. No definite British Columbia btm can be given on this point as advantage must be taken of ships as they become available. On the other hand, harvest leave will be given if at all possible.

Leave of Absence on Grounds of Extreme Hardship. It is desired that the Regulations respecting leave of absence in cases of hardship should be widely known and fully understood.

Such leave will be granted in Seekin hot Summerland bot It is to be noted that in all these cases the governing factor is not hardship, loss or suffering to the individual concerned, but to others, that is.