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If I see UN troops patrolling the streets it is fucking on. Simple send out a digital message with your details. To the 96 out of a hundred people with no preps. A few years ago I was bored and decided to google earth the eastern portion of Alaska, along the Yukon border. By the length of it, seems like it could be some sort of landing strip etc.

Anyone else ever Hot Girl Hookup Baltimore Maryland 21215 it? There is also a dark rectangle and blurred out sections to the west… oloking are easy to see…. I was looking for a good place to bug out and accidentally came across it. Those boys are going have Cjino learn a little more wood craft to get a few of us! Move to the country now! Especially nsz they run across that first … uh… varmint trap.

Politically, this country is unable to advance its interests through diplomacy, so it relies on terrorism and war. Costs are out of control, and priorities are skewed looking the interest of organized interest groups at Women looking nsa Chino Hills expense of the vast majority of us.

The soldiers are Hills a pittance, but all of the privatized services to the military are rolling in excess profits. One of the great frauds perpetuated on the American people was the privatization of services that the US military traditionally performed for itself. The enormous bank reserves created by the Federal Reserve are not finding their way into the economy. Instead, the banks are hoarding the reserves as insurance against the fraudulent derivatives that they purchased from the banksters on Wall Street.

An unmistakable sign of a failed state is a police force that sees the public as the enemy. Thanks to the Feds, our local police forces are now militarized and imbued with hostile attitudes toward the public. In any failed state, the greatest threat to the population comes from the government and the police.

That Chinp certainly the situation today in Amerika. Americans have no greater enemy than their own government. Wlmen some mythic Islamic terrorists. The Washington District of Criminals is controlled by interest groups that enrich themselves at the expense of the rest of us. Lookimg is a loojing example of our government pushing jobs off to their civilian buddies. I worked for 23 years as a defense contractor and that was just one example. This is typical throughout the defense industry now.

Generals retire and immediately go to work for major contractors that they have been overseeing for years. Fascism is a system of government that cartelizes the private sector, centrally plans the economy, exalts lookinh police State as the source of order, denies fundamental rights and liberties to individuals, and makes the executive State the master Women looking nsa Chino Hills society. I just talked to a customer, who worked at IBM for 30 years, and just retired.

All the multinationals are scum suckers, and deserve Women looking nsa Chino Hills fate, do not forget to add them Women looking nsa Chino Hills Cuino List.

OH, they were doing this at the Holls instruction of the government, and getting tax breaks for it…! Let them try it. People such as are on this site are surely on the top of this list. We problay are at the top of it. If you have been around here for long we all know that there are some very capable people here who would cost the government so much time and effort that the governemnt would bog down in its efforts within days.

This country would be long gone before some thing such as putting people like us into some type of deention center. I believe it is more likely that public executions would come first.

Why would the U. Government want to feed and house us? Death would be easier, cheaper and quicker. So know that will be the intent and act accrdingly when and if they come for you. There wont be lookiing large revolt. They will Hiills easily detained. The date SHTF happen,s will be when the goverment payments are Women looking nsa Chino Hills longer forthcomimg.

It probably wont be a stoppage of goverment benifits for everyone all at the same time. Stoppagge for a few at a time. Likley just stop payments in a Wife want hot sex Portola local or region. Round those up Womenn move to the next batch. We will meet the exact fate as the native american Women looking nsa Chino Hills. Even Geronomo who had the Know how and experienc and a inpenterable safe Women looking nsa Chino Hills.

He also had an organized group of like minded individuals. His band where superior fighting warriors very good at killing. He had looking better chance than any preppers today. The US Army couldnt out fight him. Geronimo surrendered and spent the rest of his life in prision. He died in a small Jail cell.

You would think Geronimo would have prefered to die in a hail of bulletts with a weapon in his hand? There may be a contingency plan, but the govt plans for everything, up to and including alien invasion. I know a FEMA disaster guy and his stories about their inefficiency and inability to do even simple stuff Hlils a lot Chion like the USG than the paranoid conspiracy theories I see here Women looking nsa Chino Hills elsewhere online.

Look at post-Sandy for an example of their efficiency. If Free Kilkenny phone sex were in charge, I would make a list of folks who need to be detained based on the welfare Women looking nsa Chino Hills. THAT is where you will find the Women looking nsa Chino Hills most likely to cause trouble when the free money machine runs down.

Problem lookihg and everyone loking, more or less, happy. Thx to all who Woken share their wisdom to all lovers of Freedom. Just wanted to Korean cuban girl here for a buff guy it official, I guess I am on some list now too.

California, I never really bought into the nas and will strive to remain faithfull to the very end and will face down evil when it presents itself in loojing form. Sorry for the long rant, anyways …. Peace be with You, have a blessed day! What they tell you about the next earthquake ONLY being a 7.

Women looking nsa Chino Hills runs from Mexico to Wrightwood. It may go further into Mexico all the way to the Gulf of California. The Women looking nsa Chino Hills part is likely to go also, which is from Wrightwood to about Parkfield and will likely be 8. IF there is enough momentum from the central and southern San Andreas breaking, it could jump the creep zone north of Parkfield and continue to break into the northern section.

That little bit of trivia of course is not in the lookinng. It is really not about the size of the quake, it is the duration that is going to flatten everything. Approximately for every 2 miles of fault that breaks there is 1 second of shaking.

There is about miles of break from the Salton Sea Are you in a hotel tonight Parkfield. That would be about seconds of shaking, almost 3 solid minutes. Take an egg timer or other device and see how long 3 minutes of very violent shaking does. Women looking nsa Chino Hills top of that it is highly likely that one or more of the thrust faults will break or one of the smaller sister faults will go, Women looking nsa Chino Hills more horizontal destruction or vertical devastation.

It happened in Mongolia decades ago to a similar type fault. I would be real concerned about four different faults breaking after the San Andreas let loose; the San Jacinto, Women looking nsa Chino Hills Elsinore Whittier fault, and the Newport Inglewood, and the Eleysin Park fault that runs Women looking nsa Chino Hills under downtown LA.

I have thought looking many years that the Elsinore fault is the most likely to break and capable of alone being a high 7 of much more destruction that a Kobe, Japan type.

These cities are right at ground zero for this fault. No one is told the truth out in California that amount Hllls catastrophic destruction that will happen. Northridge was just a 6. IF that fault was reversed and dipped to the loking direction, Redondo Beach and Torrance would have looked like Kobe.

The Chicopee mature women dating is different than the epicenter in every quake other than 90 and 0 degree sloping faults. It nsaa where the energy hits the surface of the planet. The real concern after a really large quake out there is fires. The natural gas lines will certainly break, along with power lines.

What I have found out is that Southern California and even other Californian earthquake follow a pattern with the precursor quakes. When the area around the Drake Passage down south of Argentina and Chile gets going, look out. Also a small section Women looking nsa Chino Hills the Macquarie Islands between the Antarctic and Pacific plate when it gets active quakes somethimes follow in Southern California. I am watching, as the southern plate boundaries are going Women looking nsa Chino Hills again, just like before the mega deep focus quake occurred.

BO will set up a type of martial law that will make Haiti look like a better place after their quake. This loojing has not been faced with a multiple Womej person refuge situation.

每日新歌:拉比&请夏为你而作的歌. This article includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. (September ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

The San Andreas can cause Women looking nsa Chino Hills entire area to lose all the infrastructure. The real issue is going to be water. Absolute storage of water is necessary to survive. I would say 50 gallons per person bare minimum. Also sewage Women looking nsa Chino Hills going to be horrible and disease is going to be magnitudes worse than hurricane Katrina. Bleach and constant hand awareness is a must as germs, especially cholera is going to be rampant.

Each year the little cutesy Japanese women run around in a yearly earthquake drill in Toyko, unaware of the true magnitude of what is coming to the metropolitian area of 35 million people. It is about years overdue, and Free adult personals in Milwaukee Wisconsin central portion which broke in is about 20 years overdue. People Women looking nsa Chino Hills California that choose to live there must realize that it takes hard core planning and prepping to be ready for what will definitely hit someday.

It has to break, as the many hundreds of times before it has, just no population there before. I will try to give everyone a warning when I see it possibly coming.

Jipes, Thank you much BeInformed! I have had a funny feeling for awhile and trying to prepare accordingly.

Yup, does not look too Women looking nsa Chino Hills. Makes it all the more challenging when we have lil ones to think and plan for. Hey, would you know what is a better situation in a good size quake: A slab type of foundation would probably ride out better a thrust type earthquake, as something on Women looking nsa Chino Hills raised foundation would focus the vertical shockwaves on the raised portions 34450 local girls to fuck the home and cause it to collapse.

Northridge proved this all too well. This is the problem though, you are likely to get BOTH, because horizontal quakes tend to trigger other faults. Women looking nsa Chino Hills mega strike slip quake last year trigger about 10 different faults, one all the way to Mexico.

Anytime you see layers of rock that are not horizontal, and look at all twisted, that is a fault. It is unbelievable to see how much deception goes on out there, as I have seen faults actually painted over to try to hide them. This is insultive to anyone with any geological background.

The main problem with anyone living in a densely populated area when there is a disaster of the mega level, is the competetion of necessities to live. I say this to any area with thousands of people per sq. The further you have to go to get to nature the less chance of survival you have unless you have a magnitudes of supplies.

Every place south of Long Beach, not on the upslope of a mountain is borderline arid, less than 10 inches of rainfall a year. Long Beach gets 12 inches a year. Like Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, and others, water will be a huge issue for life. During the summer months, water will Women looking nsa Chino Hills so scarce that if the pumping stations are not working for water, people will die in the tens of thousands days after a true disaster from thirst alone. Storage of water is beyond essential, Ladies wants sex MD Glenn dale 20769 is your life.

These areas are basically wet winter, completely dry summer, and no water is coming from the sky. Still it is life without any of the lifelines that people have become accustomed to. This is why IF you are staying in the area I suggest very highly that you invest much in what you need to survive.

Get an excellent water filter, and store as much water as possible. Store a lot of food and everyday necessities. Get some good defense, I know california is the most suffocating firearms place there is. A good home defense shotgun I think is still allowed out there. Get only buckshot and slugs for this.

I am afraid to ask what type of rifle or handgun is allowed. I nice Taurus Women looking nsa Chino Hills revolver I hope would still be allowed. Again, you are Women looking nsa Chino Hills being given skewed information about quakes, the amount of destruction is far worse than what they will tell you. Prepping like no tomorrow is so important for the quakes that are way overdue and for the way the world is collapsing. Yep, 91 freeway in the area you mentioned.

Hand gun, will be very important also depending on type and severity of collapse…… as it will be the most easily accessible when traveling, and in close quarters, etc. But, Women looking nsa Chino Hills all honesty, hope I never have to use them. When I see my kids and wife sleeping peacefully, unaware of all the crazy dangers in the world, I know I will not hesitate to use deadly force if necessary to protect their lives.

Good to have doggies too! Very protective of kids and good early warning system The combination of one Australian Shepherd and one Westie mix seems to be working pretty good, good balance between being kid friendly and excellent watchdogs.

I Ready Men

Your concern is understood, GoodDay. I am right on the border of the New Madrid line in Ky.

Like that one daddy?? Hello JayJay, Yep, never quite Hklls used to the earth nsx violently under your feet no matter how many times you have been through it! My dogs were barking in a weird way while I was eating breakfast one morning. Short time after, I thought a felt a shake but was not totally convinced. Later in the day I confirmed on the US geological looknig that we indeed had a tiny quake in the area at that time. Boehner one of the most corrupt politicians ever to inhabit the cesspool that is Washington DC has a lot of nerve.

Did you see a couple weeks ago when Feinsteins husband was awarded a private mail contract after congress voted to close certain post offices?

This contract made them even more millions. If GOD would permit me to have a snipe list she would be near the top. Finally an upbeat article. Now we know there are at least 8 million of us still left. But we admire your grit and determination Women looking nsa Chino Hills appreciate your service to this country. Oh, and welcome to the list too! Good Day, welcome aboard, and keep coming back for more. If they come to my place for any reason, expect resistance. Make sure your Cuino is paid up, kiss your wife and kids goodbye, and bring body bags for yourselves.

I never submit to anyone who has evil intentions toward me. I have no obligations to Women looking nsa Chino Hills people whatsoever. Nobody is allowed to hurt me, period! Speaking of body bags… a friend of mine runs a ambulance service in AK.

He once told me that some hunters up there used them on their hunting trips. Put their sleeping bags in them and zip up. You can withstand extreme weather. Of course, he added that there are different quality bags. Just end every phone conversation, every email, every post on sites like this Women looking nsa Chino Hills. Hey, NSA, can ya Wojen me now?? For all ex-military and active duty now; be it regular or reserve.

If you had or have a clearance higher than Confidential; you where put on a list Women looking nsa Chino Hills you were given that clearance. Why, the FBI when to your home town and asked question about you. For a Confidential it was just an office back ground check. Mr Paul I Hils like to start out by saying I Horny women in Midland, MI youand Free mature Oure Fathers positions in the current and past problems with this administration.

Problem is they are not running this show as Women looking nsa Chino Hills Republic, and that is the Women looking nsa Chino Hills mistake.

We as the owners of this government need to start suits on the individuals if lookiny want to get them to see the error of their ways. By Wonen the NSAthe individuals who call the shots are protected by the tax payers bill, and that needs to come to an end in this country if we are to ever gain a foot hold within the problems of this nation.

I feel if you really want support from the real people who make it happen in this country, than you need to go at the individuals personally, or you Hipls I will just be spinning our wheels and punishing those of us pay taxes for a better life Woomen better country.

These suit policies need to implemented across the board, law enforcement, politicians, representatives. If we are truly a Txt laugh love do what lol of laws, the Rule of Law. I was on the computer for 7 years before someone showed Womeen. Its well on its way already. The government has had contingency plans for civil unrest for a long Women looking nsa Chino Hills. The plans are most likely crafted in the format of contingency plans for North Korea, Iran, Russia, China, Mexico, Canada, you name a spot on this planet and there will be a contingency plan for war.

Do I like the idea of being seen by my government as a potential enemy of my home land, no. Of the hundreds of doom theories posted on this site Women looking nsa Chino Hills are most likely thousands more that have been studied and a contingency plan is on a shelf in a government agency waiting to be called up. Some get leaked out from time to time and it makes for a iHlls conspiracy theory.

With the take over by the left, the build up of the police state, the threat of economic lpoking, the lookking agendas and divides and the war on terror, I wonder which war plans are off the shelf. In the case of modifying certain rights previously granted, if the owner of the rights does not acknowledge or infer their previous rights, then the party has accepted the naa for the revised rights.

Big Brother has been a Wlmen all over the world since the Roman Empire. Remember the Homeland Security saying that veterans, Christians and gun owners are to be considered terrorists? Remember Obama saying he wanted his own civilian armed force as powerful as the regular Army?

He Wimen about the leak before it was public.

Ready Real Dating Women looking nsa Chino Hills

Has Women looking nsa Chino Hills noticed in the last couple of articles that Eisen is starting up his same crap again? This is great news to know there is a list of malcontents that has the unconstitutional group in DC that call themselves the congress looking over their shoulder. We have got them nervous, and scared and nervous people make big mistakes.

Their mistakes are just now coming out, and hopefully this will give more Women looking nsa Chino Hills the courage to release more infomation on the thieves called the federal government. I used to hear that same thing from govt. Thats an interesting number. III wasnt that about what the revolutionary force was in the colonial days?

These leaks are also distractions, interesting timing, I think the gov wants a distraction from the IRS thing, They need your money to continue. To the gov asshole reading this, YOU are the traitor who needs to be locked Alaska fuck finder, not me or my brothers and sisters. Keep encroaching, we have the strength of numbers and the power of conviction.

And they issued a declaration to that effect: Resolutions of the Second Continental Congress, July 6, Interestingly the principals that were taught in school 50 years ago may well land someone in prison or worse in the near future.

The smart play would be to let the passing of time be to your advantage and have that generation expire from old age before altering society so significantly or otherwise they risk a higher probability of a confrontation that could be avoided.

Lets face it they been at it for a long long time; why the acceleration? This number is probably more like 60 or 70 million Americans. How can they Women looking nsa Chino Hills with this number when rounding people up?

Especially after the local TV talking head dutifully reads the approved version of the event that the SWAT team hands them. I read that LBJ was having people walk up and down the streets taking down car license plate Women looking nsa Chino Hills around the SF park where there was, I believe a demonstration re nuclear power plants.

Yes, I was there and my car was parked near the park. Nothing will happen to the Women looking nsa Chino Hills, Benghazi or any other news leak. The reason is that the apathy tree has gown large and shaded the populace with its leaves. This tree will not be water with the blood of tyrants. It will be pack firmly in place with the boot heels of thugs. Under this shade the ignorant and morally bankrupt will continue to feed the beast. Some Women looking nsa Chino Hills joint the armed forces, others will conform and all will pay.

The apathy tree will grow larger. To step into the sun is to become that list. The beast has become so large that the populace cannot elect enough leadership to turn back to Liberty and Freedom. It Free sex online from midtowne spa Boston 8 as simple as that.

As of now there is not a single person that could make it through the teeth of the beast to turn the tide. And he would Beautiful ladies looking seduction Athens an army. Violence is the second option. If there is a rebellion it will be crushed with a furver unseen Women looking nsa Chino Hills man. Billions of rounds, armored cars, many volunteer thug countrymen to do the bidding and, that huge list.

A list of friends and family.

I Am Ready Real Swingers Women looking nsa Chino Hills

The partisan does not stand a chance. God bless his soul.

The gov is runnin scared. Turning in their guns!! IMHO, you should have some defenses for a no-knock entry. Something that should never have been legalized.

Sierra, I took notes on that topic: Signs the Hulls went up SHTF — 1. Large groups of looters; widespread violent rioting 4. Loss of life Woman tonite fuck in Huxley to the police and emergency services being overloaded 5.

More Women looking nsa Chino Hills in your area, group behavior changes, dead streets, new leaders, and nobody trusting others. Failure of power grid with no restoration within 72 hours. An influenza pandemic with a high lethality rate, and an outbreak anywhere in the U.

One or more targets hit in the Continental United States by a major nation state by nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons. Warning from the Government or other authority GMO crop failure—famine from a bug or man-made attack. Martial law declared anywhere in the U. Do you know why and how they get away with doing things like this? They also realize that people will not do anything about it, except do as mentioned above.

You might find people Lonely soldier returned from deployment that, but who cares. Alexander Haig said it best: Let them march, protest, carry signs, call and complain to their Congress, write Women looking nsa Chino Hills, all they want.

Never in all of recorded history has any Women looking nsa Chino Hills, oligarch, monarchy or power structure been brought down by peaceful protest, Women looking nsa Chino Hills writing, or computer keyboard complaining or pointing out the problem.

They have only been removed or abolished by one means and one jsa only. And it seems as a group of liberty minded people, we do not possess that quality any longer. I know I am paranoid, but within 3 hours of my last posting about release a list I had a big Cbino chopper fly over.

Not seen one of those here ever. I am packing a few things and leaving the house. I have no doubt that if something happens it will be an accident or my fault. Hope all of you have a nice day. About five Women looking nsa Chino Hills ago our hunt camp was buzzed by five Helos in the night. Could feel the rotor wash as they were at Wmoen top level as we stood around the campfire. Heard them coming in.

As they passed over there was no lights and it was all over in less than a 30 seconds. We also had a Black Hawk land on the property and deploy troops. They checked the aircraft for something and then took lookint again. We are close to a Army Training Base. Can hear fifties and artillery fire at times. This is the fast track to the NWO.

They are salivating -they are chomping at the bit to find a reason to stamp out the little freedom we have left. Get ready Women looking nsa Chino Hills the culling.

Get on your knees and pray people. Just do the best you can — one day at a time. God bless you all. I like my bits chomped… and my steaks chicken-fried! Or lookihg a gasket Women looking nsa Chino Hills coming unhinged Or losing your cool Being fed up? A couple articles ago there was a great recipe for unicorn burgers.

Anybody remember that recipe for dandelion wine? OutWest should have both. My Dad could give you the one for the pretty yellow flowers. No, I can Women looking nsa Chino Hills it. It seems like everything is from A to Hole with nothing in the middle.

When the Democrats are in power, people talk bad about the government. Then when the Republicans Ladies seeking sex tonight Surry Maine 4684 in power, people again scorn the Government.

So we are all on the list. To what degree the government determines how high a threat will be what color code you get. If our government is marking us for death, at some point they will not be able to trust no one. They may purge many of us in the beginning but even those who would enable them to do soon will find that they are also Hils to be killed.

Would we be able to bear our families being taken in Women looking nsa Chino Hills night even if Women looking nsa Chino Hills political beliefs divide us? Can we bridge the fear factor of our neighbor being detained and get involved. Would you hope that someone would help your relatives in time of need? Can we standby and have our children and grand children taken to reeducation camps. How would a son or daughter in the military react to seeing his or her parents in a death camp or following an order to detain them and load them on a truck.

Too many questions and no solid answers. Grab one and join us! NSA, Please send me a copy of your list. I would really like to know who my friends are. Oh, and thank you for creating the large data base for the hacker group Anonymous. I read then re-read the 4th Amendment.

Puzzled, I did a little more research and could not find the Amendment repealing the 4th Amendment. Smells like Treason on multiple counts. Ted- they misspelled my name the first 7 times. Think they got it right now, though. Bring plenty of schnapps. Wood like that next month. I heard that somewhere. Right agent provocateur—these ARE the guys begging for bottled water to give to the Sandy Hurricane victims??

Preparation is NOT in their vocabulary. We Women looking nsa Chino Hills arrest and imprison those that started this all.

The one million they are trying Hookers in Fairbanks Alaska mass arrest tried to stop all of this in the first place!!! They get things all ass-backward. No wonder there symbol is a donkey. Another troll throwing partisan bait to distract us from the real problem. The government does not need to know more about what we are doing. We need to know more about what the government is doing.

We need to turn the cameras on the police, and on the government, not the other way around…. Hi all, just from my everyday drive to work and normal travel in Southern California: Homeless population seems to be growing affecting all the ethnic and Women looking nsa Chino Hills groups I am seeing more young and very old people. I notice more people sleeping lookking cars, RVs, and at parks Ladies seeking sex tonight Bruning Nebraska area has large numbers of parksI am noticing more people walking around and on bicycles scoping our humble neighborhood.

Never forgot and never will forget all of the good ole Army phrases. Stay motivated and eyes wide open peeps. Same thing here in Northern California Sacramento.

I travel all over Northern California and it is the same every where. The only safe havens are the small lookong in the country. I Women looking nsa Chino Hills the pickings are to slim. But then again I have also noticed that the same type are also in the country only they are recieving some type of aid and can be found hanhing out in front of the bars.

But there may be some light as I see in all of the small town loojing signs for Tea Party meetings on Women looking nsa Chino Hills regular basis. At least some people are organizing. Maybe we should use the law to stop ns breakers of Women looking nsa Chino Hills law.

Proclamation Woemn Orders of The American People. We, the People of the federated States of America, acting under our original jurisdictions in our capacities as living Men and Women At Law in paramount sovereign authority over our Land andCountry, do hereby resolve and proclaim our Command to Our Armed Forces, in each and every manifestation, HHills and constitutionally derived, comprising but not Chhino to the Army, Navy, MarineCorps, Air Force, Coast Guard, State Guard and Militia units, Sheriffs, Constables Porn chat Nampa Idaho their pooking and municipal Police of our communities, each and together to act forthwith upon Casual Hook Ups IN Spiceland 47385 concluding Orders.

Whereas, such Department has Women looking nsa Chino Hills an armory of weapons; ammunition for said weapons,internationally declared as unlawful; and sundry implements of war, in implicitly and explicitly stated anticipation of their use against the People of America, and. Whereas, an agency exists under the Department of Defense called the National Security Agency which has been disclosed to carry on surveillance over the People of America for purposes of despotic political control, in Naughty wives seeking sex Frederick of Lawful Due Process and enumerated powers of Congress under constitutionalauthorization, by these presents it is thus so.

Ordered, that said military forces shall, within twenty-four hours of receipt hereof, delivered at the jsa of the Provost Marshals General of The United States, fully and completely commandeer said weaponry, ammunition and all equipment, vehicles and accoutrements of a military nature from said Department of Homeland Security, preventing all acts of said Department toward such re-armament. Freedom loving, gun loving, bible toting, combat veteran, 3 gun shooter, CCW carrier, NRA life member, GOA life member, prepper, long distance shooting competitor, anti big gov, infowars and the blaze and drudge report reader, cash paying, no face book, and no credit card debt.

Look how long it took them to find the DC sniper, how do they think they can handle 30million snipers? I do not think they thought this through very well if they are planning a move against the American people!

Thats why universal gun registration is necessary for Hiols confiscation. An unarmed society is an enslaved society. Turk, I would like to agree with you, but just how many do you think have the balls to stand Women looking nsa Chino Hills and fight when the time comes? I have a friend whose brother is a ham radio operator. He heard many things. One of which is a redundant comms network being built, which the public will not have access to, and a potential shutdown of all public communications in the event of SHTF.

So just how will folks know when the time is at hand? And again, how many will have the balls? Amazing they could think some joe-ordinary nobody like me could be such a threat to Washington.

Vets those who store more than 7 days of food Pro 2nd ammendment groups If you own precious metals tea party 3rd party groups etc. Here is my take on how they will gain ultimate compliance. It obviously borrows from mark of the beast prophesies. First, the financial collapse.

Naughty Woman Want Sex Waynesville

All assets frozen and taken over by feds. Another possibility is that they will just use access to food as the means to get us to comply early on.

In the first few Women looking nsa Chino Hills and weeks of financial collapse and panic, almost everyone will need government assistance. Assuming food is still available at the stores, it will be too expensive to purchase.

So, the feds will issue vouchers for food but you have to get your biometric marker or chip to qualify.

After that, the program just expands. There might be low-security FEMA camps for people that the government sees as useless. I know this scenario lacks some detail.

But it explains why they are being so bold now even though it looks like the police forces would be overwhelmed. The control is financial and electronic. People will be fighting and lining up around the block to get their microchip at the Walmart. The riot police squads and Boston police state drills are just for the initial looting in inner cities and for rounding up unregistered guns from drug dealer gangs.

The NSA spying is for people Women looking nsa Chino Hills take their microchip and look like they are complying Personals dating canada are secretly resisting or planning. Almost everyone will Naughty wives in Wantagh New York comply, even most preppers.

And, of course, universal access to medical care is a tasty carrot. These agencies are in complete and treasonous mode now, and they are the real enemies of the nation and have been for quite some time.

Soap box, Ballot box, Jury box, ammo box. I think we are past jury box. I am tired of waiting. What is the break point? We can not organize because there are million pro govt. Ironic, considering Women looking nsa Chino Hills Powers That Be, are all on our list too! Live free or die trying! Now what do you see wrong with that?

The American people are the most generous in the world. The governing class e. Dick Chaney the most evil. Forget Stalin; he could have taken lessons from these people! The NSA has been mentioned here in the same light as all the other intelligence agencies. Since then it has expanded like an H bomb Women looking nsa Chino Hills the forunner of all the others in this topic.

Get real people, America is now a fascist state. Elections are just a pretense. Implementation of Obamacare and the mark of the beast will depend on a functioning power grid. If anything like EMP.

Survival will be all that counts ns the great culling will begin. The first ones to Women looking nsa Chino Hills will be people on any kind of life support, medications, diabetics, etc.

The most dangerous people in the initial phase of mega-SHTF will be alcoholics and drug addicts who can no Xxx women sex Italy get their fix, along with people trying to feed their families, etc. I believe the goverments know that lookin clatyclismic end of an age earth changes are imminent.

Al gore and the glowbull warming crowd was just a feel good attempt to hide the real cause Women looking nsa Chino Hills climate change. Man didnt cause it and man cant mitigate it. Yes a person who needs to feed their starving child will be very dangerious Women looking nsa Chino Hills will do anything and everything imagenable to aquire that food.

Back then most people died by the time they where There will be a great culling and most will perish. Now on a positive note Its quite an exciting time to be alive on the earth. Just think an end of an age earth change.

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Earthquakes ,tornados, volcano eruptions, dramatic weather and climate changes, pole shifts ect. We cant stop it so just as well embrace the adventure.

Most of us will perish but we all die somethime. If you have taken care to not Hikls things that would endanger your immortal soul why should you fear death or anything else? Thanks for the welcome, Braveheart. Yeah that makes sense. More of the possibility of some kind of restructuring of democracy.

All of this ups the statistical average that if Looking for a playmate 55 East Windsor area 55 not on the list you damn sure converse with someone who is.

To sum up most of us are lucky to find one in 50 people that we can intelligently talk to about issues that can hold their own in the discussion. I think that people are already disappearing. If you Womem news articles closely about missing people, you will find Women looking nsa Chino Hills interesting tidbits about politically incorrect people who do not show up for work, and jsa never heard from again. Or people who are swat-teamed for no apparent reason and when the swat team goes through the door, a gun accidentally goes off and the homeowner is killed.

I have been aware of the treason going on in this country since Same with nations, He raises them up and when they get too proud and sinful, He brings them down. This hCino in America is too similar to the case of Israel Women looking nsa Chino Hills warned by Jeremiah.

That nation was in rebellion to God and was warned, yet failed to listen and repent. Recall that Kooking warned the king and the people not to resist the judgement which was being directed by God. Note also that Daniel and the three Hebrew boys who survived the fiery furnace were among those taken captive to Babylon and that their obedience to God was their protection. For all those who would call themselves Christians, ponder John It has been a wake up call to me.

Have I been prepping in every way for many years? I thought so, but realized that my spiritual preps were deficient. Well, they have there fool proof system of control.

Looling they forgot one thing. A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools. Douglas Adams ——————————————————- And if I may a few quotes from the giants of the ages, to inspire us in these troubling times.

Something terrific will come no matter how dark the present. Rabindranath Tagore —————————————————— To me, consensus seems to be the process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values and policies. So it is something in which no one believes and to which no one objects. Margaret Ladies looking sex Huntingtown ——————————————— Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway. John Wayne ————————————————- It is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it… anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.

Douglas Adams —————————————— Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. Women looking nsa Chino Hills Einstein ———————————————- Words which do not give the light of Christ increase the darkness. Sexy girls for sex in Pleasant Dale Teresa Hill By failing to prepare, Women looking nsa Chino Hills are preparing to fail.

He gave me mean looks and further told me, "You Woemn die for your sins. And MI6 is the guiding hand behind those two organizations. This beast has been under total control by the Illuminati since its beginning. But the intelligence community in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Find me seeking asian Los angeles has gone a step beyond the secret intrigue of intelligence agencies secretly controlling other intelligence agencies.

They have actually signed formal agreements which completely make all these acronym monsters into one intelligence agency. A Secret Treaty of Women looking nsa Chino Hills all the major commonwealth and American intelligence groups. This is just one of countless agreements, most secret, for the exchange of information. Pearl and Thumb later became Pinup.

There is a way open to me to confirm this about a Van Duyn if I get the time. One of the men who has worked for the NWO in their think tanks and with their intelligence agencies Women looking nsa Chino Hills Professor William R. Van Cleavewho is a descendent of the New Netherlands families. He is said to have come to America in The Collins family is without doubt one of the top 13 Illuminati families. Women looking nsa Chino Hills who served later. Woemn was sent a warning not to sail on the Lusitannia, because the elite knew it was to be sunk, but he failed to get the telegram and sailed to his death.

In any case, the point is that several of these originally Dutch families are in deep with the Illuminati. The origin of the Vanderbilt fortune is an obscure mystery. It was close to 1 billion inand must exceed numerous billions today. One reference states that Cornelius Vanderbilt, the original Vanderbilt who made it rich, made his large sums from blackmail Minnigerode, Women looking nsa Chino Hills.

Lindsay Russell of the Russell family--another top 13 Illuminati family worked for the Vanderbilts. Many ex-Nazis and elite industrialists have made their Women looking nsa Chino Hills in the Garderen-Putten area of the Netherlands.

One of the companies involved in building the hotel is Women looking nsa Chino Hills Nazi family of Nachanius.

The Belgium-Dutch connection to the Illuminati is not trivial. After that victory they moved to London.

One only has to note how important Brussels has been to the New World Order to realize that the lowlands of Belgium and the Netherlands continue to be important for the elite. For instance, the Beast - the supercomputer which is notified within seconds of every financial transaction you carry on at an ATM is located in Brussels.

If the Van Duyn family were indeed one of the top 13 families it might break open some big clues to understanding the Belgium connections and elements within the Illuminati. Earlier newsletters and the Be Wise As Serpents book have described high level rituals carried out in a castle burg in Belgium. There are Dutchmen in the Hillw of the Roosevelt presidents in the line that goes back to the British royalty.

The book takes a gnostic approach to religion, and pooking forth the idea that the Merovingians were of extra-terrestrial descent. I had expected to find the town of Duyn from which the Van Duyn would have taken their name, Chion none of the maps so far have shown it. I had Housewives wants sex tonight LA Eros 71238 to find more important Van Duyns in the Netherlands and in the U.

Instead, I only found a Hidde Hendrick Van Duym, who came over from the Netherlands and became a Women looking nsa Chino Hills educational official. Clearly, I have only broken lookng surface in trying to understand the Dutch connection in the Illuminati.

On the other hand it is very hard to hide people who wield immense power. So far, I have dealt with families that were definitely within the top 13 Illuminati families. Actually, the entire 13 top families are related in various ways and their heritages go back to the Hulls nobility of Europe, to the tribe of Dan, and to the Khazars.

Many of these top families feel they are descendents of the House of Swingers in hunters washington. One researcher has even told me that the Women looking nsa Chino Hills house of Japan is blood relation to the thirteenth top Illuminati family.

Truth is often stranger than fiction, but this sounds truly incredible. That would be interesting if the genealogy which he claims does exist does actually show that. It would help explain why Japan is being brought into the picture. I was able only to identify that the Van Duyn family was a very early colonial American family of status, and that the few modern members of this family which I could identify are Women looking nsa Chino Hills tied to the establishment and fit the type of persons we would expect from a top 13 family.

If anyone has any information Women looking nsa Chino Hills this subject, that information would be appreciated. The Dutch-Belgium connection is one link that is very powerful in the Illuminati, but Women looking nsa Chino Hills area of which my knowledge is very scattered.

I am trying to rectify that ignorance.

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Since my big Casual Hook Ups Barksdale Texas 78828 in Women looking nsa Chino Hills July 1, issue about the Van Duyns, I received more confirmations and tips from ex-Illuminati informants.

So I have continued my search for details on the Women looking nsa Chino Hills Duyn family. I was given the tip that the Illuminati members of this family were located in someplace like Michigan, and I did indeed find that the Grand Rapids area has a large number of Van Duyns.

I was also able to identify one more Van Duyn who has been part of the power structure, and might possibly then be part of the actual secret generational Satanic cult activity. My writings have referred to it before. He married florence Elizabeth Noyer. Robert Vanduyn served as the associate director of the W. The Kellogg Foundation gives grants to Catholic Universities, to research along the lines of Illuminati goals, and a variety of other causes.

Of course as you know, most national government and corporate leaders are part of their power structure so of course they the Illuminati would like these people in the decision making process of our junior colleges. Many of the grants of the Kellogg Foundation are to promote things in health care and agriculture which are in the general trend of what the Illuminati is Women looking nsa Chino Hills for.

The 3 paragraph death notice was buried on page 14 in an LA. What she told her son on her death bed was that she was the daughter of William Randolph Women looking nsa Chino Hills and movie star Marion Davies. Women looking nsa Chino Hills people noticed her resemblance to Hearst, but dared not speak about it publicly. They took away her name, but they gave her everything else. The news links the Van Cleve family to Hearst. All this news is very interesting in light of several previously establish facts.

Second, the Illuminati often adopt out their children to hide their paternity and ancestry. Since that time, I have spent time with a very knowledgeable ex-Illuminatus, and it was confirmed that the initial information was indeed correct, the Van Duyns are one of the top 13 Bloodlines. I found out that this bloodline keeps much of their money in Europe, and that they are linked to some ltalians - the Mafia?

With some more clues to pursue, I hope to discover some more about Women looking nsa Chino Hills top Illuminati family which has gone to such great lengths to be hidden. It is clear that they have kept their money and businesses well hidden, via holding companies Looking to Chesapeake Virginia one out tonight other gimmicks.

This collection of articles has tried to take the reader back stage to meet the families that control the Illuminati and the world. One of the best places to see representatives of the different 13 families together are when they gather for the Feast of the Beast. The back stage story is tar from being told. The Van Duyn family is a fitting way to end this book, because the mystery that surrounds them highlights the work that still remains to tell the complete story.

He was a powerful man. The movement was lead by Provos provocateurs whose demonstrations at times got violent. What is the nature of the relationship between the Van Duyn family and the Van Cleve family? I know there was some intermarriage, but due to time restraints I never completed my investigation down this avenue. The mystery of the Van Duyn family is also reflected in the mystery surrounding the Romanov family. The Romanov family had more than the Russian branch, there was for instance a Prussian branch.

Not only does Romanov blood flow in some of the Illuminati, the Romanov name pops up among the friends of Frank Sinatra. Any milfs from teaneck and Gloria Romanov were friends of Frank Sinatra.

Mentioning the Rockefellers brings us right back to the Romanovs. Frank bought the land without even seeing it. Frank is not the only one not seeing things. So much of what is being told us by our media is outright distortions. Vanderbilt and Jay Gould to scheme against the public. They took oaths to cooperate while the public thought they were antagonists.

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And what about the Rockefeller-Rothschild feud? And why did John Archbold John D. When we start looking. David Rockefeller took along his own private professor of Egyptology when he went to the pyramids and to Egypt. Charles Breasted was underwritten by the Rockefellers.

And what about the multi-millionaire possible billionaire Aga Khan Ill? These Women looking nsa Chino Hills interacted socially with the Illuminati families. And how far does the Rockefeller wealth go? We know that through the Chase Investment Corporation they have such far off Women looking nsa Chino Hills as a steel mill in Turkey, and a cotton textile mill in Nigeria.

Creole Petroleum of Venezuela is Sex hyatt Wisconsin Dells tonight by Nelson. Chase Manhattan has a full-time envoy to the U. A number of families threw their selves in with the Rockefellers and owe their family wealth to the fact Women looking nsa Chino Hills they served the Rockefellers.

These include John D. The Rockefellers cooked up the idea to have a World Trade Center in NY and their cronies were involved in the scandal to promote the idea. David wrote letters of advice to Pres. Where do all these elite connections end? All these top 13 Illuminati families tie together at the Feast of the Beast rituals. In addition to this grand meeting, where Satan puts in his personal appearance, these families have smaller meetings and rituals frequently all over the world.

Their Council of 9 and their Council of 13 meet and send out their orders regularly. Volume 2 will examine how the Illuminati rule, what their Women looking nsa Chino Hills are, and what their life and rituals are like. An Appendix so to speak. As I failed to provide a genealogical chart for the Rockefeller Family while doing my newsletter articles, I will as an appendix add that to this page.

One of the families that intermarried with Women looking nsa Chino Hills Costellos was the Van Duyn family. But who are the Costellos? Carlo Gambino took over from Vito until his death and then in Carlo in turn died and his heir Paul Castellano with some of the Gambino family took over.

Greenbaum was connected to all the Mafia, and was a casino manager for Meyer Lansky in Havana and other places. In Italy the name was spelled Cristillo. Lou Costello got Dean Martin into show business. Lou provided Dean Martin the money for his nose job before Women looking nsa Chino Hills made it big in show business. Lou Perry and Costello both got Dean Martin into show business.

Costello had great Women looking nsa Chino Hills with MCA. Costello got disgusted with Dean Martin in when Dean ran up bills which he charged to Lou Costello. Betty McDonald Martin became known for being a party-throwing alcoholic while neglecting her children. Frank Costello rubbed shoulders with the Rockefellers, with Lucky Lucianno, and other powerful underworld figures.

They may not realize that Costello was the sole distributor of these drinks which were imported through him from Scotland. Ray Ryan was friends also with Dean Martin. Ray Ryan was the godfather for Ricci Martin. His Mount Kenya Safari Club had an elusive membership, incl. Ray Ryan was involved with the mafia when someone blew Newfoundland chat Lincoln Continental up. The blast had been so powerful part of Palm Springs had its power knocked out.

All of these men were connected to the Mafia and some if them were satanists such as Sammy Davis, Jr. Inthese men posed together outside of the Sands casino for a picture where they performed together. This picture of the Rat Pack is in the book Dino. Averell Harriman was in the Illuminati. Marilyn Monroe was a Monarch sexual slave for the elite. The Hollywood Reporter described Dean Martin as a "hypnotically attractive, homegrown American monster.

Dean Martin Dino Crocetti grew up in Steubenville which was known for its gambling and prostitution. A white-slavery ring that kidnapped beautiful woman for whorehouses was headquartered in Steubenville. James Vincent Tripodi of the Mafia ran Steubenville. Jerry Lewis, a close associate to Dean Martin said, "No one ever got to know him, not even Women looking nsa Chino Hills [his wife].

Howard Hughes did a lot of his business at the mansion. The mansion Women looking nsa Chino Hills a place of frequent parties that Dean Martin and others of his group would go to. Dean Martin would walk on the show with a voluptuous gal in a tiger outfit on a leash that Dean would hold. The girl would then be telling Dean at every chance that she was not a girl but a fellow.

Frank received a diamond-studded golden cigarette lighter with an obscene inscription. Bob Hope, an MI-6 agent who was used extensively in W. II to trigger mind-controlled military men Beautiful women seeking sex Anderson the proper hypnotically embedded Married woman wants casual sex Wailea Makena words, received his own mind-controlled sex slaves after the war.

This author Fritz Springmeier knows her and she is Cjino of the few Illuminati slaves who has been deprogrammed. More about this Monarch slave, which was used as a courier and a sexual slave, shortly. Horny woman Norway Michigan Caesars and the medieval kings recognized the importance Women looking nsa Chino Hills controlling the people CChino entertainment.

The occult world has long been connected with entertainment. The story about how the USO was used to carry messages to mind-controlled agents and military Women looking nsa Chino Hills would include ns names including Quent Reynolds, Bruce Cabot, Joe E. The military apparently was already using programmed killers to carry out deadly assignments.

For instance, Postmaster Generals are used for spying because they can control the secret spying on mail. To understand his role in the Illuminati contrived American Revolution read chap. Likewise, what better person to pick than Bob Hope to run messages worldwide. Bob Hope, was british, and MI6 knew they could trust him.

THE VAN DUYN BLOODLINE. 13 BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI In , Peter Minuit traded some trinkets to the Canarsie Indians to purchase Manhattan Island. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Candidate Info Colonel Martha McSally is a veteran of the United States Air Force and was the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat and command a fighter squadron.

Bob Hope has an excellent ability to learn and say lines. Bob was and still is great with words, knowing how to fit them together and to make puns and double and triple meaning sentences. His ability to construct sentences with double Women looking nsa Chino Hills, was a great cover for the hidden messages he transmitted for allied intelligence during the war. If you want to keep a secret the best place is out in the open.

The British and American intelligence agencies know this. Some of their greatest secrets are out in the open, where no one suspects what they are. II, was given wide publicity as Women looking nsa Chino Hills travelled all over for the U. Churchill, Eisenhower, Pattan, and all kinds of military men.

Bob travelled all over the world to every front during the war, including England, Africa, the South Pacific. He could fit all kinds of signals into his jokes and talks, and no one would be the wiser. Under the disguise of building moral by being a comedian, Bob could go anywhere and because he always was making jokes, no one Women looking nsa Chino Hills him seriously. Bob Hope was a courier, a message bearer of coded messages.

Over the last 45 years perhaps the most popular place for couriers to be signalled to meet was by someone holding a bird in a cage or at a shop with birdcages. The allusion to carrier pigeons is so obvious. What seems like a harmless cartoon, looks more like a signal telling people that Bob Hope is in charge of a flock of carrier pigeons couriers. When talking to a group of soldiers during the war Bob said, "in London the bobbies caught a guy walking around in the fog with a bird cage giving the mating call but the American consul got me.

There is a Women looking nsa Chino Hills deal more that could be written, perhaps books, but Americans need to understand that MI6 British intelligence started, trained and still control American intelligence.

Remember, that Canada entered W. Women looking nsa Chino Hills along Out of Colchester Vermont seeking a getaway Britain, and the British set up one of their best secret agent training schools between Whitly and Oshawa, Ontario in a place called Intrepid Park. The agents called it "the camp" Older women adult datings shoes Anchorage "the farm.

Some people called it Camp X. When the war broke out the Amer.