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Woman seeking serious Czar

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Please let me recap the salient points in my hypothetical argument that the official story of the Von Brunn Shooting as we have been told it is a hoax, and then add an additional insight into the weapons used:.

There is no security camera footage released to the public of the incident, although if such footage was supportive of the official story, we would no doubt have seen it. The shooting took place, according to the story and evidence, just inside the Winn Albuquerque looking for gravy glass front door of the museum.

The glass door with bullet holes in it was removed the very next day. The holes in the door were possibly made by a sniper s shooting from the Dept.

The deceased security guard, God rest his soul, fell face down in a pool of his own blood first and was seen that way by the time an eyewitness arrived. The eyewitness then Woman seeking serious Czar one security guard shoot down a third, who landed on his back wounded. No mention of a standing Von Brunn. Von Brunn allegedly fatally shot security guard Woman seeking serious Czar at the entrance to the museum. Johns was said to be holding the door to let Von Brunn into the building.

Also, footage of Von Brunn on a stretcher show a man lightly dressed, no outer coat. Additionally, when I found out that Von Brunn was allegedly armed with a. Rifle, I was again intuitively alerted to something not being true. Why then was Mesa hookers free. Woman seeking serious Czar days of mulling it over in the back of my mind, this realization dawned on me: Only from a much more puissant center fire cartridge, with a lethal range out Woman seeking serious Czar meters.

One book claims that this ammunition is even easy to suppress the sound from with even a simple homebuilt silencer. By dropping a much smaller. These would otherwise not be explicable as the result of pistol fire from the guards themselves, armed with either. Also forensic clues would Woman seeking serious Czar point to a. However, it remains hypothetically possible that the weapon that killed Johns was the.

We see this in Johns lying face down in a pool of his own blood. Johns was shot through the heart with. He would not have fallen flat on his face even from several shots from a small. Just look at all the actual cases of people being shot by.

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Woman seeking serious Czar The patsy Von Brunn is only armed with this weak weapon Womsn facially account for. We can reasonably guess that they will say that. The Litany of God the Father: What is Human History but passing transient factualities e. The Vision and Desire of our Creator and God and Father in Heaven - OR - some created beings, whether incarnate or elemental in creates Woman seeking serious Czar nature?

Rather, it is religious and theological. It is either God or atheism. No, I tell you, but rather division. For from now on a household of five will be divided: This is truly an ominous sign, and one that we have a duty not to ignore.

Article expired | The Japan Times

Read it, it is an indictment. We are seeing the emergence of the foretold British-Jewish world state favoring the establishment rich and thoecratic leaders. Woman looking sex North Haverhill is apparently prophetic in its vision.

The preceding discussion on this forum about Cuba brought some interesting issues to the fore. Most important of all is the understanding that the coming order is not actually oriented towards a popular sharing-of-the-wealth.

The main target of overt taxation is really the well-to-do middle class who eerious hide their lawfully earned wealth without committing a crime. In any true Christian society, these needs are seen to voluntarily by the people who have the means to do so. One night of nsa fun certainly can happen in combination with government action without tyranny being the result.

Somehow, the demands of Christian charity are being inverted and replaced with the spirit of revolutionary Pharisaism. In Judaism for Everyone published inRabbi Boteach begins by stating:. Rabbi Boteach explains in his own words why Jews should be in the position of control during this millennium. The world cannot be run at human whim. It needs an ultimate plan and a regulator who can determine whether it is progressing or regressing.

This is the role of the Torah, the divine law, which puts each contribution into perspective. It organizes all human actions seekingg that they coalesce into one supremely redeeming blueprint …. History required a nation whose entire purpose was to teach the world Godly ethics and the contribution the nation could make toward the perfection of the Sexy half 20171 girls ….

Light is an apt metaphor because it shows the way and provides guidance. Seriious allows us Woman seeking serious Czar clean the room and arrange the furniture so that the home Woman seeking serious Czar fit for human habitation. God, too, desires to reside among man. But Woman seeking serious Czar must first make the earth fit to seekkng a royal residence. Nor does he mention that Noahides found in violation of the Noahide Laws are sentenced to death under a one-witness, one-judge, fast-track justice system.

That Woman seeking serious Czar quite an oversight! In Judaism for Everyone, each point is followed by a short essay explaining the issue. The point headings CCzar copied verbatim from the book and appear in italics. No Jesus, no icons, no Crucifix. Judaism believes man is born innocent. The real Messiah establishes Jewish political autonomy, restores the Jewish monarchy, gathers the Jewish exiles from the Diaspora, and rebuilds the Temple.

The Messiah will not be the Son of God, but human. The land of Canaan belongs to the Jews. New Testament teachings are unacceptable. In Judaism, intermediaries happen. The man Woman seeking serious Czar people for that matter who does not listen to My Words that He speaks in My Name, shall be held accountable to Me for it. Continuing on from your discussion of Jewish secret infiltration of Christian culture and spiritulity….

It was therefore Woman seeking serious Czar to undermine its granite foundation and to destroy the entire building of Christianity. And they set about the work of this enterprise and placed themselves at the head of this concealed world seriius by means of Freemasonry, which they had controlled.

This is one of the secrets of the sect, which is very carefully kept; but one can assert that Freemasonry all over the world develops in agreement with one and the same plan; that its methods are always and in Woman seeking serious Czar parts identical, and that the aims pursued are permanently the same.

This occasioned us to believe that a uniform middlepoint exists, which directs all movements of the Sect. It has sworn Christianity an irreconcilable hatred. These three characteristics are exactly the same as those that describe Jewry and represent the proof that the Jews are the leading element of the lodges.

Woman seeking serious Czar

What the Jewish Woman seeking serious Czar to greatest part do in Russia against Christianity, is only another edition of the deeds of the Freemasons in the French revolution. But at the same time they pay very great attention to concealing from the world that their religion is in reality a secret sect, which pursues the purpose of destroying Christianity, which in addition hates Christ and his Church to the death, and which attempts at first to control the remaining peoples of the earth and then to enslave them.

For frequently both Holy Church as well as the civil governments also discovered the authentic texts and the general indignation was often revealed in violent reactions against the religious sects of Jewry, whose authentic holy books already contained the plans for the conspiracy, which they have developed against the whole of mankind. Woman seeking serious Czar content of this document is something most horrible — monstrous blasphemies against our Lord Jesus Christ and the most Woman seeking serious Czar Virgin Mary, a Satanic hatred against Christianity, a hatred that has nothing to do with the law given to the real Moses by God on Mount Sinai, but which represents the nature of the secret religion of modern Jewry itself, a religion of hatred, of wild hatred, which calls for a bloodbath of the Christians and persecutions of Holy Church, and which Housewives wants real sex Litchfield Michigan 49252 been unleashed as an unbridled and disastrous evil explosive in all places where the Jewish-Freemasonic and Jewish-Communist revolutions have been victorious.

The Freemasonic-Jacobin revolution was successful in ruining the whole of Christianity, according to the zeeking method seekijg now triumphs in overwhelming form in the Jewish-Communist revolution: For this reason the monster has been able to renew and restore the limbs which were occasionally cut off it, in order to use them anew and still more effectively, until gradually it has been successful in enslaving half seeoing Christian world Russia and the East-European states seekinf, and now has the plan of seerious the rest of mankind.

Then the power of the Jewish revolutionary movement became ever stronger, until, at the end of the eighteenth century, it took on the character of an irresistible avalanche. In the 20th century, when Jewish cunning had reached its uttermost limits of causing Catholics to forget the gigantic struggle of several centuries, which had taken place between Catholicism and Jewry, the latter attained its greatest progress in its plans for the control of the world.

For it has already been successful in enslaving a third of mankind under the Jewish-Communist dictatorship. Fast foreward to today, and you have a Jewish stranglehold on all business and commerce, on all sewking thinking, even though it is a lie, and on every tool necessary to enslave humanity in a demomic darkness and hell, compared to the likes of which, so called pagan societies of any era look positively progressive.

And where is the protest? Not a whimper, - nary even a Horny women personals Kaniva nd or thought of disapproval.

It sedious would be of some seking and HELP if those who are in positions of leadership, Woman seeking serious Czar, influence, etc. Some Christians know that Satan is forming a world government New World Order which he plans to rule from modern Israel through the coming false Jewish Messiah the anti-Christ.

Evangelical churches will be the chief instrument to bring the New World Order to birth. The church growth movement is mind control and magic cloaked as Christianity. Its purpose is Woman seeking serious Czar transform Christians and churches from serving God to serving Satan.

The purpose of the church seerious movement is to bring the entire church community under demonic control. Communitarianism is not Fascism nor is it Communism, but a synthesis of these opposing ideologies which preceded it.

It draws government-business partnerships from Fascism and employs group decision-making from Communism. Communitarianism will resemble a corporate state Fascism in which the elite will work under capitalist rules to continue generating wealth while the working class will be controlled by Communist model laws. The Communitarian synthesis incorporates not only elements of Fascism and Communism, but also Globalism. The impending economic collapse of Woman seeking serious Czar United States Womn with the financial markets of the world will create the conditions necessary for a global Communitarian society.

President Obama began his career on the South Side of Chicago, working with a seriious of churches to improve living conditions in poor neighborhoods.

During the election, people all across the country talked about feeling a new sense of civic engagement and got involved in politics Woman seeking serious Czar the first time. Churches who sign on with this faith-based initiative will be required to compromise in many ways, such as refraining from sharing the Gospel and employing Czwr in their programs. It appears there will be serious legal consequences for refusal to employ whomever may apply, even Occultists, homosexuals and pedophiles.

President Obama, the White House Office for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships will be a resource for nonprofits and community organizations, both secular and faith based: Included on the influential Council are [Evangelical and Baptist ministers including]… Rev.

Page, President emeritus, Southern Baptist Convention. The following description of Communitarianism from the Rockefeller expose, Thy Woman seeking serious Czar Be Done; The Conquest of the Amazon, shows how central the apostate church will be in the coming Communitarian global Woman seeking hot sex Torrington Connecticut, communitarianism, a system of church-centered community ownership of property that vaguely would include private ownership of homes and land.

Authors Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett documented the tragic outcome of communitarianism in Latin America — a genocidal campaign conducted by death squads that were funded by Evangelical churches in the United Wokan. It is a creed that has come to burden the expansion of globalism. He [Amitai Etzioni] studied the Kabbalah and the Hegelian dialectic. The chief Rabbi of Great Britain, J.

Hertz, wrote in Ladies seeking sex tonight NE Central city 68826 Forward to the first English translation of the Babylonian Talmud. The beginnings of Talmudic literature date back to the time of the Woman seeking serious Czar exile in the Sixth pre-Christian Century. A Wiman church would be one in which all members are willing to compromise the Word of Swingers clubs Naperville for the common good.

Communitarians believe that attaining a healthy Woman seeking serious Czar involves the successful merger of the 3 sectors of society. It requires a merger of the Czag sector, the Woman seeking serious Czar sector business and the social sector which includes the churches. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way Wojan truth shall be evil spoken of.

US election: Trump wants to be America's czar (Opinion) - CNN

And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you; whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works. Communitarian founder-guru Amitai Etzioni said: He said that Soros was very supportive of his efforts.

The course is described thus: Greetings in the Lord Jesus, Joanne. What Woman seeking serious Czar great find re: February 5, As expected, Obama named Joshua DuBois [homosexual] as the head of the office. The office will also encourage responsible fatherhood [not necessarily married fathers] and work with the National Security Council [!!

The full press release is below:. The White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships will work on behalf of Americans committed to improving their communities, no matter their religious or political beliefs.

Senate office and campaign Director of Religious Affairs, to lead Woman seeking serious Czar office. The Office will strive to support fathers who stand by their families [nothing about marriage], which involves working to get young men off the streets and into well-paying jobs, and encouraging responsible fatherhood. Finally, beyond Sex chat Worthington free shores this Office will work with the National Security Sterling Heights sunday 420 chat to foster interfaith dialogue with leaders and scholars around the world.

Casual sex Tepic ohio will be 25 members of the Council, appointed to 1-year terms. Denver swinger personals of the Council include: Yesterday I referenced a link to the wonderful Woman seeking serious Czar of Peter Myers, in Australia, but, as I double checked today, he, for not difficult to imagine reasons, has changed to a new website Woman seeking serious Czar follows:.

This New World Order plan plays out much like a person would play chess on a 3-D three level board, it is very complicated and I believe a JT9D turbo jet engine has less parts and is much easier to understand. I would like to thank Fr.

Joseph especially for his contemplative posts which nourish and Sex chat edmonton free the Amature encounters up to God.

And THE LORD wakes up from His sleep probably a wee bit disgruntled at having been woken up from a good, deep sleep and in His native dialect, He commands the winds, the waves Woman seeking serious Czar the storm.

In a nutshell Communitarianism is the utopian synthesis of free market finance capitalism run by the kleptocracy, old school Marxist Communism and Talmudic Zionism. On Thursday, the day that news of the appointment leaked out, Marcia Greenberger [Jewish, you think? Obama would not have won without these liberal, apostate Catholics] […] Kelley and other moderately progressive Catholic and evangelical groups owe their pull in the Democratic Party to the disappointment of They seized on the Democratic defeat in Woman seeking serious Czar elections as a means to push the party to the right on sex and reproduction.

Catholics in Alliance Woman seeking serious Czar its sister organization, Catholics United, were active in voter registration and organizing Catholic voters Woman seeking serious Czar swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania in and Presenting themselves as Ladies look inside yourself Catholic than the pope — faithful to church teachings on contraception, abortion and everything else the majority of Catholics have long rejected — the groups insisted in press release after press release that good Catholics could vote for pro-choice candidates, so long as those candidates were also working to reduce the number of abortions.

After all, they admitted, it was simply not possible in the current environment to make abortion illegal, so the next best option was pushing the numbers down [compromising the faith and their own morals. A Democratic governor from a red state famous for the ferocity and electoral strength of its social conservatives, Sebelius won a second term in a landslide in Catholics in Alliance campaigned for her reelection.

Though she faced heavy fire from the religious right Woman seeking serious Czar she was nominated, Sebelius is now the HHS secretary. Kelley is a distinguished advocate of healthcare reform and the rights of poor people. For almost a decade, she worked for the Conference of Catholic Bishops on the Campaign for Human Development, a grant-making program roundly condemned by conservatives as too progressive.

She Woman seeking serious Czar electoral politics in when she served as the DNC liaison to the religious community. Inshe founded Catholics in Alliance. It seems the prediction Wife looking nsa PA Daisytown 15427 Russian newspapers is starting to come true. Now we are only in June and his ratings serioux the following: Turkey also has started to use the Russian ruble in their trade with Russia. The plan in question, revealed by Elijah Benamozegh in his work Israel and HumanityWoman seeking serious Czar be elaborated in the present article.

Allow us simply Woman seeking serious Czar cite here what Jacob Kaplan, the great Parisian rabbi, declared on the subject in Non-Jews Cxar also saved if they believe in a supreme God and have a moral code, thus obeying the so-called Noaic Laws, those that the Creator handed down to Noah….

Consequently, our rabbis teach that the just of every nation have the right to eternal salvation. It is uniquely for the Jews that, in addition to the Noaic Laws, there exist the precepts of the Torah and the Law seriouus Moses, which have their reason for being in the divine project of forming a people destined for religious action in the world.

Woman seeking serious Czar hope of Israel is Woman seeking serious Czar therefore the conversion of the human race to Judaism but to monotheism. As for Biblical religions, they are, according to our greatest seriois, creeds whose role is to prepare alongside Israel the coming of the Messianic Age announced by the prophets. Thus we desire most ardently to work in common with zerious toward the realization of this essentially Biblical ideal….

Deeking this way we may Woman seeking serious Czar the coming of the Messianic Era, which will be one of love, justice and peace. Jacob Kaplan, Dialogue avec lepere Danielou, S. It has a curious history. Its Woman seeking serious Czar Palliere, who was in a position to know, tells us that R. Our scheme calls for three principal divisions: God, Man, Woman seeking serious Czar Law.

The title of this Introduction is equally revealing of R. Benamozegh adumbrates the central theme of the book. Judaism or Hebraism, as he usually prefers to call it often seems parochial and self-absorbed, and has serios so perceived by others, but this is altogether misleading:.

But they can easily turn from their error if they will accept Wives looking nsa AZ Sun city west 85375 invitation to inquire, with us, whether Judaism does not possess the elements of a universal religion. They will then recognize that it indeed contains at its heart, as the flower conceals the fruit, the religion intended for the entire human race, of serioud the Mosaic law, which seems on the surface so incompatible with that high destiny, is but the husk or outer cover.

It is for the preservation and establishment of this universal religion that Judaism has endured, that it has struggled and suffered. It is with and through this universal religion that Judaism is destined seekig triumph. The same idea appears near the end of the book, embodying a corollary metaphor: Sefious are two laws, two codes of discipline — in a word, two forms of religion: The first was destined for all the human race, the second for Israel alone.

It is one Eternal Law, apprehended from two perspectives. Rabbi Benamozegh rejects categorically the notion that Israel enjoys any intrinsic superiority over the rest of Humanity. This passionate perception of the unity which implies the essential equality of all mankind, including Israel, is at the heart of R.

What had been a self-flattering and, in practice, largely conceptual obligation for Jews became, in his powerful conception, the reason for Jewish existence. Rabbi Benamozegh was certainly cognizant that his grand vision was far from universally understood let sfeking embraced by the Jews of his day, or perhaps of any other.

He puts the matter with delicacy: This must be particularly true with respect to Judaism, whose doctrines rise seekung above the plane of mere intellect. Plato, too, acknowledged that his vision of the just city was an ideal Woman seeking serious Czar never zerious and might well never be.

During the last twenty turbulent years of tsarist rule, women were an . tional districts seeking women teachers, from the medical profession concerned with the education for women changed from a priori to practical ones such as the severe. More seriously, the Tsar set about reversing many of his mother's policies and weakening the influence of the aristocracy. The only grands seigneurs in Russia, . Oct 26, But ignoring its lessons is dangerous for Russia .. crusader or a martyr, which only elevates the tsar; instead, he seeks to bring Mr Putin down.

As you go through your day, in whatever vocation you are called to and in whatever occupations you must be about, simply begin to ask Czr in the privacy of your own mind relentless questions such as. God did NOT create us to threaten each other with nuclear annihilation.

Many other very fine, simple and succinct articles included throughout the Michael Journal Woman seeking serious Czar here:. He revealed that a higher order than Woman seeking serious Czar of Communism existed, whose orders would have to be obeyed. What amazed Doctor Dodd was that whenever these men gave instructions, Moscow always ratified them.

When asked who the men were, Doctor Dodd refused to name them.

The book is not really a Bible study, but seekig Bible-referenced topical presentation. A nice read for Moms. It has many great points. Read on a quite day with some tea and soothe your soul. I bought this for the Kindle thinking it would be the same.

It is not a good fit for the Kindle. First of all, it is a workbook, so now you need to have a place to write the Woman seeking serious Czar in. The second problem is that it was not formatted correctly in the Eeeking version. Sentences are interrupted by Woman seeking serious Czar.

Foot notes Woman seeking serious Czar on the wrong page. And good luck trying to find the appendixes! I had to search by the word appendix as there is no table of contents. Alberta having sex, I think this is a great book and has a lot of good points. I just would recommend the print version, not the electronic.

I started off trying to read her book about virtue but couldn't get into it and switched to this one.

Must easier to read although I did not understand some of the questions. It did open my eyes to some things I was missing and even though I am middle aged Woman seeking serious Czar have been married for over 30 years I really got Woman seeking serious Czar good out of it. My only complaint was all the flipping back and forth looking Woman seeking serious Czar bible verses. Those need to be in better order and not the same verses over and over.

I also skipped over the section about raising kids since it was too late for me. I would say this is a great book for young married women. One person found this helpful. Beautifully written and very helpful for the Catholic wife. Martin keeps things pratical for married women. Our vocation is so important that Woman seeking serious Czar as women should do as much as we can to impove our lives and the lives of our family.

Israel's Netanyahu defends partnership with far-right party Israeli prime minister is defending his partnership with a small ultranationalist party despite local and international condemnation.

Ex-minister attacked in prison to stay home A court in North Macedonia has ordered that a former government minister assaulted in a prison yard by Horny women in Council, ID inmates be detained at home instead. Poland party leader vows more social benefits ahead of votes Poland's ruling party leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, has pledged more social benefits for families with children as he opened the party's campaign ahead Venezuelans rescue emergency aid boxes from burning trucks stalled on bridge to Colombia Venezuelans rescue emergency aid boxes from burning trucks stalled on bridge to Colombia.

Women take Catholic bishops to task at Vatican abuse summit A prominent Nigerian nun blasted the culture of silence that has long kept clergy sexual abuse hidden in the Catholic Church, telling Catholic leaders Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro breaks diplomatic relations with neighboring Colombia Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro breaks diplomatic relations with neighboring Colombia. Somali lawmaker shot dead in Mogadishu A police officer in Somalia Woman seeking serious Czar Islamic extremist gunmen shot dead a prominent lawmaker in the north of the capital, Mogadishu, late Saturday.

Protester killed in clash with Venezuelan armed forces near border with Brazil, relative tells the AP Protester killed in clash with Venezuelan armed forces near border with Brazil, relative tells the AP. Wutip upgraded to super Woman seeking serious Czar lashes Guam with high winds A typhoon located about miles southwest of the U. Pacific territory of Guam has intensified. Sex abuse victims speak of lost childhoods A man and a woman who were sexually abused by priests as young people have told Catholic leaders attending Pope Francis' abuse prevention summit that Bishops should have to answer for botched sex abuses cases: Senior church officials U.

Venezuelan Woman seeking serious Czar major rejects President Woman seeking serious Czar Maduro, supports entry of aid Venezuelan army major rejects President Nicolas Maduro, supports entry of aid. At least 20 killed in bus accident at China mine State media report at least 20 people were killed and 30 injured in a bus accident blamed on Woman seeking serious Czar brakes at a mine in northern China. India police arrest Kashmir activists amid rising tensions Police have arrested at least activists seeking the end of Women want sex Castalia rule in disputed Kashmir, escalating fears among already wary residents that a Sudan's al-Bashir picks new premier amid shakeup, protests Sudanese Sex dating in bryant south dakota Omar al-Bashir has announced a new prime minister, a day after declaring a yearlong state of emergency amid protests calling for What about theese 2 milions of refugees arabs mens in militar age, all men?

This is not an Army for go to fight with russia? Adult wants nsa Cushing did not happen during the Korean War and Vietnam War.

The straight white men stayed behind and played gook hockey games. If anyone is interested in the perverse incentives in place in the US military development system, which result in such spectacular failures and misallocation of resources, you could read this:.

The westerns politics, that works against their own people Woman seeking serious Czar with Merkeland are absolute whores or the globalists of washington Woman seeking serious Czar elsewere…. And conciousness that the european people are against else war, and dont talk about the gay-trans-woman army of the EEUU The criminals europeans politics are getting milions of future proxy warriors from muslim countrys.

Their job will be the war we are not going. They give him the blue pill, also, Are not than macho men?

Russians blaming the ZCar for sending the half-Jewish Lenin with a trainload of gold to foment Bolshevik Jewish revolution. Incidentally, market cap has nothing to do with GDP. The reason is career path incentives in the Navy, and in the defense contractor corporations, not in rational consideration of the directions naval warfare eeeking developing in the rest of the world.

Thousands of sailors and hundreds of billions of dollars worth of hardware will be headed to the bottom. Finances also is a matter of concern. Russia has very good experience in how to do it. Political power will is needed though. The USN has gone back to the drawing-board on railgun development, but Housewives looking sex Laytonville a power-supply breakthrough Woman seeking serious Czar is unrealistic except as a vanity project.

Western systems often are unnecessarily complex — sometimes seemingly just to impress reviewers — and the fiasco of the F nightmare serves as exemplary of what happens when corporatism gets the upper hand on government; any vision Woman seeking serious Czar what the F was originally supposed to do has been lost in a blizzard of pork-barreling and design changes. Thanks for a great Woman seeking serious Czar it was timely, informative, thought-provoking and chock-full of meaty phrases and terminology I Hour long pussy lick wait to borrow.

Until it has proven itself in a real war against a seriouw competent adversary, e. No computer simulation anywhere, anytime has been Woman seeking serious Czar to come even close to the chaotic, unpredictable conditions of real war. I hope it does. Maybe Russia gave RoA some Ss too, unofficially. The US military is to a large extent a paper tiger. Aircraft carriers are not survivable against Russian or Chinese missiles and subs.

They are good for bombing 3rd world countries only, like 19th century gunboats plus fattening MIC coffers. I would argue nothing is as important as missile technology. Russia may be leading in that. Furthermore, the US has lower income and less capital now than 20 years ago. They insist on positive interest rates so savers get the benefit of their money. The US will find fighting Russia is not like fighting Arabs.

Remember what some Israeli general said about fighting Arabs. Note the moral Woman seeking serious Czar, also. The US has to pay its military 2X the equivalent private sector wages, because no one wants to die for Lockheed Martin. The troubles of the US Czarr late have largely stemmed from having an insatiable parasite on its back sucking all Womn it can from the military and the economy in general whilst simultaneously plotting to undermine it.

No doubt millions of Americans will welcome more degradation of their cities and infrastructure in order to field a larger Woman seeking serious Czar since it cares for the fruit of their loins so well AND has accomplished so much good in the world with All i want for Lauro de freitas is you Woman seeking serious Czar already squandered at the behest Woman seeking serious Czar the Neocon Israel Firsters.

What if the fat boy and the NK people feel that they need those weapons for defensive purposes? Who are we in the west to interfere with NK? I understand that there would be great hue and cry to take revenge. That is why I wrote with a correction in bold:. American continent is in their interest, and they would make that interest known.

The Women of the Revolution » HI Revolutionary Russia | Boston University

The Great Game would be over. The US would be finished as a world power. Vaporizing M people would be of no military value. Seeeking thought I explained that it is the Russian liberals who picked up the Western view of who to blame for Serking, just like they picked up everything Woman seeking serious Czar from Woma Western role models. Woman seeking serious Czar Scuds were strange Woman seeking serious Czar.

But randomised trajectory is the reason why the shootdown rate was so low. The Russian MIRV ICBM Bullawa uses exactly the same approach of randomising trajectory of each vehicle intentionally, small but quick completely random maneuvers, which makes it virtually impossible to shootdown. The US would have to place supercooled computers on its interceptors to destroy those babies. Of Athletic friendly mwm looking for, they can never really sell enough, and so they stay where they are.

So, when the USM buys some insanely expensive aircraft carrier, or fighter aircraft, the rest of the world pays for it. In turn, the US uses that same carrier or aircraft to enforce the treaties.

I Am Look For Horny People

A self-reinforcing arrangement that allows the US and its allies to enjoy all the benefits of thievery over honest toil. The Russian Central Bank is doubly constrained by virtue of its American authored constitution which all but prohibits its restructuring.

You can read a rather lengthy, but eye opening treatise on this subject here: OT, here is some education about North Korea for the stupid people and those who are not stupid but lack information. This is truly worth a read, it will open your eyes. These poor defecting souls found themselves in a desperate situation in their new country to which they were attracted by stories of street paved in gold. In fact, Russia often tests its systems under much more realistic aeeking than does seekig USA and western powers.

Not always, Woman seeking serious Czar often. I guess much of it boils down to Woman seeking serious Czar seriously you take Russian accounts of seeeking own tests, but they specify here that the test took place under heavy jamming derious yet seekinng four missiles intercepted the target during the midcourse phase. Whatever you believe, the author is correct in pointing out that the S is just a part of a multilayered Integrated Air Defense System IADSand it only takes one mobile launcher in an unexpected place to wreck the day for a manned-aircraft element using current tactics.

If you care to Srrious my detailed explanation of why carrier strike groups are obsolete against a modern navy:. It [US] needs to come down hard on MIC waste, which if done successfully can change things around very quickly.

Firstly, US military budget is significantly more seekinng presented because the whole budget has been divided between different seeious departments. I cannot believe that you are suggesting this, maybe you are too close to your Fed buddies. Trump is sreious amassing three carrier groups near North Korea, Russia and China. Sfrious, there are no MIC billionaires to skim the pie. Then the engineers works for reasonable salaries with a highly respected bonus of patriotism. Then Woman seeking serious Czar is an excellent well established educational system for the whites which puts accent Woman seeking serious Czar physics, maths and real technical building Woman seeking serious Czar, supported by mentorship by experienced engineers, instead of putting accent on lying, financial market wizardry again manipulationMBAs, whilst training blacks to become engineers and importing engineers from India.

Finally, there is the accumulated project experience and cooperative networks from building good weaponry during the days of Soviet Union, in which Russia Woman seeking serious Czar and effectively replaced sometimes dysfunctional pieces of network which dropped out, especially the Woman seeking serious Czar ones from Ukraine. I am truly amazed how quickly the Russian military manufacturing Woma compensates and adjusts for the loss of any piece.

Have I answered my own question of how Russia produces on average 5X more bang for the buck or more precisely, almost the same bang for five times less buck than the US MIC? Am I missing any other component of success?

Very good and relevant explanation. The Russians Woman seeking serious Czar not develop separate systems for air-defence and missile-defence, in Russia it is all seriojs integrated multi-sensor system. What if, what the Western airforces call Woman seeking serious Czar blue line, the entry space which allows you to destroy the airdefense before being detected and destroyed, keeps changing, becomes unpredictable or Womwn altogether.

What if you cannot overwhelm the airdefense eseking a barrage of 59 Tomahawks as in Syria, because you would need to fire several hundred or even thousand missiles simultaneously? The reason is simple: When crazy meets nuts sanity of both is restored.

But it appears that even that original concept was a pie in the sky sold to the government by a ruthless military almost-monopolistic corporation. Firstly, the concept was unrealistic, then also the concept was too ambitious in the wrong direction. I wonder why this has never been done successfully before. But this is what LM promised to USAF and on paper it looked fantastic and when greased with a few corrupt Woman seeking serious Czar the concept won the decision day. The designers created the best stealth Milwaukee bbw looking for knight but at the expense of the principal plane performance: LM claims that Zerious is completely new technology and suffers from birthing pains.

Although true, this is not the crux of the problem. The whole design is back-to-the-drawing-board level of disaster. In essence, the F is again a good weapon only against the seeeking opponents who cannot defeat stealth. I could be wrong, but I am inclined to see a parallel between the US now and the Russian Empire pre After after the surprise attack by the Japanese navy against Port Arthur and ultimate victory by Japan in the Russian-Japanese war that seekiing back inthe Czarist regime was doomed.

The Russians were arrogantly confident that they could easily beat down the Japanese forces and got the shit kicked out of them. On paper the Russians seekiing have had the advantage, but because there was so much corruption and incompetence in the Czarist military complex they were defeated. The result was a the revolution of and the Czars ultimate demise in I think everything about Saint Stephens Wyoming looking for women to fuck relationship US government Just met my next ex wife a lie and has been for a while.

But, I certainly could be wrong. The USS Donald Cook DDG is a 4th generation guided missile destroyer whose seekjng weapons are Tomahawk cruise missiles with a range of up to 2, serioud, and capable of carrying nuclear explosives. This ship carries 56 Tomahawk missiles in standard mode, and 96 missiles in Woman seeking serious Czar mode. It is an integrated naval weapons systems which can link together the missile defense systems of all vessels embedded within the same network, so as to ensure the detection, tracking and destruction of hundreds of targets at the same time.

Woman want nsa Boyes addition, the USS Woman seeking serious Czar Cook is equipped with 4 large radars, whose power is comparable to that of several stations.

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For protection, it carries more than fifty anti-aircraft missiles of seeious types. Meanwhile, the Russian Su that Woman seeking serious Czar the USS Donald Cook carried neither bombs nor missiles Womann only a basket mounted under the fuselage, which, according to the Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta [2], contained a Russian electronic warfare device called Khibiny.

As the Russian jet approached the US vessel, the electronic device disabled all radars, control circuits, systems, information transmission, etc. As if carrying out a Woman seeking serious Czar exercise, the Russian aircraft — unarmed — repeated serkous same maneuver 12 times before flying away.

Since that incident, which the Atlanticist media have carefully covered up despite the widespread reactions sparked among defense industry experts, no US ship Womqn ever approached Russian territorial waters again. According to some specialized media, 27 sailors from the USS Donald Cook requested to be relieved from active service.

How many S and S are actually deployed? They are just there to deliver seking punch and are Woman seeking serious Czar safe as Czaar does not have enough killer subs. What would be the purpose of such a strike?

Wasting expensive missile on delivering just singular kg explosive? The bottom line is that Russia is a nuclear power that can Straight to the Norfolk great sex only the US. All strategies take this into account. This is Woman seeking serious Czar bottom line. Any response or aggression vis a vis Russia must take this into account.

Woman seeking serious Czar has conventional defensive capabilities but seekiny negligible ability of projecting its power beyond its borders. I do not believe anybody Woman seeking serious Czar wants a war with Russia but certainly they want to conquer Russia to make it to submit to the Washington consensus.

Wpman this will not be done with foreign troops on Russian soil or with bombs falling or Russian cities. It all will be done with Russian hands. The attack on Syria by Trump was perfectly timed with president Xi visit who is very familiar with the Chinese Woman seeking serious Czar Putin was the chicken and Xi was the monkey in this case.

Putin lost face Free day time sex with women Galesville Maryland Xi lost face. There is no other choice because certainly Russia will not go to the preemptive nuclear war and apart of nuclear war Russia will be humiliated in every conventional skirmish.

The monetary unit in the Russian Federation shall be the rouble. Money issue shall be carried out exclusively Sexy housewives looking sex tonight South Ayrshire the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Introduction and issue of other currencies in Russia shall not be allowed. The protection and ensuring the stability of the rouble shall be the major task of Seroous Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which it shall fulfil independently of the other bodies of state authority.

The Housewives wants sex tonight FL Ormond beach 32176 of taxes Woman seeking serious Czar to the federal budget and the general principles of taxation and dues in the Russian Federation shall be fixed by the federal law.

State loans shall be issued according to the setious fixed by the federal seirous and shall be floated on a voluntary basis. That means that it is necessary to take the State Woman seeking serious Czar under control. A political Wmoan which is currently rather popular Womam being created. The majority party in the Duma now see,ing representation sufficient to enable an amendment to the constitution to Woman seeking serious Czar the above provisions, not to mention the laws pursuant seekiing same.

Whether that Woman seeking serious Czar actually politically feasible is another matter. The treatise you cited appears to be somewhat dated with regard to the constraints, if any, on changes seekimg central banking in Russia. Tsar Nicholas was not that stupid to not see that the aggression against Serbia serjous in fact directed at Russia.

The Dual Alliance Womanncoming immediately after the Berlin Congress was directed squarely against Russia. Wojan the time of Nicholas it evolved in the Triple Alliance and I have no doubts that Czaf knew that Romania had adhered in secret in He could not have been unaware that the rejection of his proposals for disarmament has induced Germany to believe aerious the proposal reflected the weakness of Russia.

He could not have been unaware that an external war was a precondition of for the revolution. War was imposed on Russia. The Russian military is moving 66605 single women the same direction as the US — toward state-of-the-art obsolescence. While they build tiny numbers of new weapons, many times that number of their predecessors are being retired faster than the new weapons can be built.

That fancy Woman seeking serious Czar Armata Russia started building a few years ago? It replaces over Ts and Ts built early in the Cold War, and Ts seeious were all spontaneously retired in the early s and shipped not to the tank graveyards, but straight to the cutting mills.

It was back in the mids as well, and Woman seeking serious Czar Su it was meant to replace is being retired faster than Sus can be built. Just for seekijg warning — well, bit of cultural and genetical conditioning helps in this case. As one of my grandfathers was helping in early stages of establishing https: Woman seeking serious Czar depends on the area, in some things they are 30 years behind, or even As the Chechen debacles had shown they were in shambles.

It Woman seeking serious Czar mafia state, or a mafia ex KGB presenting itself as the state. Of course it is more ore less true everywhere in the US too of coursesegious under the veneer of democracy Wanna suck you dry rule of law, but in Russia it is almost open and blatant. As for the years it was only an estimate of course, Big tits in Tallahassee as I said they first had to make up for the lost decade afterlike finishing subs that were left unfinished since and Woman seeking serious Czar like that.

First really new Woman seeking serious Czar were the Armata and Kurganets which is still a newcomer, and T, still not an operational fighter. Like low Zerious planes that cannot Cazr detected until they are well Womam the range of their air-to-surface weapons or dozens of targets flying at o m coming in from multiple directions. The F is derided around xerious, the US spent a fortune on it, true. Stealth is not some scam as some believe. It can be language according Sapir—Whorf hypothesis.

Serioys known as the Sapir—Whorf hypothesis, or Whorfianism, the principle is often defined to include two versions. The strong version says that language determines thought, and that linguistic categories limit and determine cognitive categories, whereas the weak version says that linguistic categories and usage only influence thought and decisions.

Baltic and Slavic show the common trait of never having undergone in the course of their development any sudden systemic upheaval. The sound structure has in general remained intact to the present. Woman seeking serious Czar main point is well taken. Plus, the US military procurement is remarkably inefficient.

The combination of the two plus tacit and institutional knowledge regarding spending on military hardware makes analysis based on US spending misleading. However, the US is remarkably efficient in many other areas and has had the best performing developed economy since Regarding access to capital markets, the US over the last decade has developed a massive unconventional oil industry.

Which came from capital markets. Not only was this unplanned, but it was done with grudging support from the Obama administration. And it is of enormous geo strategic value. I wish to hell that our defense doctrine would Woman seeking serious Czar this new fact — US has no need for Middle East oil — into their strategy.

Not to totally discount its importance, but the idea fighting and dying for a strategic resource that can be bought or drilled for needs to be thought out. If we were going to refight WW 2, then we would have some problems with global supply chains, etc. The logic of a US conventional war with Russia is stupid. Either side with a decisive conventional advantage would simply increase the risk of it going nuclear. Russia could, if they were so inclined, forcibly take back some of the former USSR.

But why would they want to? Even Crimea is expensive. It has taken what seems like forever to build the Kerch Strait Bridge. Technically, they could try it, but one of the requirements for membership is that the nation is not involved in conflict. The Soviets debated Adult seeking hot sex Merlin Oregon 97532 a significant carrier fleet in the s but determined that large carriers had no place in the nuclear age, partly because of Wman vulnerability to missiles with nuclear warheads.

It is surely significant that Russia sold or gave away all its cold war-era aircraft carriers and retains only the hybrid aircraft-capable cruiser, Kuznetsov. This is also indicative of why the Russians will shock the first fleet that tries to engage them. They keep their planners and developers focused on what actually matters, and serious war gaming, rather than rigging things to provide the answer they want for careerist reasons. The remaining ships were sitting ducks for the follow up attacks.

And still these fools keep spending money on carrier groups. That sums up exactly why the US keeps wasting money and doing stupid things. Projectiles travelling at the speeds shown would easily be destroyed or diverted by Woman seeking serious Czar defense systems.

The new BrahMos adaptation of the Onyx missile travels at 2, mph. By comparison a bullet fired from seeklng high compression hunting rifle travels at 1, mph. The ballistic missiles such as the Dong feng being developed by the Chinese, will have incoming speeds as high as 5, mph. The war that the Japanese started pushed seriohs the Woman seeking serious Czar banking cabal was ended in by the people they helped to overturn a friend of Japan, the Tsar Nicholas Wiman. S can destroy Israeli warplanes even before they leave their airfields for sky.

Do you see Russians doing it? Regarding SPMU, it has been upgraded substantially in previous years. Its guidance system is seeking unjammable unless huge resources are Lonely ladies looking nsa Edison New Jersey, ie broadband noise jamming of the most powerful kind. Though recently Israel announced that it is upgrading its F variants external link to be able to handle the vaunted Russian S anti-aircraft system.

Iran is perennially about to receive Woman seeking serious Czar of the system. But mere intention does not mean they have managed to do so.

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It was Find a fuck buddy Brookings middle of the s and money was nonexistent in Russia. They sold components of an SV battery to the US… likely the oldest model they had that was incomplete. With the money they made they upgraded the whole system to Segious or Antei So Woman seeking serious Czar effect eerious US paid for the next generation to replace the generation that was compromised.

And the SV was in service in most former Soviet republics so chances were eventually they would get their hands on it anyway… at least this way they got their own funding to develop a replacement system. The best rough analogy to Russia of pre would be China though China is further along in its development, perhaps it would be Woman seeking serious Czar of or later, had Russia not stupidly gotten itself into World War I.

The US would Woman seeking serious Czar be analogous to the British Empire in its decline.

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This makes the picture unrealistically negative. They replace not only seriius infinitely more powerful and infamous Typhoon class retired not Womah of age.

Borey Project and A was created to replace aging Woman seeking serious Czar. Relationship between Russians and their state are dramatically different from what most Westerners ever experienced in their relations. It was inevitable in the nation with such military history as Russia. As I mentioned Arthur J. Russia is bound to produce at least mostly weapons which sdeking to work. Fat boy is developing missiles that will hit the USA, nuff said. It irks you the U. The above is a classic example of elementalism.

It is a flawed perspective. Humans do not need much more than clean air, clean shelter, food, water and perhaps some srrious to live perfectly well. Every desire is born of the limbic system, which includes the hippocampus and the amygdala.

The serioue is your fabrication, the link is a write out by an over zealous nationalist with half baked truth, and the link is Womsn a treaty quoted by you to support your claim nor saying there is such IMF treaty. Time has changed, man. That pretty much says it Woman seeking serious Czar.

Again, I omit here the trick with stock buybacks. But in the end, you seem to miss completely the point—structure of GDP. This is not to speak about the whole house of cards Woman seeking serious Czar Pax Americana which rested on US military imperial mythology.

Once this serking is debunked the process which is ongoing as I type it the house of cards folds. I guess what Andrei Martyanov was trying to say that virtual is not real, intrinsic or tangible, it is fabricated or created thru the thin air, hence the American economy is not real, intrinsic or Woman seeking serious Czar, it is fabricated or Czag thru the thin air.

Hmm Olive oil, vine, Czr sounds nice, but anything east of Frankfurt and North Woman seeking serious Czar let say Berlin in Europe, will add different perspective. Heating for winter, and shorter summer. Here you can find nice perspective as well. Woman seeking serious Czar reading their article they seem Swingers contact Drumheller forget about the Mig Woman seeking serious Czar Mig in Korea and Vietnam, respectively, and seekking the effectiveness of those SAMs in Vietnam as well.

A society, the economic life of which is characterized by private property and controlled by private initiative, is according to this definition not necessarily capitalist, even if there are, for instance, privately owned factories, salaried workers, and free exchange of goods and Wman, either kind or through the medium of money.

The entrepreneurial function itself is not confined to capitalist society, since such economic leadership as it implies would be present, though in other forms, even in a Billings nude dreads girl tribe or in a socialist community. This means that in perfect equilibrium interest would be zero in the sense that it would not be a necessary element of the process of production and distribution, or that pure interest tends to vanish as the system approaches perfect equilibrium.

Proof of this proposition is very laborious, because it involves showing why all the theories which lead to a different result are werious unsatisfactory. Hence, the money market weeking all that happens in it acquires for us a much deeper significance than can be attributed to it from the standpoint just glanced at.

It becomes the heart, although it never becomes the brain, of the capitalist organism Schumpeter The more likely scenario Woman seeking serious Czar this: Sensing a number of strategic and tactical indicators of an impending attack, the US launches a bolt out of the blue attack to cripple the Russian Czzar before they can attack. Russian SLBMs and rail-based missiles get off a few MIRVs that take out DC and a few other major cities counter-force targetting is pointless after the first-strikebut no-harm no-foul since the JEEP was executed at the time of the first-strike, so everybody who matters seriois saved from harm and that pesky problem of too many idle hands in the major urban centers was finally taken care of.

I agree with what you write except that the Deep State is but a part of the Globalist NWO plans for Woman seeking serious Czar future world. I admit I do get lost on occasion, so please feel free to correct Wo,an. You clearly think bond investors are stupid. That is an opinion based on what precisely? Experienced results of bond markets? If so, the Woman seeking serious Czar is a fail, since U.

Have you noticed the Fed had Liberal sex encounters raised short rates? Yet the Blonde cashier at winn Tinsley bond is at 2.

Please read what I wrote carefully. Nowhere did I recommend the U. Yes, I understand that MIC waste ends up in the pockets of the least desirable elements. Do you mean to say that other nations are bereft of this virtue?