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You looked so good today

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Hard to believe - this was Michael Jackson. He was born August 28, - one of 9 kids.

You looked so good today

His father reportedly nicknamed him "Big Nose". Another nose job to narrow things and permanent eyeliner tattooed around his eyes. Hell, it's the 80s - it's allowed. During that time he had an army You looked so good today spin doctors, lawyers, bodyguards, agents, minions, PR magicians, attendants, and managers all making sure he no one had a clue about his personal life but what did we care? He was doing amazing, selfless things - contributing to children's charities and starting his own "Heal The World Foundation"; cowriting the famous "We Are The World" song to help African famine victims.

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Mike was everywhere, giving as much as he got and letting us all know how blessed he was. There was no one who wasn't impressed and didn't sprain an ankle trying to imitate his "Moon Walk" in their living room.

You looked so good today

Even the staunch defenders of Michael's sanity have to admit the boy's cheese has slid off his cracker. Mike gets a fake chin implant and suddenly loses his cleft chin, the sides of his face are stretched taut, his nose isn't pointing North anymore and it's anyone's guess what the hell he did to his skin this time. The Looled of Cosmetology seems to be an unknown science todau his part of the world Looking for Highland morning hotel sex he's getting his face done at You looked so good today local morgue.

He has new lipstick my shade Mike. Lack of female friends is a ghoul and seems to be a sick puppy with all this stuff he's done to You looked so good today and his bizarre antics in public. Each photo that shows up in the coming years never fails to make people's jaws drop.

Mike gets worked up saying he doesn't see why everyone but him can have a little nip and tuck on the nose but You looked so good today him go have a tiny bit and BOY O BOY it's National News.

He doesn't think he looks that different and wishes people would leave him alone. We wish he'd leave his face alone. Oh, this isn't looking good Suddenly his jaw is an inch longer. He got his eyes pulled so tight he looks Oriental and they've ceased to line up properly.

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His lips have a hint of that lizard-lock smile you see on people who have overdone the facelifts. Good thing Japanese Anime cartoons are taking the US by storm so this is kind of fashionable. ao

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Hey, if you plaster the make up on enough, you can make anyone look good. Photography experts professionally light them and transform the package into a ao dead gorgeous, stunning New You and take photograph evidence that it was actually managed. Everyday toady are transformed into sensual, perfect creatures. Because of this It hits us that this goid the trick Michael's been using in all those perfect professional You looked so good today we see of him!

You mean all those photos of lookef are retouched?! Say it ain't so! When he's caught in public it's quite a different matter. Is that pubic hair? Jan age She heard he You looked so good today there so waited in hopes of seeing him.

What a surprize it must have been to see The Mike, making his way to his limo dressed in only blue Jammies with Horny women Layton county Layton flakes and polar bears on them. Always a good look for a star, Yo say.

She asked if she could take his photo and he said sure The publicly decried "third nostril", loooed appeared after the January plastic surgery see above photo that a few took time out of their busy days to write and inform me I was full of shit about, seems to be closing up but has left an obvious scar.

When I had the picture developed, I was sick. The guy doesn't appear You looked so good today have a nose. He says Mike didn't show up for 2 concerts New Years Eve and Mike says he thought they'd Stressed college need a massage canceled so spent the night at home watching TV. Jackson wore a surgical mask when entering and leaving the courthouse gee. His former publicist says he routinely wears the mask "to protect his throat from pollution and germs".

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Like that reason in itself is a perfectly normal one. You see anyone else walking around with surgical masks on?

Perhaps it's to hide the dead, rotting tip of his putty nose. Just to todau out an idea here. What I think we have here is the You looked so good today Howard Hughes. I like the wig though. I wasn't aware that the historic - BC tradition of wearing dead marmots on your head had been revived. Are those caterpillar eyebrows? What a trend setter!

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Thirty fans were allowed into the courtroom after winning that "honor" by Lotto. I like how you think. We can all rest easier now - Michael yoday a new nose courtesy of Dr. Werner Mang, a German Plastic surgeon.

Not only is Dr. Mang a gifted genius, but he doesn't mind talking about how he made Michael a new nose out of part of his ear.

difference - You look good vs You are looking good - English Language Learners Stack Exchange

Just in time for Mike's child molestation trial, so he's looking good. Except for wearing white to court, and everyone knows you don't wear white after Labor Day. Mang says that Mike's "people" in about fixing his nose, since it was rotting off his face. Mang did the operation in the office lkoked Michael's regular plastic surgeon, the one who ought to be sued for malpractice. He took a slice of cartilage from You looked so good today ear and slapped that puppy on his non-nose.

He stated that Michael has an obsession with plastic surgery and wants to You looked so good today from a black man to a white woman. He really said that, too. I really like this doctor. He thinks like me! Michael's regular plastic surgeon said that after every album, Mike had more surgery done and always wanted a thinner nose.

Michael, however, still claims he only had two procedures done on his nose and nothing else. His face just sort looed "squared out" and, mercifully, You looked so good today got a much better wig. Mike was born a cute African-American guy. Despite the current, sad stories about his lonely, sad childhood, Mike grew up surrounded by famous people and an adoring public. At age 5, Mike and his brothers were the amazing 'Jackson 5'.

They played locally, then in New York and Philly. By age 11, Mike was a Superstar. At age 13 he went solo and had his first 1 hit at 14 with "Ben" a touching love song to a rat.

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Who knew he'd get addicted to plastic surgery, face accusations of child molestation and end up America's Most Famous Sideshow? Almost, but not quite, The Rock Horror Show. In an insult to transvestite men everywhere You looked so good today soo can look pretty damn good in a dress and makeup and can project alluring female charm - when Mike does this, he doesn't even have the decency to stop grabbing his crotch every 1.

His skin is getting lighter still even though it's supposedly already been lightened or Housewives looking nsa Gatineau Quebec Him or You looked so good today PR people?

His public antics are presented weekly, as are his new lip colors.

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He should pick a damn color and stick with it already. Eyebrows were whittled down to Joan Crawford peaks.

He now has an You looked so good today, manly cleft in his chin and a dropped, square jawline. The joke hood that he was really his sister LaToya - you notice you looekd saw them in the same room together? He gets his nose done again and now sports little teeny triangles for nostrils and a sharp razor ridge you could grate cheese on.

Popular opinion is he "fucked it up". He defends himself in the press by asking why people make such a Thang out of it Can't you leave him alone?! He's got a skin disease!

He had a bad childhood! He's a nice person!

He recycles his plastics! Even people in his 'camp' Yoy publicly saying the man's elevator isn't going to the top floor anymore. He messed with it all again.

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Squirrel socking nuts away for the winter. Reportedly the You looked so good today of his nose is so damaged from the operations that the tissue has died, and he's now wearing a fake prothesis tip.

This unnecessary and seemingly nonstop alteration has passed into the realm of "self-mutilation" and when the shocking news of child molestation charges come to light, it's the Sexy women wants casual sex Joliet straw for his sponsors Pepsi, LA Gear and others who cancel his contracts.

The public, who forgave his mounting eccentricities because of his incredible talents nod in silence about it all, unsurprised.